12 Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors – The Ultimate Guide

Like myself, I know many of you are interested in finding the best-lighted bathroom mirrors. It could be for aesthetics, functionality, or your daily makeup regimen.

lady in front of a huge round mirror so how to seal bathroom mirrors properly?

And as easy as you want it to be, shopping for one can feel like a burden –I think you.

This guide is for you to know about the best lighted bathroom mirrors without setting foot outside your home!

I’ll be discussing the best bathroom mirrors and backlit bathroom mirrors, and I’ll do my best to discuss them with you in extreme detail.

If you see the value in these products and choose to purchase via my referral links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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A Quick Overview of Our Favorite Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Let’s have a quick look at your favorite lighted bathroom mirror for a primary idea:

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Editor's Choice
Spectro 32x24 inch LED Lighted Mirror, 5500K Cool White + 3000K Warm
Budget-friendly with Endless Features
ExBrite LED Bathroom Mirror, 36 x 28 inch, Anti Fog, Dimmable,Color Temper 3000K-6400K,90+ CRI, Waterproof IP44,Both Vertical and Horizontal Wall Mounted Way
Best Bathroom Lighted Mirror For Function
HAUSCHEN HOME 48 x 36 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror, Wall Mounted Dimmable Makeup Vanity Mirror, Anti-Fog Mirror, 3-Color Adjustable Warm/Natural/White Light, Horizonal & Vertical, ETL Listed
Best Bathroom Backlit Mirror For Versatility
Frame Backlit Mirror
Most Stylish Bathroom Lighted Backlit Mirror 
Hauschen Halo LED Bathroom Mirror
Top Benefit
Provides clear, true to life reflection
It has an anti-fog feature. A touch button activates the defogging function.
You can save up to 90% energy, thanks to the 95+ CRI rating
It has a highly accurate brightness memory, perfect for people who would constantly use it
Editor's Choice
Spectro 32x24 inch LED Lighted Mirror, 5500K Cool White + 3000K Warm
Top Benefit
Provides clear, true to life reflection
Check Latest Price
” class=
Best Bathroom Lighted Mirror For Function
HAUSCHEN HOME 48 x 36 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror, Wall Mounted Dimmable Makeup Vanity Mirror, Anti-Fog Mirror, 3-Color Adjustable Warm/Natural/White Light, Horizonal & Vertical, ETL Listed
Top Benefit
It has an anti-fog feature. A touch button activates the defogging function.
Check Latest Price
Best Bathroom Backlit Mirror For Versatility
Frame Backlit Mirror
Top Benefit
You can save up to 90% energy, thanks to the 95+ CRI rating
Check Latest Price
” class=
Most Stylish Bathroom Lighted Backlit Mirror 
Hauschen Halo LED Bathroom Mirror
Top Benefit
It has a highly accurate brightness memory, perfect for people who would constantly use it
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” class=

12 Best-LED Bathroom Mirrors

6 Best Lighted Mirrors

Let’s compare and contrast some of our initial picks to understand why some of them made it to the top and others didn’t.

#1 Hauschen LED Bathroom MirrorBest for True to Life Reflection

Spectro 32x24 inch LED Lighted Mirror, 5500K Cool White + 3000K Warm

Out of all the many reasons I consider this the best, the lifetime of the LED lights, the no-flicker guarantee, and its safety are the things that stand out the most! 

Not to mention that the product has a warranty of 3 years! 

This HAUSCHEN mirror is clean, clear, and sparkling. But this is not the only reason we liked this bathroom vanity accessory. Aside from being alluring, it also comes with all the features we look for in an excellent lighted bathroom mirror and more which helped it grab the top position in our list without much competition.

Let’s start with its essential features. With the anti-fog feature and silver-coated surface, this piece of bathroom accessory is determined to provide you with the clearest image of yourself even after a hot shower.

Aside from providing an excellent reflection, this amazing coating also ensures the durability of the glass surface so that it provides the same quality of view even after years of usage.

Another feature that provides clear, true to life reflection is the higher CRI of the mirror than the integrated lights. With a color rendering index of 95+, this HAUSCHEN lighted piece of bathroom fixture has the highest CRI in the market and reflects the most natural, realistic image of you so that you are never deceived.

While talking about the integrated LED lights, let’s also discuss their other amazing factors. Keeping in mind the different lighting moods and needs of every woman out there (women prefers different lightning effects and aura according to their mood), HAUSCHEN incorporated LED lights that have a color temperature between 3000K-5500K, which means that there are actually 3 different types of light in this mirror to match your every luminosity needs.

From a warm white to a cool white light and natural daylight, you can always choose what best suits your vibe with the built-in touch sensor.

This integrated touch sensor not only enables you to change the color temperature of the LEDs easily but also helps to adjust the lights’ brightness with the assistance of the dimmer; using the built-in dimmer, you can adjust the brightness from 20% – 100% (with a maximum luminosity of 5580 lumens) so enjoy just the right amount of illumination to view your image perfectly.

Another excellent aspect of this rectangle lighted bathroom mirror is its ease of installation. By just screwing it with the wall, you can hold this piece of fixture securely in place so that it doesn’t fall off.

Moreover, keeping in mind all types of users and their convenience, HAUSCHEN made this mirror suitable for both plug-in and hardwired installation.

If you have a fully complete bathroom wall, you can always plug in the nearest socket and turn on the switch. Similarly, for an under construction or under renovation bathroom, you have the opportunity to hardwire the glass with housing and enjoy the brightest reflection of yourself without any plug-ins.

Additional Features of Hauschen LED Bathroom Mirror:
  • Provides 100% true lighting without any UV and flicker
  • Can be hung both horizontally and vertically according to your preference
  • Energy-saving; uses 80% less energy than standard light bulbs
  • Comes with UL listed electronic parts for safe housing
  • Environment-friendly and corrosion-resistant for long-lasting service
  • Available in different sizes to choose from according to your bathroom size
  • HAUSCHEN backs up this mirror with a 3 Year Limited Warranty Period
Check Latest Price

Spectro 32×24 inch LED Lighted Mirror, 5500K Cool White + 3000K Warm

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#2 ExBrite LED Bathroom Mirror​Budget-friendly with Endless Features

ExBrite LED Bathroom Mirror

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, yet want to enjoy every little benefit of an excellent quality lighted bathroom mirror, then this LED Bathroom Mirror from ExBrite is just the one for you.

And because of its amazing features and a budget-friendly price tag, it didn’t take long for this piece of a bathroom fixture to score a position in the list of our best.

The only reason it is in second place is because of its CRI. As it has a bit lower rendering index than the HAUSCHENs one, it ended up being in second place rather than the top.

