Facts About Gold N Hot Professional Pressing Comb Stove Iron

Gold N Hot is known for its excellent styling products. Besides the advanced tools and equipment, they are also good at producing non-electric hot combs.

Feaatured Image of Gold N Hot Professional Pressing Comb Stove Iron

Gold N Hot professional pressing comb stove iron is also one of them that works pretty well.

Its wedge-shaped teeth of gold-plated iron give a shiny strand but you can find it kind of outdated for this century.

Before being a customer of this product, you have the right to know about the fine and faulty characteristics of this hot tool. You will find them below.

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Properties Properties
Width1.25 inch
Height1.50 inch
Length9.2 inch
Product weight8 ounces
Heating Material 24K Gold Plated Iron
Handle Material Wood
Heat-resistant HandleYes
Electricity RequirementNo
Heat Source Stove or Electric Heater
Teeth Shape Wedge Shaped
Packaging TypeClamshell

What’s Great?

Gold-N-Hot Professional 24K Gold Pressing & Styling Comb

Before buying Gold N Hot professional pressing comb stove iron, you need to know every feature about it. It has some excellent sides that make it buy-worthy. You must look at them first.

24K Gold Plated Iron as Heating Material

Gold-N-Hot Professional 24K Gold Pressing & Styling Comb

If you want to tame your unmanageable hair into silky, shiny, and soft locks with a sensual and smooth finish, then you can count on it. This is because Gold N Hot pressing comb stove iron has a high-quality steel barrel and high heat retention of 24K gold plated iron.

A gold-plated iron is better than iron without any plating. It helps to spread the heat all over the teeth. This technology gives a long-lasting finish to all types of hair especially to wavy, thick, and kinky hair that is a bit tough to style.

Wedge Shaped Teeth

Gold-N-Hot Professional 24K Gold Pressing & Styling Comb

Your disobedient strands will get a lenient form gently with this stove iron because of its wedge-shaped steel teeth. Teeth shape and quality are very important in a hot-pressing hair comb and the wider the teeth the better. These golden teeth are perfectly shaped for flattening and styling your hair and also efficient enough.

Heat-resistant Handle

Gold-N-Hot Professional 24K Gold Pressing & Styling Comb

While styling, you can have the extra comfort and save yourself from heat because this comb has a heat-resistant rotating marcel handle. It is made of wood and it is handy. Besides protecting from heat, it also increases maneuverability and you can flatten your hair with ease.

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This comb is right for you if you want to get experienced about how to press comb your hair at a cheaper rate by salon equipment and procedures. Because you will get this professional pressing comb within 30 dollars. That’s convenient, right?

While most of the hot combs are expensive and priced up to 200 dollars with or without some extra features, this is much cheaper for straightening your hair.

What’s Not So Great?

Besides these good features, there are some sides that will discourage you to buy this hot tool for your hairstyle. Give a look at them too for making an easy decision.

It’s Not Electric

In this modern world, everybody wants fast, time-saving, and easy handling tools. Flat iron or hot comb with electric facilities do good on this term whereas this pressing comb is totally non-electric. This comb is needed to heat up with fire which is pretty old-aged.

Some people will find this a bit safer but trust me, you need to be really careful regarding this. Because, if you heat it with a higher temperature than needed, it may burn your hair.

Requires Separate Stove

This product needs a separate stove or electric heater for heat up. That’s an extra cost on your budget. If it were electric then you could have saved that money for other purposes.

You can use your regular stove for heating but for better results and even temperature distribution, you can buy a stove such as Gold ‘N Hot GNH Pro Jumbo Ceramic Heater Stove. It is good for heat distribution and you can use multiple tools here.

Old-fashioned Technique

Do you wonder how the first pressing comb used to look like? This comb will remind you about that. Yes, it seems old-fashioned when people used fire for heating the comb and iron their hair.

You have to hold this comb above your stove for some minutes, then before using it on your hair, wait half a minute for slightly cooling down until it’s safe to use and then comb your hair thoroughly.

Don’t touch the teeth in time of their being red-hot. You must be careful while using this and you must agree that a small practice is needed for using this properly as it is not beginner-friendly.

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One-year Warranty

The Gold N Hot professional pressing comb stove iron manufacturer gives only a one-year warranty for its users. I think this is a short time for a hot tool. Also, they don’t give you any money-back guarantee if there is any problem.


Gold N Hot professional pressing comb stove iron is a hot tool for old-style people, I guess. If you have enough time and want to experience a little bit different then you can collect one for your drawer. I think, for a better and user-friendly experience, you can think about their Gold N Hot Professional Styling Comb with Mtr (Multi-Temp Regulator). Well, you know both the good side and the poor side of this tool, so you can make your choice freely about grabbing one. 

If you get one or already have one then share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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Gold-N-Hot Professional 24K Gold Pressing & Styling Comb
  • Designed with 24K gold technology aiding in even-heating for consistent results All over.
  • 24K gold technology also avoids hot spots while styling to help reduce heat-related damage.
  • Wedge-shaped teeth glide smoothly eliminating tangles to help reduce in breakage.
  • Comb teeth and rotating handle allow you to get closer to root for full straight and sleek look.
  • Hair Type: Multicultural


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