How to Keep Bathroom Mirror from Fogging up

After a nice warm shower, we notice how our bathroom mirror gets fogged up. Sure, you can drop by the nearest store and grab a mirror defogger. But why spend your money when you can use something at home that works the same way?

So, if you’re up for some DIY solution to avoid steam from ever getting to your mirror again, we’ve put together a cheat sheet of household items that will help you to prevent your mirror from fogging up.

Why does my mirror keep fogging up?

To understand why our mirror keeps fogging up every time we have a hot bath, we need to understand what fog or steam is.

Essentially, steam is formed when water is heated (hot shower) and converts into gas form (vapor). Water vapor is made up of super tiny water droplets suspended in the air. And when they make their way to our mirror, they stick to it and cover it up.

Therefore, if your mirror keeps fogging up, it can only mean 2 things: One, you love warm baths. Two, your bathroom is not properly ventilated.

Well, we can’t blame you for loving warm showers (who wants a cold shower in winter!). Maybe we can address the ventilation aspect. Check out with your home renovation expert to see if your bathroom needs a makeover or simply a good bathroom fan.

How do I keep my bathroom mirror from fogging up?

Faceless man wiping mirror in bathroom

It is easier than you think to keep your bathroom mirror fog-free. One immediate step that you can take is to improve ventilation. Since humidity or hot air moisture is the main culprit to glass fogging, we can prevent fog from happening by removing or at least reducing moisture in the air.

Crack open your bathroom window just enough to allow fresh air to circulate and release heat. If it’s too cold, running the bathroom fan can also help. Some people also use a bathroom dehumidifier to eliminate odors and moisture. It might be worth a try as well.

Now to help you not to waste time trying out defogging products that don’t work, we’ve done a bit of research. And apparently, at-home items like a bar of soap, onion, avocado, and mouthwash don’t really work in terms of preventing fogging.

We’ve discovered that the household remedies listed below are the ones proven and tested to help you stop fog from getting to your mirror.

Tip: Before applying any defogger, clean up your mirror first and dry using a lint-free cloth or paper towel.


Apparently, this oral care essential will not only help clean your teeth and protect you from cavities, but it can also double as a glass or mirror defogger. And this item is one of the most effective in terms of preventing your mirror from fogging up even after a long steamy bath.


  • Use a paper towel to apply some toothpaste to your mirror until it’s fully covered. Be careful not to press hard as it’s gritty and may scratch the mirror.
  • Buff toothpaste off lightly. Use a few drops of water if it’s too dry.

Shaving cream

Who knows that this humble product has got other uses that have nothing to do with removing hair! Helping you defog your mirror is one of them.


  • Use a paper towel to apply some cream to your mirror until it’s fully covered.
  • Buff off using a lint-free cloth or a fresh paper towel until the mirror is clean and clear.
  • Next time you have a steamy bath, you’ll be surprised at how clear your mirror will be post-bath!

Why does shaving cream keep mirrors from fogging?

Like detergents, shaving creams contain surfactants that can help shield your mirror from moisture and therefore prevents it from getting fogged up.


Detergents like handwash or liquid soap contain surfactants that can leave an invisible film coating on glass surfaces. That’s the reason why they can also be a good at-home anti-fog solution.


  • Use a paper towel to apply some solution to your mirror until it’s fully covered.
  • Take off using a lint-free cloth or a fresh paper towel until the mirror is clean, clear, and dry.

Shop-bought Defogging Remedies

Man cleaning mirror in bathroom

Sure you can always just go to the store and get an instant defogger. If you’re willing to shell out cash, then why not. Otherwise, you can always put your toothpaste or shaving cream to some good extra use, right?


You get this product from a drugstore or wellness section at your grocery store. To use, dilute with water first inside a spray bottle. Spray some onto your mirror. Wipe with a fresh paper towel or a clean lint-free cloth to dry.

Anti-fog spray

Glass and mirror defoggers can of course be bought if you want. But if you don’t have it handy, we all have toothpaste at home to use instead. Just follow the label instructions and you should have a fogless bathroom mirror for good.

In Conclusion

Now we all know that defogging our bathroom mirror is easy and inexpensive. By simply using one of the products above, either one that we can buy from stores or an item that we already have at home, we can enjoy both our warm showers and a spotless, fog-free mirror for good!

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