7 Steps for Cleaning Your Hair Straightening Brush

Every hairstyling tool requires good maintenance and care so that you may not have to throw them out so early. And your hair straightening brush is not an exception in this case. Haircare products like hair sprays, oils make dirt, buildups in the brush. If you do not clean them on a regular basis, your hair will face breakage and other problems.

Featured Image of Cleaning Your Hair Straightening Brush

The cleaning process of the hair straightening brush entirely depends on the dirt level. You can reach the desired cleaning state only then, when there are no strands, and the bristles and the plate are dirt-free. Here we have listed all the steps chronologically for convenience. You do not need to follow through with every step, but you must start from step one, and whenever your brush reaches the cleanest state, you are good to go.

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1. Remove Strands the Right Away

Hair Strands

The first step is to get rid of all the strands from the brush. It is necessary because there are a lot of strands stuck in the bristles after every use. You will face difficulties while cleaning if you skip this step. But before that, make sure your heating tool is unplugged and not heated.

  • Hold your hair straightening brush in one hand properly
  • Pull up all the strands carefully by using a rat tail comb or a closed scissor
  • Ensure that there remains no single strand

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2. Blow Dry the Straightening Brush

Some strands and dust, dirt, buildups in the bristles are not easy to clean with the fingers. Those can be blown away by a single blow of your blow dryer. This is effective when you have not cleaned the straightening brush for a long time.

Plugin your blow dryer and set it to medium speed and cool settings. Do not go for max speed as it may generate heat

Give a proper blow dry all around the bristles of the brush

3. Use a Brush

Cleaning Hair Straightening Brush by Using a Brush

A brush that contains thin bristles is good for cleaning, because they are harmless, don’t scratch, and can reach the roots. Do not use a toothbrush or any hard material for cleaning. You may also use pipe cleaners or dental flosses for this purpose.

  • Clean your hair straightening brush gently by using a brush or pipe cleaners or flossers
  • Clean all the spaces between the bristles thoroughly.  

4. Clean With a Soft Cloth

Sometimes there are mounds of buildup and residue which are tough to remove.

So you need to clean your hair straightening brush using a small, soft fiber cloth if brushing does not work.

  • Take a clean small fiber cloth and dampen it in the lukewarm water
  • Wipe away all the areas of the brush properly with the cloth so that there are no dirt and buildups

5. Use Wet Tissue With Cotton Bar

Tissue & Cotton Bud

Cotton buds (aka Q-tips) are of great use for cleaning hair straightening brushes, especially the plate of the brush. This step can be an alternative if your brush is not properly cleaned following the previous step. You have to use a wet tissue but go with something strong, like a double-layer Kleenex. Otherwise, it’ll fall apart.

  1. Dampen the tissue lightly with lukewarm water
  2. Wrap the wet tissue around a cotton bud
  3. Gently use it to clean spaces between the bristles

6. Use Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions are basically any chemicals that clear the dirt, buildup, and residue of the hairstyling products. So you have to choose the cleaning solution wisely so that it does not damage your brush. Rubbing alcohol or clarifying shampoo or liquid castile soap can be good and mild cleaning solutions.

  • Mix 1 or 2 drops of cleaning solution with lukewarm water
  • Wipe away the dirt with a cotton bud or a hairpin wrapped by a small fiber cloth

Using a much cleaning solution at one time may give damage to the brush. Instead, you may follow this step consecutively for 2 or 3 days unless you find a satisfactory result. If still, this does not work, then it is high time you changed your hair straightening brush.

7. Let the Brush Dry

Drying Hair Straightening Brush

After finishing the cleaning, use your blow dryer or keep the brush in the sun for drying. We strongly suggest you not use the brush on the cleaning day.

Final Statement

First, you need to purchase a good-quality hair straightening brush. Secondly, you need to take care of it.

Hair experts suggest cleaning the straightening brush thrice in a month if you have to use the tool regularly because your styling tool can last longer through timely and proper cleaning. We have cleared all of your confusion about the cleaning process above. Now it is your turn. Follow the stated steps one by one.