The Comparison – Flat Iron vs. Hot Comb

Straight hair and straightening procedures have become immensely popular and trendy nowadays.

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Most girls are familiar with hair straighteners or flat iron, but the hot comb is making its way back to everyone’s wardrobe.

So, is this tool still worth it compared to the flat irons? Let’s see in detail.

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Flat Iron PRICE

Whether you choose a hot comb or a flat iron, the price will be a factor. You need to know whether you are getting the value of the price or not.

A flat iron will typically cost you more money than a hot comb. But you also have to keep in mind that flat iron is easier to use.

If you invest in a good quality flat iron, it will save lots of your time, and you will be able to create various hairstyles with it.

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Hot Comb Price

Hot combs [1] are available at a lesser price than flat irons. The average price of flat iron is $50-$100, where you can get a good quality hot comb for $10-$30.  

However, price is only one factor, inappropriate use of this tool can damage your hair and causes hair loss as well. 

Therefore, it is critical to look at various circumstances when making a decision.

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Skills Needed For a Flat Iron

When it comes to the experience, you do not really need much of it to use a flat iron. Almost anyone can use it.

Unlike other hot styling tools, you do not have to be skilled to use a flat iron.

If you use the flat iron after prepping your hair correctly, there is a low probability of an accident or getting burnt.

Skills Needed For A Hot Comb

The hot comb can cause scalp burns [2] and trauma if you cannot use it properly.

Besides, if you like to straighten or style your wig, never go for hot combs. Use a flat iron instead. But also check out how you can plug in hot comb for safer use.

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Advanced Technologies

Flat Iron Technology

There are several types of flat iron, for example, ceramic flat iron, tourmaline flat iron, titanium flat iron, etc. You can choose according to your need.

Flat irons also have a heat setting which is essential if you do not want to damage your hair because not everybody needs the same temperature for styling.

For example, fine or natural hair needs a medium temperature to straighten. On the other hand, curly and thick hair needs a higher temperature to straighten.

If you try high heat on your fine hair, it will get damaged. Besides, some advanced technologies such as infrared, ionic, etc., can give you a better straightening experience and keep your hair safer.

Hot Comb Technology

The new electric hot combs with new technologies are easy to use at home.

Conair Hype HairUltra-Hot Hot Comb

You can now find the hot combs with a heat-resistant handle, fast heat up, variable heat settings, 24k old plated comb (which heats your hair very safely), high-quality steel.

If you want to switch from your regular comb to an electric hot comb, the Conair Hype HairUltra-Hot Hot Comb can be a great choice.

Types of Two Tools

Types Of Flat Irons

There are various types of flat iron on the market. They come in different shapes and sizes. If you have long hair, you are going to need a large-sized flat iron.

The small one will take a lot of your time to straighten the hair. On the other hand, if you have short hair, there are small/mini flat irons suitable for short hair.

Babylisspro Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

You can try BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron. This is one of our favorite mini hair straighteners for short hair.

The major types of flat irons are titanium flat iron, tourmaline flat iron, ceramic flat iron, professional flat iron, ionic flat iron, wet to dry flat iron.

Types Of Hot Combs

There are only two types of hot comb:

  1. pressing comb (where the comb is heated directly)
  2. electrically heated comb.

The electric hot combs have the latest technology and features.

Types of hair

Flat Iron & Hair Type

In the current market, you will find flat irons almost for every kind of hair.

Similarly, the same flat iron is not suitable for everyone. There are different kinds of flat irons that suit different particular hair types.

In short, if you have frizzy and damaged hair [3], tourmaline or ceramic tourmaline flat irons are suggested for you. If you have thick and curly hair, titanium or nano Titanium flat iron with infrared technology will suit you.

Hot Comb & Hair Type

Whereas flat irons can be used on almost all hair types, a hot comb is only for African-American hair or thick or coarse hair. Hot combs are suited for thick hair that is hard to manage and straighten.

The Results

Hair straighteners or flat irons will give you sleek and straight hair whenever you want. You can create different types of styles with it, even if you make curls too.

You can apply so many techniques with a flat iron, which can give you different styles every day.  You can also curl your hair using your straightener.

It is super easy and takes almost no time. If you prep the hair with the right products before using a hair straightener, you will get shiny and healthy-looking sleek hair.

Hot combs, alternatively known as the pressing combs, are good for separating the tight curls and straightening the coarser hairs.

It is also great for distributing the heat at the root of your hair to have a smoother finish.

Electric Hot Combs
Andis High Heat Press Comb & Kentucky Maid SPKM222 Medium Weight Double Press Comb

If your hair is too thick and hard to manage, then the hot comb is for you.

However, you can now have the electric hot comb like Andis High Heat Press Comb or Kentucky Maid SPKM222 Medium weight Double Press Comb, giving you less worry as it has heat control and some advanced features.

Flat Iron vs. Hot Comb


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