However, the 90+ CRI is also an excellent level of color rendering and produces the truest reflection of the object it illuminates.

Aside from the CRI, another great feature of this lighted mirror is its color temperature; having a color temperature level of 5000K, these LED bulbs can produce bright natural sunlight illumination (which are 30% brighter than the regular LEDs) so that it lights up your face perfectly and produce true to life, a most natural reflection of your face.

Even though these bulbs produce such bright lights of maximum 3220 lumens, you can always adjust the brightness of the LEDs with the built-in dimmer incorporated in the mirror.

The dimming feature enables you to increase or decrease the level of brightness to make sure that you always have the right amount of light that’s soothing to your eyes yet projects the best view of your face.

Furthermore, although this ExBrite is a bathroom mirror, because of extreme brightness and excellent CRI, it can also be used for doing makeup and getting ready for a perfect, flawless outlook.

Moving on from the lights, to make this piece of glass the perfect surface to look at after each shower, ExBrite coated it with copper-free silver coating and installed a defogger.

While the anti-fog feature keeps away fog from gathering on the mirror, the silver coating reflects light to provide the clearest, most brilliant image of you.  Also, this coating also makes sure that the mirror lasts 3 times longer than others in the market.

Talking about how to install a bathroom mirror, we must say that keeping in mind all types of users, ExBrite made installing this wall mount makeup mirror super easy; you attach it to the wall and plug it in to enjoy the lighting facility.

Additional Features of ExBrite LED Bathroom Mirror​:
  • ETL listed LED lights for safety as well as smooth operation
  • Light life of 30000 hours ensures long-lasting, uninterrupted service
  • Comes with Smart Touch Switch for easy, effortless operation
  • The mirror comes in a super-secure package to ensure safety
  • ExBrite offers a huge variety of mirror sizes to choose from according to your needs
  • It comes with a 5 Years Warranty Period

ExBrite LED Bathroom Mirror, 36 x 28 inch, Anti Fog, Dimmable,Color Temper 3000K-6400K,90+ CRI, Waterproof IP44,Both Vertical and Horizontal Wall Mounted Way
  • ✔ TOP QUALITY & LONG ENDURANCE - Copper Free vanity mirrors. The lighted bathroom mirror has been proven to last up to 3 times longer than others.The led vanity mirrors have been certified by ETL listed, compliance with North America safety standard and energy saving.
  • ✔ EASY INSTALL PERFECT FOR BATHROOM - USA Design to be Environmental Friendly, Support Wall Switch Control, can use the plug or cut the plug to hardwire.
  • ✔ACCURATE REFLECTION DIMMABLE MIRROR LIGHTS - Color temperature 5000K with a CRI>90 which simulates natural sunlight appear in the illuminated mirror. This product is 3220 lumens. It's designed to meet daily makeup or shaving needs. Your eyes won’t get hurt even focusing on makeup or dressing for a long time.
  • ✔ ANTI-FOGGING AND WATERPROOF-IP44 design to be waterproof . Mirror defogger is the high quality life choice with no more foggy mirrors.
  • ✔5 YEARS WARRANTY-3 years manufacture warranty by default, get an extra 2 years warranty by registering your order. We have been constantly enhancing our packaging to secure our mirrors arrive safe. However, as a manufacturer, it is difficult to control the shipment. If there is any problem when you receive the product, feel free to contact us. Our US local customer service commits to resolve any issue to your satisfaction.

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#3 HAUSCHEN HOME Spectro 48″ x 36″ Lighted Mirror: Best Bathroom Lighted Mirror For Function

lighted mirror

This mirror is one of the best and most spectacular ones I’ve used. I had it tested out in one of our properties, and it stood out as a vanity-lighted mirror for a bathroom.

It overshadowed all other accessories and fixtures inside the bathroom. The design is sleek, the excellent viewing area, and the mirror is as clear as day.

I rarely had to clean it up. Thanks to its anti-fog feature that’s separated by a single control!

I also loved the fact that it has a wall switch control support. It gave me the accurate lighting I needed for my bathroom.

This made my life a hundred times easier because I could control the mirror’s light through the touch sensor.

Everything was convenient. The adjustable LED lighting can be done via the touch switch. The wall-mounting hardware was included, and the price range isn’t that drastically overwhelming.

You can set its brightness in various ranges. The available ranges are 20% up to 100%, with 300K warm white, 4200K neutral white light, and 5500K visual daylight.

I had the Spectro 40 full-length mirror, which measured 32” x 40” x 1.4”, but it’s available in many different sizes.

It has a Color Rendering Index or a CRI of more than 95, which ensures that the color quality of the reflections is accurate and reliable.

The company advertises that it can reach approximately 180,000 hours. In my case, I purchased the mirror back in 2016, it’s used every day, and it’s still there without any flicker!

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using the HAUSCHEN HOME Spectro Lighted Mirror
It has an anti-fog feature. A touch button activates the defogging function.Installation would require two (2) fasteners attached to the wall with no tolerance
The product also has true reflection, thanks to a CRI of over 95Smaller compared to the photos and images
It’s easy to install and is prepared with the electronics and wirings needed for it to work
It has multiple memory control, which adapts to the previous settings set
Is the HAUSCHEN HOME Spectro Lighted Mirror For You?

HAUSCHEN HOME’s frame or Spectro lighted mirror is perfect for minimalistic bathrooms. Its color, its size, and the color temperature that it has complement most single-colored bathrooms.

It has a dimmer function separate from the anti-fog or the defogging function to ensure that you won’t mistake one with another.

The CRI 95+ and the smoothness of the mirror go hand in hand with one another! It fits well with whatever type of bathroom light you have!

User Reviews and Testimonials

William, a direct buyer from HAUSCHEN HOME, admitted that he was nervous before the purchase because of its uncertainty.

“In person, I was more than impressed with what I saw. The mirror fit perfectly well with the black frame, and the mirror did its job and all other features. It’s cheap for what it can do.”

Where Can I Buy It?

I was able to purchase mine on Amazon, but it’s available on HAUSCHEN HOME’s website and eBay, too!

