Why You Shouldn’t Use Hot Comb on Fine Hair

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Hot combs are generally used for straightening thick, coarse hair or African-American hair which is very hard to manage, comb, and straighten.

However, should you use this hair tool on your fine or thin hair?

If not, why shouldn’t then? You are going to answer and describe the facts in this article below.

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Hot Comb Is Too Hot

Because this tool is mainly made for use on super thick or coarse hairs.  These types of hair [1] take more time to straighten and for that, there needs more heat.

But as we all know, heat [2] is the greatest enemy of hair, so you need a tool that can heat up very high and need less time to straighten stubborn hair.

That’s why a hot comb was invented to straighten extremely thick and coarse hairs. But Fine hair is very sensitive and needs both less heat and time to straighten or curl.

If you apply too much heat or put your hot tools for a longer time on the strands, it does harm to the protective hair cuticle. As a result, your hair may end up damaged permanently and may become frizzy as well.

Electrical hot combs are better than the traditional ones. But there is a major drawback to it. Electrical hot combs do not provide heat evenly all over the hair.

It provides heat at a specific part of your hair and at some point it is too hot and another part cannot get much heat which is not preferred for any fine or thin hair.

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The Other Drawbacks


Hot Comb Damaging Fine Hair

The portion of the hot comb that gets in contact with your hair is generally made of metal.

As we all know fine hair prone to dryness and breakage. And heat vanishes the moisture from your hair and makes it dry.

If you already have fine hair, you are in danger then. Your fine strands become drier, start breaking and at some point, it becomes damaged severely.

But why this does not happen when you are using a flat iron?

Because in flat irons or the latest hair straighteners, there are many advanced materials and technology like infrared, ionic, tourmaline which are rarely found in the hot combs.

Though in the electric hot combs, companies are using materials like tourmaline, ceramic and adding a feature like a temperature control.

But still, this hair tool lags behind as it does not use gentle heat and cannot provide even heat throughout the hair. So, if you use it on your fine hair, your hair must be damaged and frizzy.

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Burns Scalp

Burnt Scalp

Since the teeth of hot combs also are made with metal (in general), your scalp gets contact with that hot portion as well.

If you are not that careful while using a hot comb you may burn your scalp.

This will be very painful and you may start facing hair fall problems as well.

Besides, if you have thick hair, usually you have a good amount of hair density.

So, there is less chance to get contacted with the metal teeth of a hot comb with your scalp. But fine hair lacks density on your scalp.

The metal teeth can get easily touched with your scalp no matter how careful you are.

Old Hot Combs Do Not Have Temperature Control

The old-fashioned hot combs did not have any temperature control.

So, you do not know how much heat you are applying to your hair or how much time you should put it on your hair. This becomes a serious issue when you are using this tool on your fine hair.

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There are many different tools for different hair types. Each tool has different types as well. As hair is a very sensitive part of your body, you should be careful while using any styling tool on it.

Besides, you need to have the proper knowledge of using that tool. The hot comb is one of those tools that is particularly best for extremely thick, coarse hairs which are very stubborn to straighten.

This is not the tool for fine or thin hair. If you apply this tool to your fine strands, your hair cannot take the heat and become damaged severely.

After reading the whole article above, hope you have now understood why you shouldn’t use it on your fine hair.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Hot Comb on Fine Hair


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