Travel Hair Care – Everything You Need to Know

Planning a vacation and freaking out about how to take care of your precious mane and keep it healthy even after trying out different activities or lounging beside the sea.

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Shed off all the worries about your travel hair care because in this article we have talked about the best things to do to keep your tresses as gorgeous as they were before hitting the road.

1. Less is More

It’s common knowledge that we use different types of products on our hair in order to keep it silky, shiny, and beautiful. But when we travel (maybe a work trip or vacation or camping), hair experts suggest that the less we carry, the better.

The reason behind this is not only because more products will make your luggage heavy but also because your manes need to enjoy a break from all these products and have the time to breathe and flourish. Think of it as a vacation for your hair, too!

Then again, there are some products that are “must-haves”, like shampoo, conditioner, and dry shampoo. If you are going on a short trip (2/3 days), we would advise you that you shampoo and condition beforehand and just carry a suitable dry shampoo (such as this IGK FIRST CLASS CHARCOAL DETOX DRY SHAMPOO) to keep your manes as well as the scalp clean and fresh throughout the visit. Also, we don’t support washing tresses too often with shampoo as this could most probably cause roughness and you might end up experiencing a bad hair day during your vacation.

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2. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep Yourself Hydrated

The key to enjoying healthy hair locks as well as dazzling skin during your trips and vacations is to drink lots and lots of water, juice and other healthy liquid; drinking an adequate amount of water not only keeps your body hydrated while traveling but at the same time also makes sure that your manes are healthy and nourished, and we all know nourishment and moisturization is the foundation of gorgeous, lustrous tresses.

So, we always suggest that you carry a water bottle or flask with you everywhere you go so that you can keep your body as well as tresses well-hydrated to maintain their health, even when you go to the most adventurous hikes and camping.

You can try out this Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle as it has double-walled, vacuum insulated TempShield Insulation to maintain the temperature of your water.

3. Use a Leave-in-conditioner

A leave-in conditioner is a hair care treatment that you apply to your manes after regular shampoo and conditioning routine. You do not rinse off this treatment and it stays on your hair until the next washing.

We suggest applying a leave-in conditioner before hitting the road because this buttery mask not only provides extra conditioning for much-needed moisture and softness of your manes but at the same time would prevent it from suffering roughness and frizziness so that your tresses look at their best on your trip.

Furthermore, if you are vacationing near the sea, this leave-in hair treatment would build a barrier and prevent your hair strands from absorbing the blazing heat of the sun or the saltwater (which can potentially make your hair dry and breakable).

We would recommend you use this Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner because of its ability to create a balanced, breathable moisture level in your manes.

4. Pack a Microfiber Hair Towel

Microfiber Hair Towel

If you ask us, we would say that a microfiber hair towel is the most important thing that you should pack while traveling; be it a camping trip, an exotic vacation, or a work-related tour, this extraordinary hair towel will never fail to impress you.

We are sure that you don’t want to spend a lot of your time washing, drying, and styling your tresses while on vacation and this towel’s amazing ability to soak up all the excess water from your hair in a matter of just a few minutes would not only make your hair grooming routine quick and precise but also ensure that your manes are healthy and frizz-free so that you can rock lustrous hair locks all day long.

The DuraComfort Essentials Super Absorbent Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel might be a perfect choice for you as it is long yet lightweight and hence, easy to carry around.

5. Try to Minimize Heat Styling

To keep your manes healthy and gorgeous during your tours, we would advise you to keep heat styling as minimal as possible. This is because a buildup of heat can dry your precious manes and leave them rough and brittle. You can avoid hair drying by using a microfiber towel and then air-drying them, then again in some cases (if you have to attend a party or event) you are bound to heat style your manes to look polished and presentable. But should you pack all your heat styling tools to adorn your manes to attend an event during traveling?

The answer is No.

Hair experts suggest that you pack only one of the best travel straighteners, like this HSI Professional Glider Mini 0.5″ Ceramic Flat Iron to not only deck up your tresses with different hairdos (like silky, flowy locks, messy beach waves, and sexy curls) but also to make sure that your styling tools don’t eat up all your luggage space.

6. Don’t Forget a Scarf

Hair Scarf Style

While, on a vacation, you might want to spend all your time under the sun, tanning and relaxing, it might be not the best idea for your delicate hair locks; the heat from the blazing sun has the potential to soak up all the moisture and nourishment from your hair strands making them dry, rough and prone to frizz and breakage.

To avoid such a scenario, we suggest that you cover your precious manes with a scarf or a wide brim hat so that you can save the hairs from sun damage and at the same time look sexy and stylish.

Even when you are not visiting the beach, we still think you should cover your tresses with a scarf to protect them against dirt and dust from the surroundings.

7. Try to Avoid Open Hairs

While traveling to different destinations, we would advise that you tie up your tresses; we are saying this because, open hair locks attract more dirt, dust, and other debris which might build up on your scalp and make your hairs greasy and lack-luster. Also, hair strands over your neck might cause discomfort while hiking or camping.

There are several best hairstyles for traveling that you can try during your vacation; from top knot updo to different braids and sexy ponytails, you can tie up your manes as you want to look stylish yet feel super comfortable.



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