I saw it on Hauschen Home

Spectro 48×36 inch LED Lighted Mirror, 5500K Cool White / 4200k White / 3000K Warm

HAUSCHEN HOME 48 x 36 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror, Wall Mounted Dimmable Makeup Vanity Mirror, Anti-Fog Mirror, 3-Color Adjustable Warm/Natural/White Light, Horizonal & Vertical, ETL Listed
  • 【Multiple Function Separately Control】The mirror power switch, color temperature changing switch, brightness switch ,and anti-fog switch are separate controls. Anti-fog function helps to keep always clear reflection image. The wall switch can directly control the light and defogger on/off, as this mirror is equipped with a memory function, it will always remember the last setting that you have used.
  • 【Double Lights & Super Bright】With two built-in led strips, this mirror gives out enough lighting for makeup or shaving. No dark, no shadow, super bright.
  • 【Safe and Easy Installation】This product is ETL certified to meet safety standards, and all the UL-listed electronic parts are covered by safety housing. Supper-slim mirror depth, only 1.4 inches. Installed with plug or hardwired, horizontal or vertical all by your choice, easy and safe to install.
  • 【Adjustable Comfortable Lighting】Excellent LE front light, CRI 95 brings super bright illumination to your bathroom, even no need for any more lighting. The light is available to be adjusted from 20% - 100% of brightness, also you can select 3000K warm white, 4200K neutral white light, or 5500K daylight as you need. Comfortable visual lighting, no flicker.
  • 【Environmental Friendly】U.S Design Lead-free and Copper-free mirror, environmentally friendly, much less corrosion rate compared with normal silver mirrors used by most brands.

Check this video out from LED Mirror Factory and learn how to install HAUSCHEN HOME’s Spectro Lighted Mirror!

#4 Mirrors & Marble Side-Lighted LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror 24” x 32” Tall: Best Framed LED Bathroom Mirror 

lighted mirror

I didn’t expect much from this framed mirror because I’ve read many bad reviews. But it did the job pretty well.

At an affordable price, I was able to try out this side-lighted LED rectangular mirror and was astounded by its efficiency and effectiveness.

It was sized 24” x 32” and had a frosted area that’s about 2” wide. It has a depth of 1.25” and a perimeter of approximately 2.5”.

At first glance, I thought it wouldn’t be able to produce a perfect 6000K color temperature [1], and I didn’t expect it to provide bright light, but it did!

The anodized frame complimented the quality of the reflections that the mirror projected. And it’s mounted with stainless steel screws for premium security and stability.

The vanity mirror is equipped with UL-certified parts and components, and it’s been perfectly safe to use.

It’s also equipped with 40 LEDs per foot, producing 22 lumens. It is energy efficient as it generates 39.4 watts.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using Mirrors & Marble Side-Lighted LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror
It has a CRI of 92, which guarantees actual color and textureIt does not have a switch for easier navigation and toggling of the settings
The total LED lifetime expectancy is 50,000 hoursThe LED lights are “very white,” which can be too bright
It is edged with anodized aluminum frame construction, making it strong and durable.It is not dimmable. The adjustable lighting settings are part of the upgrade.
It has moisture-proof backing that lasts a lifetime.
Is the Mirrors & Marble Side-Lighted LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror For You?

The illumination of Mirrors & Marble’s side-lighted vanity mirror is astounding. It may not have the most elegant and sophisticated effects, but it does its job well.

This copper-free glass edged with an anodized aluminum frame is deeply polished and applicable to whatever bathroom style. I would suggest this to people who love wide-angled options for bathroom mirrors and those that get confused with multiple settings.

User Reviews and Testimonials

MizFiloos, an Amazon client, said that she couldn’t be more pleased with the mirror.

“The light is bright, fitting all different purposes, and I can’t be more pleased. It looks fabulous.”

Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy it on Amazon, but it’s also available from Mirrors & Marbles’ website!

Mirrors & Marble LED Bathroom Mirror with Lights - Side Lit Rectangular Mirror for Vanity, Bedroom or Shower - Anti Fog & Wall-Mounted - Modern Home Decor (24" Wide x 32" Tall)
  • ELEGANT DECOR – The contemporary, low-profile design of this mirror will add elegance and sophistication to your next bathroom or bedroom remodeling project. The frame-mounted toggle switch for the lighting does not clutter the mirror face like competitor designs.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – With industry-exclusive two-piece construction, this beautiful 24V LED mirror mounts securely onto a separate frame. Installation is simple and safe, providing quick access to electronic components for lighting.
  • OPTIMIZED LED LIGHTING – Our wall-mounted side-lit vanity mirror is ideal for applying makeup or styling hair, and can be used in home projects as well as salons. The mirror produces perfect 6000 Kelvin color to reflect images in natural daylight conditions, while 90+ CRI provides best-in-class color clarity.
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE QUALITY – Premium anodized aluminum frame surrounds a 5mm thick mirror with a polished edge. The fog-resistant mirror glass is copper-free and comes with lifetime moisture-proof backing.
  • SAFE & LONG LASTING - The vanity LED mirror is ETL-listed for safety in both US and Canada, with protections against short circuits and high temperatures. The long-lasting mirror has a 50,000-hour lifespan with high energy efficiency for years of use.

#5 Keonjinn 36” x 28” LED Mirror Bathroom Mirror With Lights: Most Adaptable LED Bathroom Mirror

lighted mirror


Keonjinn’s modern bathroom mirror is what I consider my favorite when it comes to security. The frame color is stylish, and the overall look of the mirror is pleasant. I couldn’t ask for more!

It comes with a 5mm anti-explosion mirror glass rated IP54 [2], which means it is waterproof. Its design fits most modern homes as it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

Keonjinn’s vanity lighted mirror for the bathroom is packed with high-density 120 LEDS/m, which gives uniform luminescence, longer life, and higher brightness levels.

It’s charming all-around lighting, complete with a sturdy frame made from aluminum, engineered to resist corrosion and moisture.

The bathroom I designed with this thing on is a wet environment, and it didn’t falter! I’ve tested its safety and security, and it has given me the confidence and assurance that it is safe!

It has adjustable lighting levels from lowlight 20% (3000K) to mid-light 60% (4500K), and too bright white 100 percent brightness (6000K). It also has a memory function, remembering your settings in one tap!

Keonjinn is a brand that you can trust if you’re looking for electronic bathroom mirrors because you won’t need to worry or think about the wirings – they’re already included!

If I would change one thing in my experience of using it, the only thing I would do is purchase it sooner for several properties that had the hazards of wetness!

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using Keonjinn 36” x 28” LED Mirror Bathroom Mirror With Lights
You can plug it into an outlet or activate it via a wall switch.It does not come with installation instructions in line with the U.S. building code.
It has a touch button for power and a separate one for defogging.The lights aren’t as bright enough in all three (3) settings.
It’s so versatile that you can use it not just in bathrooms –it also fits well with makeup studios, hair salons, hotels, and even restaurants!No ground wire is provided in the package.
The framed mirror can be set horizontally or vertically.
Is the Keonjinn 36” x 28” LED Mirror Bathroom Mirror With Lights For You?

The truth is that Keonjinn’s bathroom LED mirror fits well with almost all types of bathrooms. Thanks to its aluminum outside edge frame, it will look compatible in every corner of your home!

