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The Ultimate Electricity Guide for International Travelers

Just imagine that you are on a vacation or work trip outside the US and you do not have your daily essential styling tools and machines to make you prepared and polished for the day? How would you feel?

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Terrible! Right?

Well, to avoid such situations, it’s always better to carry everything you need to make yourself presentable everywhere you go, even on international destinations.

But before packing all your electrical grooming tools, first, read this article to gain the required knowledge for a complete traveling package.

Even if you are not a frequent traveler, there are some common grooming devices that you should carry with you to make yourself more prepared and presentable anytime and anywhere, and they are:

Usually, hotels and resorts provide these devices with each room to make your stay comfortable. But then again, you might not always stay in a hotel to enjoy grooming devices without even buying and carrying them and that’s why we always suggest carrying the essentials with you everywhere you travel; be it inside the US or international destinations.

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Why Do You Need Adapters and Converters While Traveling?

In simple words, the voltage, frequency and power outlets differ between different countries (as there is no international standard voltage) and to keep your devices working smoothly wherever you go, it’s really crucial that you carry an adapter and voltage converter in your luggage.

For instance, the USA and many other countries in the Western Hemisphere use 110-120 volt (60 Hz cycle) electrical power supply whereas almost every other country uses 220-240 volt (50 Hz cycle) as their standard power supply.

Even though it might seem not a huge difference, when you put a 240 v device to a 110v power supply (or vice versa), it may most likely result in a sharp bang, a cloud of smoke, a dead electrical device and an expensive repair bill (if you want to repair it for future use). To avert such scenarios, it’s always best to carry voltage converters and adaptors whenever you travel. Also, remember to shop the needed adapter plugs or converters at home because you would surprisingly find it hard to purchase these in your destination country (according to our experience).

Another aspect to keep in mind is the type of current used in your destination country; most of the countries use alternate current (AC) whereas a few South American and African countries operate with direct current (DC), and you have to be very cautious while using your tools in foreign countries because DC method can easily destroy any machine that wasn’t made to operate in this system.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Adapters and Converters

Now that you know why adapters and converters are “must-have” essentials for international travelers, let’s talk about the important aspects to keep in mind while buying them to score yourself the best adapter and converter in the market.

Know the Difference Between Adapters and Converters and Decide Which One Do You Need

Travel Essential Electric Tools
Converter & Adapter

A voltage converter (or a power converter) is electrical power convert equipment that changes the voltage of an electrical power source so that it is suitable for tools and devices. This equipment is mostly needed when travel abroad and your required device is not dual voltage.

On the other hand, an adapter (or adaptor, however you call it) is a device that helps one electronic tool to get connected with an electric interface without any loss of function. In simple words, an adaptor helps you to connect your tools to any plug point or other electric interfaces that cannot be connected directly.

As both these devices have very distinctive features and usefulness, you might need both of them in order to allow your grooming tools and accessories to perform perfectly while traveling to international destinations.

Find the Wattage of the Device

Before purchasing your ultimate voltage converter, we would suggest you find out the wattage of your device so that it can transform the voltage safely for risk-free usage. It’s always appropriate to buy a converter with a wattage rating that is two to three times higher than the device you plan to use.

But then again, when you want to use multiple tools (with different wattage) with one power converter, experts would advise you to opt for a converter that comes with at least 1500 watt range so that you don’t have to expose your tools to any unwanted damage or harm.

You must know that no harm is done with too many watts, but your machine will not work properly if there’s not enough.

Decide to Step Up or Step Down

There are two types of power transformers, step up and step down. When you travel from a 110v region to 220v region, you would require a Step-Up Converter and vice versa. But an interesting fact about Step up converters is that they can be used for both step up and step down voltage level; this means that a step-up transformer can convert 110v to 220v and at the same time is also able to change 220v to 110v, and that’s why this type of voltage converter is immensely popular among users than any other type.

Don’t Forget to Check the Size

Travel adapters come in many shapes and sizes but as the main purpose of buying a voltage converter and adopter is to carry them with you while you travel internationally, we would suggest keeping an eye on the size because a smaller, compact device would not only take very little space in your luggage but is also very easy to carry around anywhere you go whereas a larger size would be comparatively heavy and difficult to travel with.

Our Recommended Adapters and Converters

There are hundreds of voltage transformers and power adopter from different brands available in the market, but we would suggest the followings because:

Bonazza All in ONE World Travel Plug Power Adapter 2000 Watts Voltage Converter

Bonazza All in One World Travel Plug Power Adapter Voltage Converter

We would choose this voltage converter + power adopter any day over others because it is an all in one device for travelers; with its 2-in-1 feature, you don’t have to carry any extra adopter and kill your luggage space.

Furthermore, its 2000 Watt power ensures that you can use it for high wattage hair dryers, laptops, and other low wattage grooming tools over 150 countries worldwide without much effort.

Ceptics Travel Adapter Plug World Power W/ 4 USB Ports

Ceptics Travel Adapter

The reason we prefer this lightweight and compact adaptor device is that it comes with 2 prongs or 3 prong plug for U.S., Europe, Asia, China, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK so that you can use your dual voltage grooming tools anywhere in the world without facing any difficulties.

This adapter doesn’t convert voltage.


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