Is a Hair Straightening Brush Better Than a Flat Iron?

Any type of hair tool that uses heat can damage the hair. But which one is more damaging? We’ve explained that in this article.

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Hair straightening brush and flat iron – both apply heat to the hair and can be damaging your hair at some point. We’ve talked a lot about reducing heat damages, however, it is innate to forget to take the precautions and the natural remedies to reduce the heat impairment. Therefore, the search for the perfect or the right hair tool for you will never end, we know.

So, hair straightener vs flat iron – which one you should use? Today we are going to help you out with the right pick between these two products.

Hair Styling

The flat irons have become the ultimate hair styling solution for many girls and these tools are really amazing. Flat iron gives you plenty of styling options, whatever your hair is – straight, curly or wavy. It can also give you a long-lasting styling result. Moreover, the companies are trying to put their recent technologies to make the hair straightening tool more convenient and less damaging.

But, in terms of hairstyling, straightening brush cannot give you too many styling options. If you want to get your hair straight and silky, this tool will be suitable for you. But if you want to go with other styling like curly or wavy, you will not get your desired result.

Winner: Flat Iron

Hair Damage

Flat irons lessen your hair volume. You can use volumizing mousse on your hair, but flat ironed hair always loses its volume. As it applies higher and direct heat to the hair, excessive or careless use of these tools may lead to damage to your hair permanently and also may cause scalp dryness.

On the other hand, Hair Straightening hot brushes are suitable at straightening damp hair. This tool applies less heat to your hair by mechanical action through a rotating mechanism. These hot brushes are modern, safe and easy to use. There will be no hot spots while using a hot brush on your hair and thus your hair will not get damaged. Besides, the latest models of hot brushes work great on blow-dried hair by providing constant heat and ceramic technology provides smoother and silkier straightening results.

Let’s say a few words here, the controversy starts when you start comparing to another tool that uses less heat, modern and probably does fewer damages to your hair. But heat is not the only considering factor when choosing a hair tool for you. If you can take the right precautions and use the too properly with care, you can always minimize the risk of damaging your hair. But if you want a direct Ans, then yes, the hair straightening brush is less damaging than flat irons.

Winner: Hair straightening brush

A Note: There are some flat irons for thin and frizzy hair like MONDAVA PROFESSIONAL Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener Flat Iron. But if you want to stay on the safe side, you should use a hair straightener brush on your fine or frizzy hair.

Hair Type

Flat iron straighteners are suitable for you if you have very thick, coarse, frizzy or African-American hair. As this tool uses a higher temperature to straighten your hair and by clamping the strands tightly with its two heated plates, the heat is transferred directly to the hair. So, the thin or frizzy hair is not that suitable with this heat and it becomes damaged and frizzier after times by.

But if your hair is thin, damaged, dull or damp, straightening hot brushes are a suitable option for you to straighten your hair. This tool protects your strands and adds shine. However, buy an ionic and rotating model. It does less harm and has a mechanical rotating mechanism.

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Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, the flat iron can straight hair very fast and easily handle very thick or curly hair, where the straightening brush fails.

Whereas the major drawback of the straightening hair brush is it cannot handle thick, coarse or curly hair well. It takes more time to complete the straightening than the flat irons and you need some practice to get used to using this tool.

Winner: Flat Iron

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Heating Time & Efficiency

As the plates of flat irons are generally narrow, the working surface is less. So, you need more time to style or straighten your long, thick hair. Preparation before straightening your hair with flat iron takes some time. You need to first make your hair dry (if it is wet) and comb the strands well to detangle. You also need to section all your hair into small parts and pull each part individually. However, preheating is not that fast in flat irons. You need to wait about more than 10 minutes to let the plates heated.

But a straightening brush gets heated quicker than a flat iron. You do not need to wait long to let the brush ready to work. These brushes reach the ideal temperature very quickly. You can instantly heat up the tool and make your hair straight and silky only by brushing.

Winner: Hair Straightening Brush

Final Verdict – What’s Result?

The flat iron has been the market leader for many years. Most of the women find it convenient using a flat iron. But things are changed and more girls are tending to the straightening brush as it is trendy, has recent technology and works faster. And above all of them, it is far easier to handle.

But Flat irons come in many different designs and functionalities. If you have thick or curly hair, want to have long-lasting and faster hair straightening experience, go for a flat iron. But you need to use this tool occasionally not daily.

If you have thin or damp hair, want to try a trendy, recent edition hair straightening tool and you need to straight your hair on almost daily, hair straightening brush will be your appropriate choice.



  1. Hello people,

    This article is awesome. I always wondered about the differences between a hair straightening brush and a flat iron. As both these tools are for hair straightening purposes, I always found it difficult to understand the concept of each tool. This article cleared out many of my confusion. Thank you very much for coming up with such a great, “full of useful data” article for your readers. This will help many of us to decide which straightening tool would be the most suitable choice for our hair.

    Keep up the good works guys and keep educating us.

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    • Dear Rhonda,

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  3. Hi, I want to say that I have natural Afro-American hair and a hair straightening brush works just fine for me. It gives me a very normal straightened look and doesn’t weigh my hair down. Also, it doesn’t burn or cause any damage to my manes. I don’t understand why you said this hair styling tool is only suitable for fine, sensitive hair? Can you please explain?


    • Dear Jill,

      First of all, thank you very much for taking the time and sharing your experience with us. We are sure that this will help our readers.

      Secondly, we never said that a straightening brush is only good for fine, sensitive tresses. We have stated that it’s a better option for fine manes than the flat iron.

      We hope now you would understand better.


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