It also carries powerful light bulbs that can illuminate the images on your face, assisting you with your makeup!

User Reviews and Testimonials

Castleheart, one of the latest purchasers of the product, says that the final result is spectacular.

“They will tell you that it isn’t the brightest, that it has slightly-dimmed light, but when you consider its price and its competitors, it is the best. I know I’ll purchase this again on another house I’ll own.”

Where Can I Buy It?

You can purchase this on Amazon, but it’s also available in Walmart!

Keonjinn LED Mirror, Adjustable 3000K/4500K/6000K Lights, 36 x 28 Inch Bathroom Mirror with Front Lights, LED Vanity Mirrors, Wall Mounted Anti-Fog Dimmable Lighted Makeup Mirror(Horizontal/Vertical)
  • [Adjustable 3 Color & Brightness] LED mirror has three different light modes of 3000K/4500K/6000K, which can meet the lighting needs of different people. Touch the light button for 1 second to turn on/off the mirror light and select the light mode. Touch the light button for 3 seconds to adjust the brightness from 10%-100%. With memory function, it can remember your setting preferences.
  • [Safe & Defogging] The defogging function may take 5-10 minutes to completely cover/clear the entire bathroom mirror, please turn on this function before you use it. To avoid overheating, the anti-fog function will turn off itself after one hour. IP54 waterproof rating ensures safe lighting in wet bathrooms.
  • [High quality & Durability] Two high-density light strips with 120 LEDs/m and over 50,000 hours lifetime of LED lights let you experience lighting unlike any other mirror. Copper-free mirror offers clear HD image.
  • [Hassle Free Shopping Experiences] As the leading brand in the mirror category, we have been committed to providing consumers with affordable quality mirrors and have received over 6,800 reviews on Amazon for 6 years. Full refund or free replacements for LED vanity mirrors damaged on arrival, no return needed, what you need to do is sending us some pictures via Amazon. 3-Year Warranty.
  • [Installation & Packing] The bathroom LED mirror is designed with 8 butterfly mounting holes on the back (2 at the top and bottom), equipped with 4 wall anchors and screws to hang horizontally or vertically. Plug in or hard-wired. Rigid 5-ply custom packaging, so you don't have to worry about receiving a broken mirror.

Here’s Review Click’s video as they discuss the top 5 best mirrors, and Keonjinn is a part of this.

#6 Krugg Icon 48” x 36” LED Mirror: Most Aesthetically Luxurious Bathroom LED Mirror

lighted mirror

Not in my life did I see a mirror as luxurious as this Krugg’s Icon 48-inch-wide mirror. The design is remarkable, and its viewing area is wide. 

It’s not a vanity mirror, but it sure is a mirror you can use inside the bathroom for hygiene, personal care, and makeup needs.  

This frameless mirror looks everlasting, perfect for large bathrooms. The bathroom where I designed this is not that large, but it fits perfectly. It was able to capture most of the area I wanted. 

It has easily dimmable lights and a sensor for defogging, which is a tap away. The defogging coil is seen at the back of the frameless mirror, guaranteeing a fog-free finish in less than 10 minutes! 

I was blown away by the strong, high-quality light emitted by the LED light. With a guaranteed CRI of > 90, it produces images near perfection. 

Besides high-quality images, it also delivers robust waterproof overload protection designed to ensure your mirror is kept safe and dry.

This frameless mirror has a set of LED lights that are 6000K or close to daylight and is functional for a maximum of 50,000 hours. 

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using Krugg Icon 48″ x 36″ LED Mirror
Thanks to the dimming adjustability feature, it can save up to 98% of energy.The light is not as bright as compared to other modern backlit mirrors. You’ll need a separate bathroom mirror with lights if you want a more illuminated bathroom.
It’s made from top-grade silver-backed glass. It’s heavier compared to other bathroom mirror lights of the same size.
The defogger is activated by a hot coil pad, which cleanses and gets rid of the fog effortlessly and naturally. 
The dimmer can be activated by tapping a single soft-touch button.
Is the Krugg Icon 48″ x 36″ LED Mirror For You? 

This multifunctional mirror is designed to give you excellent levels of availability. 

The natural light is perfect for it to transform into a makeup mirror. It might be a larger mirror for other bathrooms with a modern design, but it does the job perfectly for me.

 Its touch button is sensitive, but not to the point that it functions incorrectly. 

User Reviews and Testimonials

William Claborough, an Amazon customer, said that the mirror was excellent and that the brand stood behind its product. 

“We absolutely adored the mirror. It’s elegant, sophisticated, and a perfect addition to the beauty of our home.” 

Where Can I Buy It?

It’s available on Amazon, but you can also purchase them directly from Krugg’s website!

Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet 24 Inch X 36 Inch | Recessed or Surface Mount Mirror Cabinet w/Dimmer & Defogger + 3X Makeup Mirror Inside & Outlet + USB - Right Side
  • ✅LED BACKLIT MIRROR WITH CABINET: The mirror features a cabinet with glass panels having a left hinge. The back of the mirror (door) features a 3X magnifying lighted mirror.
  • ✅Recessed or Surface Mounted Installation.+ Blum 170 Degree Hinges
  • ✅DEFOGGER AND USB OUTLET: The vanity mirror features an innovative defogger pad behind the mirror and also features electrical and USB outlets for your convenience.
  • ✅ON/OFF SENSOR DIMMER: The LED bathroom mirror allows easy control of light levels with memory functionality. Dimming the light saves up to 98% of energy.
  • ✅PERFECT COLOR RENDERING: Krugg Mirrors only use lights with a CRI of 90 or higher, which are perfect at color rendering and make it suitable for make-up.

6 Best Backlit Mirrors

You now know my best picks for LED lighted mirrors. Now, I’m going to share my thoughts on six (6) of the best modern bathroom mirrors with backlights.

I’ve tested backlit cabinet mirrors, small, medium, and large backlit bathroom mirrors, and even backlit mirrors with a frameless design.

Not all mirrors with LED backlights are made equally. Here are six (6) of the best-backlit mirrors I’ve used in my experience.

#1 HAUSCHEN HOME Frame Backlit Mirror: Best Bathroom Backlit Mirror For Versatility

Frame Backlit Mirror

HAUSCHEN HOME’s deal with bathroom mirrors is probably the best one I’ve seen.

They’ve produced numerous creations of excellent-quality bathroom backlit mirrors, and this one has been one of my favorites.

The framed backlit mirror is sophisticated, stylish, and overall functional. It has a mirror power switch and adequate lighting that you can change from time to time.

 Akin to all other HAUSCHEN HOME wall-mounted vanity mirrors, this backlit mirror has natural lighting conditions that range between 3000K, 4200K, and 5500K.

