9 Major Types of Straightening Brushes

Want to buy a straightening brush but do not know which is going to be suitable for you?

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A straightening brush can be categorized from different aspects. A a hair-conscious person must know all of the types from various aspects and among them, decide on a suitable product for her particular hair type, texture, and length which will give her an amazing straightening experience.

Let’s find out!

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According to the Literal Shapes of the Brushes

There are two basic types of straightening brushes. They are:

Regular Brush Shaped Straightening Brush

Regular Brush Shaped Straightening Brush
  • These straightening brushes look just like regular brushes. It has a temperature setting and heating facility and you have to straighten your hair with this type of brush just the way you brush your hair. Simple!


  • As you cannot use this type of brushes like flat irons, so you may have to brush a portion of your hair two or three times to straighten them perfectly or brush once but bit by bit.

Flat Iron Shaped Straightening Brush

Flat Iron Shaped Straightening Brush
  • These straightening brushes look like a straightener or flat iron.
  • It has two plates and you have to use it by pressing them together while keeping your hair between the plates.

Depending on Hair Types and Lengths

All of the people in this world do not have the same length of hair. Some of them have short hair and some have medium, long hair. Straightening is needed to the hair which is not straight. It’s that simple. But, the straightening brushes vary depending on the length of our hair. In general, there are 2 shapes of straightening brushes:

  • Big brush
  • Handy brush

Handy brushes are recommended for people who have medium and short hair. And long hair people are going to need bigger brushes. Besides these two basic shapes, there are 3 particular shapes of straightening brushes. They are:

Circular or Round Straightening Brush

Round Straightening Brush
  • This type of brush is very good for people with long hair.
  • In this brush, the surface is larger than a flat or paddle brush. As a result, it can cover a larger portion of your hair and that is how it gives extra benefits to long hair people.


  • Medium, short hair people often struggle to straighten their hair with circular or round shaped brushes.

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Flat Brush or Paddle Straightening Brush

Paddle Straightening Brush
  • Comparatively, these types of brushes are smaller in size than a circular or round-shaped brush. As a result, the surface areas in these brushes are smaller as well.
  • People with short to medium length hair will be glad to use these kinds of brushes to straighten their hair, no doubt.
  • On the other hand, some people with long hair like to straighten their hair in some smaller portions or do not want to straighten a bigger portion of their hair at once. If you are one of them, you can go for these brushes.


  • Though paddle brushes can be used in long hair, it takes too much time to straighten them.

According to The Bristles

Bristles of a straightening brush are called spikes by many hair specialists. From the aspect of bristle type, there are 3 types of straightening brushes. They are:

Boar bristles

Boar Bristles Brush
  • The most common bristle among all three types of bristles is the boar bristle.
  • This is the one type of bristle which is used by most hair experts by using this particular bristle type, they can be versatile and run straightening brushes on various textures of hair.
  • The reason for its popularity is the boar bristles are used as a conditioning treatment.
  • It is designed in such a way that it helps to develop the texture of our hair.
  • It helps to condition our hair shafts.
  • It helps to increase the blood flow in our scalp and ultimately helps to repair our hair while making them shiny naturally.

Ball-tipped Bristles

Ball-tipped Bristles Brush
  • There are a few types of hair that are very prone to tangling. To prevent any possible tangling, snagging and hitching while straightening with a brush, ball-tipped bristles are suitable.
  • This brush helps to increase the blood flow on our scalp
  • It helps to boost up our hair growth.
  • Wavy hair people are also suggested to use this type of brushes.


  • People with thick, kinky hair often face problems in straightening their hair with ball-tipped bristles brushes as they often fail to be implanted into the thickness of hair easily.

Nylon Bristles

Nylon Bristles Brush
  • Some people have a very sensitive scalp. Bristles can literally hurt you strongly if you are one of those people who have a highly sensitive scalp. Nylon bristles will not hurt your extra sensitive hair.
  • The most useful this brush gets when it comes to particular hair texture. People who have very thick hair are recommended to use this brush as it can penetrate easily in thick hair and straighten your hair nicely.


  • As the bristles of this particular type of straightening brush is a little stiffer

Pro tips: Besides these tricks of choosing types of bristles according to hair and scalp texture and condition, there are some common rules on choosing bristles of straightening brushes.

  • You should be very aware that the bristles are of good qualities which are firmly and strongly attached to the base of the straightening brush. It will ensure the longevity of the brush.
  • Bristles should be secure otherwise there is a vast probability of damaging hair because of the poorly designed bristles.

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According to Plate Materials

Plate Materials of Straightening Brush

The plate materials of hairbrushes play a very vital role in the process of straightening. So you should be very cautious about choosing the right plate material for your hair.

Ceramic & Tourmaline Straightening Brushes

  • Ceramic and tourmaline hair brushes are the safest choice because the plates of the brushes are the things that actually heat up and come in contact with our hair. These 2 types are very much capable of reducing possible heat damage and reduce static from the plates.
  • Ceramic technology is very advantageous in boosting the speed of the heating up process.
  • As a result, it will help you to straighten your hair faster.
  • It will not expose your hair to excessive heat for too long.
  • Just like ceramic, tourmaline also neutralizes the vastness of positive ions.
  • It releases negative ions into the hair during the process of ionization and ultimately, makes your hair smooth and silky which will make you look stunning.
  • Hair experts suggest ceramic and tourmaline material for all types of hair.


  • People with very thick and kinky hair needs very high heat to get straighten and ceramic, titanium brushes often fail to straighten them finely or take a long time.

Titanium & Nano Titanium Straightening Brushes

  • This type of brushes is able to produce very high temperature and heat up very quickly as well.
  • As a result, titanium straightening brushes are ideal for very thick and kinky hair.


  • The excessive heat of titanium plates can bring a great amount of damage to the sensitive hair and to the people who have very thin, fragile hair.
  • Hair specialists warned mothers that they should not use brushes that come with titanium technology on kids rather they are recommended to use ceramic straightening brushes.

Last Words

 There are differences in people’s hair type and length, so do in straightening brushes. We have mentioned all the possible types of brushes you could ever find in a salon. World-famous hair experts generally use these brushes on their clients according to their hair condition, texture, and length. Now, you know all the types of straightening brushes and both of their positive and negative sides. So which one is your pick?