Is the Thairapy 365 Wet or Dry Flat Iron Worth Your Money?

Miranda celebrated her 29th birthday last week and she received the Thairapy 365 Wet or Dry Flat Iron as a birthday present from one of her friend.

Featured Image of Thairapy 365 Wet or Dry Flat Iron

But as she never heard about this product, Miranda is a bit skeptical whether she should use it to straighten and style her tresses or return it to the stores (she had the receipt)- before using the iron, she wants to know every little detail about it to make sure she hadn’t taken a wrong decision.

To help Miranda and other girls like her, in this article, we have talked about all the benefits and drawbacks of this product so that deciding on whether to use it is much easier than before.

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The Thairapy 365 Wet or Dry Flat Iron- in a Nutshell

Thairapy 365 Wet or Dry Flat Iron

Before jumping into an in-detail discussion, first, look at the specifications of this model for a quick overview.

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Reasons to Love Thairapy 365 Wet or Dry Flat Iron

The Thairapy 365 Wet or Dry Flat Iron is packed with extraordinary features. from styling both your wet and dry tresses to keeping them safe and damage-free, this straightening iron is up to satisfy your daily styling needs perfectly. Below we have discussed the top benefits of this hair styling tool so that you understand why we love this flat iron so much.

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Styles both Wet and Dry Hair

Wet and Dry Hair

One of the most fascinating aspects of this flat iron is that it can style both wet and dry hair seamlessly, as the name suggests. Its advanced wet-to-dry technology not only styles your tresses but at the same time also dries your wet hair strands simultaneously for a flawless look. Its integrated steam vents (situated at the side of the tool) squeeze out the water from your wet and damp hair strands and evaporate it so that your manes are dried and straightened at the same time.

This wet and dry technology not only makes your styling process easier and more convenient but also saves a lot of your time, especially when you are in a rush.

Now you might wonder, then what do these vents do for your dry tresses. Well, when you use this flat iron on your already dried tresses, these steam vents retain the moisture and nourishment in your tresses and make sure they come out silky and smooth after the styling session.

A Great Option For Thick Tresses

Different hair types require different features and keeping in mind the special requirements of stubborn thick tresses, Thairapy 365 constructed and coated the plates of this steam flat iron using ceramic-titanium material so that it can straighten your “difficult to style” thick hair easily and effectively.

These plates come with the significant qualities of both the materials and straighten your tough hair to a T. They heat up super quickly and absorb the highest amount of heat so that straightening your stubborn hair strands with bone straight tresses could never feel quicker or easier.

But then again, even though these plates can sustain a high amount of heat for a long period, there are no possibilities of burning or damaging your precious hair. The ceramic present in these styling plates stabilize the high heat and distribute the heat evenly to each hair strand so that your hair won’t suffer from any hot spots or heat burns.

Keeps Your Tresses Well-Moisturized

Moisturized Hair

Another notable aspect of this extraordinary flat iron is its moisture-lock feature. This advanced feature replenishes and restores the moisture and hydration of your hair strands during the straightening process and makes sure that your straightened tresses come out silky, smooth, and manageable without suffering from over-drying.

In addition to the moisture-lock feature, the ionic technology incorporated in this extraordinary heat styling tool also contributes to keeping your hair silky, smooth, and frizz-free. The built-in ionic generator releases plenty of negative ions to your unruly tresses to not only neutralize the ionic saturation of the hair but also to fight frizz and statics actively and make your manes silky, smooth, and beautiful.

Moreover, these negative ions also form a protective layer over your precious hair strands to make sure that they don’t get burnt due to the high heat you apply to them for styling purposes.

Doesn’t Cause Breakage and Hot Spots

The plates of this wet and dry flat iron are also something to talk about. Thairapy 365 incorporated a pair of floating plates into this hair styling tool to provide maximum styling flexibility to its users. These incredibly heated plates help to limit breakage, pulling, and snagging of your precious tresses by always applying the right amount of pressure on each hair strand and continuously adjusting their angles towards the direction you pull your hair for the straightening and styling.

Furthermore, as these beveled-edged plates glide smoothly through your thick tresses without any snagging, they make sure that the tool doesn’t result in any hot spots and heat burns and keep your manes healthy and beautiful even after continuous styling.

Suitable Heat Settings

Heat Settings

As thick hair locks are a bit stubborn and difficult to style, you need more heat to straighten them precisely. And knowing this fact, Thairapy 365 added 4 digitally controlled high heat levels to this iron to make sure it never fails to style your unruly manes flawlessly. Ranging from320°F- 430°F, you have the opportunity to choose the most suitable temperatures level according to your styling needs and hair tolerance level.


One great thing about this product is that it is quite lightweight. At about 1.63 lbs. weight, this hair straightening tool is not heavy at all and therefore, can be carried around with you whenever you travel. Moreover, as it has a dual voltage feature, this flat iron is also suitable for international use and won’t let you down even when you are visiting overseas.

Thairapy 365 Wet or Dry Flat Iron
  • Ceramic Titanium plates deliver deep penetrating heat to both wet or dry hair Locks moisture and nutrients inside the cuticle for strength and elasticity. Infuses moisture into the hair’s cortex. 1½“ wide plates allow you to cover more hair, making styling quicker and easier. 4 digitally controlled temperature settings, for all hair types: 340°, 370°, 400°, 430° Dual Voltage 110V/220V

A Few Flaws

We never said that this product is free from flaws- in addition to its several incredible features, this straightener also has a few drawbacks that you must know about before making your final decision.

Not Suitable for Fine Hair

The styling plates of this straightening iron are made from ceramic titanium, which means that they are not the perfect plates to style your fine tresses. It doesn’t matter if you have wet or dry fine hair, the heated plates of this styling tool will potentially burn and damage them beyond repair.

Not the Right Tool For Short Hair

One bad news for short thick-haired girls is that this model is not suitable to straighten short manes at all. Its 1.5 Inches wide floating plates cannot grab your tiny hair strands completely and therefore, won’t be able to straighten them precisely.

But then again, these wide plates are an excellent option to style long thick hair and would provide phenomenal results in such hair lengths.


Even though this model comes with more than a few extraordinary features, its price range is a bit on the expensive side. With a price tag over $100, the features seem inadequate-users would expect more if they pay such an amount of money for a hair styling tool.

If you do not like this product, you can our list of the best wet to dry straightener.

Final Words

Even though this product from Thairapy 365 has its fair share of flaws, it doesn’t mean that it is a bad styling tool. In fact, with its amazing features, you can style both your dry and wet thick tresses completely. We can assure you that this straightener won’t let you down.

Thairapy 365 Wet or Dry Flat Iron
  • Ceramic Titanium plates deliver deep penetrating heat to both wet or dry hair Locks moisture and nutrients inside the cuticle for strength and elasticity. Infuses moisture into the hair’s cortex. 1½“ wide plates allow you to cover more hair, making styling quicker and easier. 4 digitally controlled temperature settings, for all hair types: 340°, 370°, 400°, 430° Dual Voltage 110V/220V



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