I think I loved most about this backlit mirror because it has a built-in dimmable LED light and a wall switch supports it. The brightness and contrast memory is also a winning faction.

The framed backlit bathroom mirror comes in two (2) sizes, a 36” x 28” one and a 40” x 32” mirror. You can buy it in either a white or black frame, and it’s completely safe –it’s copper-free!

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using HAUSCHEN HOME Frame Large Backlit Bathroom Mirror
Plugs, screws, adapters, and an extra wire is included in the package.The holes in the mirror do not have any type of tolerance. It needs to be exact so that the installation will be trial & error.
Its defogging functionality is superb. It works in under 5 minutes!It has a slow initial light up when you use the wall switch.
You can install it almost anywhere that has a flat surface –it’s easy to install!
You can save up to 90% energy, thanks to the 95+ CRI rating –even more when you dim the lights!
It passed dropped, pressure, and stress tests, making sure that it will stay longer than you need it for
The lighting options were accurate enough, not too bright, and not too dim.

Is the HAUSCHEN HOME Frame Backlit Mirror For You?

Its aesthetics is one of the factors why it’s the best-backlit bathroom mirror for me. It’s multi-functional, and it is equipped with all the right components that make up a quality bathroom mirror.

The packaging it came with was secured, no doubt about that, and I find the company’s aftersales services amazing.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Tyrel E., an Amazon customer, said that the brand had excellent levels of detail.

“My only issue is that of the defog feature. I wish it were a bit bigger, but other than that. The mirror is 10 out of 10. It’s effortless to install since I have the experience, and it works great –both day and night!”

Where Can I Buy It?

HAUSCHEN HOME’s Frame backlit mirror is purchasable on Amazon. However, you can get it straight from HAUSCHEN HOME’s website and Wayfair, too!

Check Latest Price

Frame Backlit Mirror

#2 HAUSCHEN HOME Halo LED Backlit Mirror: Most Stylish Bathroom Lighted Backlit Mirror 

Hauschen Halo LED Bathroom Mirror

HAUSCHEN HOME’s Halo LED backlit mirror is a beast. So far, I consider it the best among all the different wall-mounted vanity mirrors with backlights I’ve tried on the market.

Its crisp, sophisticated, and elegant design gives it away. For me, the price is just right considering its effects and the amount of help it gives.

There are many things I admired about HAUSCHEN HOME’s Halo backlit mirror, but the one that stood out is the separate anti-fog function that it has. You’ll never confuse it with power, thanks to this!

Moreover, it also has three (3) different natural lighting conditions and options. You can set it to 3000K, 4200K, and up to 5500K in just a simple tap of a button.

With a CRI of 95 and above, the image quality that the HAUSCHEN HOME’s Halo LED backlit mirror is something else. It’s blatantly compatible with smart home devices like Google Home and Alexa!

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using HAUSCHEN HOME Halo LED Backlit Mirror
The product comes in different shapes and sizes, but they offer the same backlighting effectThe backlight is not bright enough, and the front light does not seem to illuminate the room
It has a highly accurate brightness memory, perfect for people who would constantly use itThe anti-fog feature works longer than what was advertised
The color temperature options and the dimmability can easily be toggled –just a single tap!
It has bright front light colors, as well as back illumination.
Hauschen Halo LED Bathroom Mirror
Is the HAUSCHEN HOME Halo LED Backlit Mirror For You?

You’ll be hitting a homerun with HAUSCHEN HOME’s Halo LED backlit mirror. It’s the complete package and comes in second place after the brand’s Frame Backlit mirror.

It’s affordable, easy to install, and does the job quite perfectly without causing too much stress and pain.

User Reviews and Testimonials

PMC, an Amazon client, said nothing but “wow.”

“These are the perfect mirrors for providing the tasks you need from a bathroom mirror. The touch controls glow at night, making them easier to navigate and control. It’s a win-win product for me.”

Where Can I Buy It?

You can get it from Amazon, but it’s also purchasable on HAUSCHEN HOME’s website.

I saw it on Hauschen Home

Hauschen Halo LED Bathroom Mirror

#3 IOWVOE 48” x 30” LED Bathroom Mirror Backlit: Most Durable Backlit Bathroom Mirror 

lighted mirror

The mirror boasts a 48 x 30-inch mirror, complete with adjustable dimmability, anti-fog properties, and adjustable lighting options and temperatures.

Its anti-fog functionality is so efficient that you can clear the fog off the surface in as little as five (5) minutes.

IOWVOE’s LED bathroom backlit mirror is large, I can tell you that. Not to mention that all its parts and components are environmentally friendly, too!

Another thing I can guarantee is its safety. It uses and supplies a 110V power that can be installed with a plug or can be hardwired.

Its surface is built with a 6-layer, 5mm copper-free mirror. The layer comprises a float glass, lens sensitizing layer, silver plating, antioxidant protective paint, and waterproof protective paint.

The 0.79-inch beveled width smoothens the entire mirror.

I consider it one of the best backlit wall-mounted vanity mirrors I have used because of the openness of its functionality and the overall safety it provides.

You can use it in the bathroom, in a walk-in closet, in a salon, or in any other commercial establishment, even in the bedroom!

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using IOWVOE 48” x 30” LED Bathroom Mirror Backlit
The beveled edge gives a radiant and elegant finish to the mirror.The mirror is heavy and weighted differently. You’ll need assistance in installation if you have no experience in doing so
It’s multi-layered, which means it has the proper engineering to ensure safety and security.It is not as bright as the picture depicts
You can either hardwire it or plug it into an outlet.
The design makes it compatible with many different applications, not just the bathroom.
It is dimmable, and you can control the amount of brightness in just a few taps!
Is the IOWVOE 48” x 30” LED Bathroom Mirror Backlit For You? 

For a classy-quality LED-backlit bathroom mirror that will fit your budget, IOWVOE’s 48-inch mirror is what I would recommend to you.

Its weight lives up to the fact that it’s highly durable and strong. The touch, for me, is a literal slice of heaven as it produces excellent-quality images and highly flexible lighting options.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Liam Nguyen, an Amazon client, said that this mirror is perfect for every modern home.

“I love that the instructions are clear and that the mirror is very detailed yet minimalistic-looking. I will buy this again for my next house, no doubt.”

Where Can I Buy It?

You can purchase IOWVOE’s large bathroom mirror with light built-in on Amazon, but you can also buy it on  Walmart!

