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How to Use a Hot Comb on Natural Hair

Martha works in a super shop and gets very little time to organize herself every day. So, she has blessed herself with gadgets to save time as well as look dashing every single morning. On the occasion of her boss’s birthday, she got the invitation to the party.

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In the evening, when she was getting ready, Martha found out that her flat iron isn’t getting warm. But what can she do now? Buy a new one? It’s inconvenient in this situation because time is short.

So, what would you do in her shoes when you don’t have any electronic hair tool to use? Are you feeling a bit tensed now? Don’t be as we have some applicable ways to straighten your natural hair.

There is a preparation part before you apply any of the ways below. It includes washing your hair and then drying it properly. After that, comb thoroughly to make sure that there are no entanglements. Finally, make 1-inch this small section of your hair and use pins to secure it.

Wait no more and let’s see how you can straighten your hair using a regular comb. To straighten or curl your hair with an automatic hot brush, you can read the last 2 ways.

4 Ways to Use a Hot Comb

Way 1 - Normal Comb Heated by Flame

Our first method requires simple things that are available to every home. Pick one of your hairbrushes that has metal teeth and wooden or heat-resistant handle. Plastic combs will melt if you try to heat it.

Turn on your stove and put the comb close to the flame. After a few seconds, when you feel seeing that it’s warm enough, take it away. Now you don’t know if the temperature will be suitable for your hair. So, put it on a paper towel and see it turns brown or not. Turning brown means too hot. Cool it down a bit and test again. It will be ready to use when the paper is not becoming brown anymore.

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Take each section of your hair and brush with the hot comb. You can get very close to the base of your hair but try not to touch the skin. Brush it as many times you need to get as straight as you want. Do this for each division, and now you have a natural-looking straight hair.

Way 2 - Normal Comb Heated by Hot Air

If you think stove-heated comb might be too dangerous, this way will help you. You’ll need to have a hairdryer or hot air blower to perform this method.

Only the heating part is different from the way we described above. So, follow that and heat a regular comb with hot air instead of direct flame. In this way, you’ll require a comb with metal teeth like the previous one.

Using a hot comb, you can have straight hair but not the curly one. Also, the straight hair won’t stay straight for long. To avoid all those hassles and have long-lasting good-looking hair, you should use electric combs. Let’s see the ways to use an electric hot comb on your natural hair.

Way 3 - Electric Hot Comb

Electric Hot Comb - V1 Sep Now comes the easy methods. Follow the common preparation part and plug it in to warm up. After a minute, your hot comb will be ready. Set the right temperature and brush thoroughly from top to bottom. You’ll not see that this will require less time and effort to straighten your hair. Some even argue that an electric hot comb is better than using a flat iron. Both have advantages and disadvantages. So, we can’t rule it out with one sentence. You can check our list of hot combs. After you’ve straightened your hair, don’t forget to maintain the precautions we’ve listed below.

Way 4 - Electric Hot Brush Round

Electric Hot Brush Round

Way 3 is to get straight hair. But if you want curly hair, you need to use a hot round comb.

There’s nothing much to say here. Just shop for a round brush instead of a regular one. Spin it while brushing down and you’ll see cute curls appearing. Do it multiple times to get healthy curls. But you won’t need to do it if you want a beautiful wavy look.

Precautions for Using Electric Hair Tools

It is our duty to warn you whenever we talk about using appliances that use electricity to heat up and be used on our body. So, let’s see what not to do.

Final Words

We all have different textures and curves to our natural hair. To give our desired looks to the hair, we need it at its most flexible state. Using flat iron, we do it quicker than anything. But to do it in a more detailed way reaching to the base of the hair, there are no alternatives to using a hot comb.

For short or medium or thin hair, using electric ones are preferable. You’ll get your desired results. But if you have thick or firmly curled hair, you’ll need to use the first method. The flame heated comb does a fantastic job in this situation.

Indeed, hot comb can’t give long-lasting straight or curly hair like a flat iron. But the hot comb method is your dearest friend in helpless situations. You can call it a little hack. Know all possible techniques for hair organization and be a hair-hacker.

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  1. Hi,

    I am a regular reader of your blogs. They are amazing.

    However, after going through many of them, I realized that while you suggested many products in some blogs to help out your readers, there is no product suggestion in others. Why is that?

    Also, I would like to know which heat protectant I should use on my delicate natural hair so that it doesn’t get burned and damaged when I use a hot comb.

    I am looking forward to your expert suggestion before making a purchase.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Lauren,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. We appreciate our readers’ feedback.

      To protect your delicate natural tresses completely, we would suggest you try out the HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector before using the hot comb. It would most definitely protect your manes from burning.

      We hope this would help.

  2. Hello there,

    I would like to say that this article is CRAP. Do you even check the facts before putting them into words? As far as I know, hot combs come with cool tip ends; why did you say not to go too close to the scalp while using it?

    Anyways, a part of the article was really good.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Dear Missa,

      Thank you very much for taking out the time and giving us feedback. We appreciate it.

      And you are right. Many hot combs come with cool tip ends. However, as all of them don’t have cool tips, we stated not to get too close to the scalp as a precautionary step.

      We hope this would clear your confusion.


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