IOWVOE 48 x 30 Inch LED Bathroom Mirror Backlit, Anti-Fog, Wall Mounted Large Mirror Dimmable Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights Touch Button CRI 90 6400K
  • 【Anti-fog Mirror】IOWVOE LED mirror with defog function, just touch the anti-fog button on the mirror, it will quickly heat the glass and remove the water vapor. And the defogger will be turn off automatically after 1 hour.
  • 【Stepless Dimmable & Memory】With smart touch button, this backlit mirror is easy to operate. Just long press the touch button to adjust the brightness you want, and the smart memory function will keep the previous lighting status after turning off and on.
  • 【Waterproof Bathroom Mirror】Aims to provide perfect product for customers, IOWVOE upgrade the bathroom mirror back. The waterproof back will protects the mirror from dust and fog, which makes our led mirror more durable.
  • 【Shatter-proof Glass】Made of 5MM high-quality shatter-proof glass, our led mirror is stronger than the ordinary. Even it is broken, it will not shatter to piece, safe enough to use. And the package is passed drop test, no worry about the breakage.
  • 【5 Years Warranty】This LED illuminated mirror. We provide 5 years warranty service, if there is any problem, please feel free to contact us, we will reply within 24 hours.

#4 Bonnlo 36” x 28” Dimmable LED Light Illuminated Bathroom Mirror With Bluetooth Speaker: Best Bathroom Backlit Mirror With Built-In Speakers

lighted mirror

This 36-inch dimmable LED-backlit bathroom smart mirror is one of the few best I’ve used.

What I love about this mirror is not only because of the built-in LED light but also because of the Bluetooth speaker that comes with it.

It has everything that almost all smart mirrors have. You can plug it into an outlet, or it can be hardwired to the house’s inner wirings correctly, hang it vertically or horizontally, etc. 

You’ll never doubt the overall quality and durability of the materials. The frame, the speakers, the protection and security, and the LED lights are handpicked and selected in the best ways possible.

Bonnlo’s unique wall mirror is a sleek design, as it is filled with all the right features and functionalities.

The IP44 waterproof protection ensures that water doesn’t penetrate your mirror, not even if fog or moisture builds upon its surface.

Experience no flickers and high-quality resolution and design with Bonnlo’s dimmable LED light illuminated bathroom mirror!

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using Bonnlo 36” x 28” Dimmable LED Light Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
It is IP44-rated, meaning it is highly waterproof and can ensure safety and longevityThere is no clock function, like how it was advertised
The anti-fog function takes effect in as little as 3 minutes!There are several instances where water could seep into the edges of the mirror
The built-in Bluetooth speaker is functional and is kept safe and secure, thanks to the IP44 rating
Brightness adjustability can be done in a single tap of a button!
Is the Bonnlo 36” x 28” Dimmable LED Light Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Worth it?

If you’re looking for a fun, functional, practical, yet an inexpensive option for your LED bathroom backlit mirror, then going with Bonnlo’s dimmable LED light illuminated bathroom mirror is for you.

Thanks to its built-in Bluetooth speaker, you don’t need a separate device for your audio! The product’s overall quality is a winner, and it exceeded my expectations.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Michael L. Moyer, an Amazon customer, said that the mirror was exactly what he was looking for.

“It’s easy to install, the dimming light was fantastic, and the highest setting was just bright enough. You won’t regret buying it!”

Where Can I Buy It?

You can purchase this Bonnlo stylish mirror on Amazon, but it is available straight from Bonnlo’s website!

Bonnlo 36"×28" Dimmable LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker, Anti-Fog Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Mirror,Smart Vanity Mirror with Memory Touch Button| Hangs Vertically/Horizontally
  • ★Bluetooth Speakers★:Illuminated Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors with integrated speaker connectivity. Play music directly from your phone,listening to your favourite tunes, or catching up on the news whilst getting ready for the day ahead.
  • ★ON/OFF Touch Button&Dimming Function★: CE certified 110V sensor switch for both turning on/off the led light and dimming function. Press and hold the button after switching on for adjusting the brightness,once the desired brightness is reached,move your hand away and then press the button for 1 sec. to save that particular brightness.Memory function helps to save the programmed brightness when you turn on the light next time.
  • ★Independent Anti-fog Switch,More Energy-efficient★:Turn on the anti-fog switch when necessary,the moisture proof stripe will eliminate the troubling fog automatically, you won't have to worry about wiping down your mirror after a shower.Unlike the other 2-in-1 ON/OFF&Anti-fog switch,our independent switch mode can save more by spending less on your monthly utility bills.
  • ★Modern Design★: Contemporary and stylish style with no visible screws or switches.Its sleek, streamlined design will add a touch of luxury and glamour to any room. You can place it in your entryway for an eye-catching accent, or you can hang it in your bathroom or bedroom.
  • ★2-Way Installation★:You can hang it vertically or horizontally, our mirror comes with UL listed plug,it can also be cut off to hardwired to a switch on the wall.Please note:You have to turn on both the wall switch and then the mirror if the light switch is turned off at the wall.

#5 Krugg Large 72” x 30” LED Bathroom Mirror: Best Large-Sized Backlit Bathroom Mirror

lighted mirror

For starters, the mirror is quite big, and in fact, I believe it is the largest selection out of all the backlit mirrors I covered in this guide.

This 30-inch-height, 72-inch-wide backlit bathroom mirror will give you the truest colors across the entire surface of the mirror.

The mirror is also flexible as it can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. I prefer it in the horizontal aspect because going for it vertically can be too tall for a bathroom mirror.

The product claims to work for lifetime use of 50,000 hours.

It’s complete with a dimmable touch switch control, an anti-fog and a defogging feature, and a 6000-Kelvin LED temperature, which has 100% percent brightness of cool white, like daylight! 

If you’re looking for large-lit bathroom mirrors that are energy-efficient, effective, and have an overall easy installation process, Krugg’s Large LED bathroom mirror is your best option!

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using Krugg Large 72” x 30” LED Bathroom Mirror
It has a wide, high-quality viewing surface for better image quality.The product is heavy and is quite complex to install
The CRI is above 90, guaranteeing true and accurate color rendering.Its LED lights are bright, but they are too bright and can be glaring to the eyes.
The defogging or anti-fog feature is activated with just a simple tap of a button –it can keep condensation off the mirror’s surface entirely.The mirror gets hot because of the intensity of the LED lights.
You can save up to 98% of energy via the dim function.
Its LED lights are about five times brighter than regular mirror lights.
Is the Krugg Large 72” x 30” LED Bathroom Mirror Worth it?

Krugg’s Large LED bathroom mirror is what I would suggest to you if you’re looking for an efficient yet inexpensive approach to installing wall-mounted vanity bathroom backlit mirrors.

It comes with all the features you’re looking for, and it would never leave you short of your expectations. You just might need to exert effort in installing it, but overall, it’s an excellent product! 

User Reviews and Testimonials

Cynthia W., one of the most-satisfied Amazon clients, said that the mirror was exactly the way she wanted.

“The light is bright and is perfect for makeup application. Not to mention that the dimmer is extremely easy to use!”

Where Can I Buy It?

I was able to purchase mine from Amazon, but you can buy it directly from Krugg’s website, too!

Krugg | Large 72 Inch X 30 Inch LED Bathroom Mirror | Lighted Vanity Mirror Includes Dimmer & Defogger | Wall Mount Vertical or Horizontal Installation
  • ✅LED FRONTLIT MIRROR: The Lighted Vanity mirror features LED light that creates bright yet energy-efficient illumination. Our long-lasting LED provides 50,000 hours of use.
  • ✅WALL MOUNT BATHROOM MIRROR: The LED bathroom mirror can be installed on the walls horizontally as well as vertically. The dimensions of this vanity mirror are 72" x 30".
  • ✅DEFOGGING FEATURE: The vanity mirror features an innovative defogger pad behind the mirror that keeps the mirror free from condensation and keeps it clear.
  • ✅ON/OFF SENSOR DIMMER: The LED bathroom mirror allows easy control of light levels for the perfect light. Dimming the light saves up to 98 percent of energy.
  • ✅PERFECT COLOR RENDERING: Krugg Mirrors only use lights with a CRI of 90 or higher, which are perfect at color rendering and make it suitable for make-up.

#6 TokeShimi 40” x 24” LED Backlit Modern Mirror: Best Backlit Bathroom Mirror For Aesthetics

lighted mirror

When I was unboxing it, I thought it would be like all other backlit bathroom wall mirrors, but I was wrong. The mirror illuminated my entire bathroom. It was too bright but in a good way.

Upon inspecting it closer, I saw the magic that TokeShimi’s LED-backlit modern mirror had.

This multilayered floating mirror technology can produce high-definition images without any deformation. Not to mention the fact that it is explosion-proof, too!

It contained dimmable LED light, which only took 3 seconds to change from normal to the brightest!

I also found the defogging mechanism to be highly effective. I didn’t have to use a defogging spray to do it. The moisture from the mirror’s surface was cleared out in under 5 minutes.

The mirror alone is IP54 waterproof, it is highly durable, and it will fit whatever style and theme your bathroom has!

You’ll be amazed at how illuminating it is, thanks to the 2-way lighting that it offers (front & back) and the high-quality, silver-plated glass that adds up to the sophistication and design of the mirror.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using TokeShimi 40” x 24” LED Backlit Modern Mirror.
The system has been put up well, and the installation is easy –you can install it either vertically or horizontally.The lighting is too dim even on its brightest and highest level.
It’s anti-fog, and the defogging feature can change the color intensity in as fast as 3 seconds! Save up to 98% energy by dimming it!Its cord is too short.
It has an advanced AI memory function that would restore the latest settings.
It has both front and backlighting for enhanced illumination.
Is the TokeShimi 40” x 24” LED Backlit Modern Mirror For You?

I would suggest going for the TokeShimi backlit modern mirror if you are looking for a wall-mounted vanity mirror that has both front and backlights readily available.

It’s also wide, spanning 40 by 24 inches in measurement, providing vast space for viewing.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Margaret N., an Amazon client, said that this mirror is beautiful and that she is in love with it.

“It brightens up the room and has a cool feature, too! Though I wouldn’t recommend it as the primary light source in the bathroom, overall, it’s an excellent mirror.”

Where Can I Buy It?

The product is purchasable on Amazon, but you can also get it on eBay!

TokeShimi 40 x 24 Inch LED Bathroom Mirror with Lights Backlit Vanity Mirror Anti-Fog Wall Mounted Lighted Bathroom Mirror Dimmable Makeup Mirror with Memory Function(Horizontal&Vertical)
  • ✔Brighten Up Your Bathroom: Do you want an elegant LED light mirror that lights up your bathroom beautifully? Make your bathroom look brighter, bigger, and oozing in style with our lighted vanity mirror. Whether your bathroom is old or newly renovated, our mirror will add the wow factor the moment it touches your walls. You’ll be looking into a crystal-clear reflection for your morning shave or make-up routine.
  • ✔Anti-fog Technology: Do you love taking warm baths or hot showers? You won’t need to wipe the smart bathroom mirror down or wait 10 minutes for the condensation to clear. You’ll step out to a perfectly clear reflection every time. Perfect if you’re in a rush for work or getting ready for a fun evening. The memory function remembers your preferred light setting for next time.
  • ✔Dimmable Bathroom Mirror Lights: Our LED mirrors allow you to adjust the brightness to be just right. Fancy a relaxed ambience? Choose a low intensity, fill the bath with your favorite bubbles and enjoy a warm soak. Ready to switch? In just 3 seconds you can go from dim to bright and give your reflection a radiant glow.
  • ✔Higher Quality,Lower Energy: Made from copper-free,environmentally-friendly materials with a protective silvered reflection layer and a lifetime of 50,000 hours - our LED vanity mirror will keep your bathroom bright and beautiful for many years!
  • ✔Improved Packaging: Once packaged with care, each mirror goes through rigorous testing for drops, impact, and heavy pressure by our dedicated team to ensure it arrives safely. Hang it vertically or horizontally (screws included) - it’ll have plenty of head-turning appeal and compliments from your guests. Click “Add To Cart” now and give your bathroom the brightness and style of an upscale hotel.

Choose from these six (6) different bathroom backlit mirrors, and never worry about what to buy!

Here’s a video from Houz Houz as they list the 30+ best bathroom lighted mirrors, of which TokeShimi is a part. 

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How to Find The Perfect LED Bathroom Mirror

What is a Lighted Bathroom Mirror?

Lighted Bathroom Mirror - INS1004

In simple words, a bathroom mirror that comes with integrated lights is known as a lighted bathroom mirror. This type of mirror is an important accessory for your restroom because it not only lights up the vanity area and increases the aesthetical beauty of the room, but it also illuminates your face so that you can enjoy an excellent, bright reflection of yourself even when the room itself is not adequately lit.

Even though the lighted bathroom mirror is also wall mounted, they are totally different from the ones you fit inside of your vanity to see a larger, magnified image of your face.

These lighted mirrors are usually large (L x W) and provide a true-to-life reflection of yourself without any magnification. They are also mostly hung over basins so that you can enjoy the image of your pretty face after every face wash or shower.

How to Buy the Best Lighted Bathroom Mirror? Everything You Must Know

If you want to enjoy the numerous benefits of a lighted mirror in your bathroom, you must buy an excellent piece of mirror with incredible lightning.

But then again, you just cannot go to the market or visit an online shop to purchase one for you- there are quite a few important factors that you must know first in order to buy the best lighted mirror suitable for your bathroom vanity.

Determine if the Mirror is Anti-fog or Not

Anti-fog Bathroom Mirror - INS1004

Anti-fog feature or a defogger is one of the most important features of a lighted mirror meant for your restroom, and that’s why you must look out for this aspect when shopping for the ultimate mirror for your bathroom.

The reason behind imposing such importance on defogger is that when you take a bath or wash your face with hot or warm water, the water creates steam.

When this steam comes in contact with the colder surface of the mirror, it creates a thick fog, making it hard to look through the glass surface easily.

Additionally, this steam also creates a cloud over the lights preventing them from providing the brightest luminosity.

A lighted mirror with the anti-fog feature would never let this happen; a defogger not only resists fog build-up on the mirror surface but also keeps the mirror sparkling clean so that you don’t have to wipe it down after every shower to see your face perfectly.

It does this by transmitting gentle warmth across the mirror, which bars the moisture from collecting on the colder glass surface while you bathe or shower.

An anti-fog lighted mirror always provides you with an excellent viewing surface with incredibly cloud-less, brighter lights.

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Don’t Undermine the CRI

Color Rendering Index or CRI is the measurement of the ability of a light source to reproduce the colors of the object it illuminates accurately. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 100 and is used to measure the source of lightning.

We emphasize keeping in mind the CRI when buying your lighted bathroom mirror because how clearly and vividly the mirror will reflect your image depends on the measurement of the color rendering index. The higher the CRI, the clearer, natural, and more true to life reflection it would produce.

Experts recommend choosing a lighted mirror with 90- 100 CRI as it is considered an excellent level for color rendering and produces the most natural view of the reflective object. On the other hand, we don’t suggest picking any lighted mirror with a rendering index below 80. They are generally considered poor and don’t produce an image as accurate as a high CRI produces.

What’s the Mirror Coating?

Before talking about the best mirror coating for your lighted bathroom mirror, let’s understand the concept of mirror coating first. A mirror coating is what makes a piece of glass a “mirror”; without this extra layer, a mirror would be completely transparent, and there won’t be any reflective layer to show your image.

To reflect, mirror glasses are coated with quite a few different materials. From tin chloride to copper, aluminum, and silver manufacturers use various materials for the coating. But as these materials have dissimilar properties and don’t provide the same level of reflection, not all of them are suitable for a bathroom mirror.

Experts suggest favoring a lighted mirror with silver plating over copper or other coatings because silver is one of the most opaque materials and, therefore, reflects light better than any other material for a clearer image.

Aside from providing incredible optical reflection, the silver coating also makes the piece of glass stronger, provides a higher heat absorption level and corrosion resistance, and ensures exceptional durability.

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Choose the Installation Carefully

Even though many buyers seem to keep in mind the installation process or power source of a lighted bathroom mirror, never forget that it is also of equal importance as the other features we have discussed above.

Usually, a bathroom mirror comes with either of these two types of installation:

  • Hardwired
  • Plug-in

We say a lighted mirror is hardwired when the power connection of the lights is wired directly into the house and is turned on/off by only pressing the switch rather than plugging it into an electrical socket.

On the other hand, mirrors that come with a plug attached to a wire and need to be plugged in for the lights to turn on are known as plug-in lighted mirrors.

We prefer the plug-in types between these two types of installation because you don’t need to break your wall or call an electrician to install these mirrors. You can hang the mirror with a screw or hanging loop on the wall and plug it in the nearest socket to see your face in the brightest light.

However, if you are building a new home or renovating your apartment, then you can buy a hardwired bathroom fixture as during the building or renovating period, your bathroom walls might still be undone, and it would be easier for you or your electrician to put up the mirror.

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Using Lighted Mirror Light Dimmable Feature - INS1004

Another factor that you should keep in mind when buying a lighted mirror for your bathroom is its dimmable feature. With a built-in dimming feature, you can always increase and decrease the luminosity of the bulbs and adjust the brightness according to your preferred level so that you can see your face in suitable light and ensure a soothing and calming vibe to your eyes.

You may check out bathroom mirror color options here to find the perfect choice for your mirror.

Choosing the Right Size and Shape

Lighted bathroom mirrors usually come in different types, shapes, and sizes to fit every bathroom out there. From round, oval, rectangular, and square, and a huge range of sizes, you always have the freedom to pick just the right one that would suit your bathroom design requirement perfectly.

Other experts don’t recommend any exact shape or size because we don’t know how your restroom looks or what its vibe is. As you know your bathroom ambiance the best, we would suggest you go for the one that you think would suit your place the most.

Note: If your requirement is different, then you can check our best makeup mirror page.

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Is It Ok To Buy a Mirror Online Without Seeing it in Person?

Yes, it’s OK to buy a mirror online even if you don’t see it in person, so long as the seller or company offers a money-back guarantee.

It would be best if you had something to hold onto if the product doesn’t come in the best condition.

Furthermore, before shipping it, ask the company how they package the mirror.

It needs to be 3-layered; wrap it in padded paper or bubble wraps. Then, tape it tightly and place the mirror inside the box. Once done, fill the box with a carton or paper and package it in a box.

Are LED Bathroom Mirrors the Same as Backlit Mirrors? 

Like many people, I used to think that backlit bathroom mirrors are the same as bathroom mirrors with LED light –they’re not!

LED mirrors for the bathroom are mirrors where the light is mounted on the mirror’s surface. The electrical components are on the mirror’s surface.

On the other hand, modern backlit mirrors are mirrors where the light is mounted at the back of the mirror. It gives the effect that the mirror is separated by a few inches from the wall.

This is the primary difference between backlit mirrors and LED bathroom mirrors. I wrote a separate post discussing the difference between backlit mirrors and bathroom mirrors more profoundly and with more detail. 

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If you need more information about the best-LED bathroom mirrors, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Are LED Bathroom Mirrors Bright Enough?

Yes, LED bathroom mirrors are designed to be bright enough to make sure that you see your makeup in full and in detail.
However, it’s important to note that not all vanity-lighted mirrors for bathrooms are made equally. Be sure to check out a mirror’s specs first before purchasing.

Do LED Mirrors Need to be Plugged In?

No, most, if not all, LED mirrors can be powered in two (2) ways: they can be plugged in or hardwired to your home’s electrical system.
Many choose the latter because of its convenience.

Which Lighted Bathroom Mirror Fits You and Your Bathroom the Most?

I know that it’s hard to choose a bathroom mirror, but this review should tell you a lot about the different top-rated products in the market.

So, if you can’t find the perfect or the best-lighted bathroom mirror for you, skim through these 12 options, and I can assure you that your mirror will tell you that you are the fairest of them all!


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