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Best Lighted Bathroom Mirror 2020 – The Ultimate Guide

Want to enhance the look of your bathroom? Don’t know how?

Well, let us help you. By installing a lighted mirror in your vanity area, you can not only improve the ambiance of your bathroom area but also make sure that you have brightly illuminated surface to look at for a clear, true to life image of yourself.

Featured Image of Best Lighted Bathroom Mirror

However, as a lighted mirror is not a regular item, you must be careful when buying one for yourself. And to make your buying process easier and more convenient, in this article, we have discussed ever nitty-gritty you must know about this type of mirror and also talked about the best lighted bathroom mirrors so that you become an expert before even using one for yourself.

A Quick Overview of Our Favorite Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Let’s have a quick look at your favorite lighted bathroom mirror for a primary idea:

Hauschen LED Bathroom Mirror
Check Price
Hauschen LED Bathroom Mirror - Small  INS1004$$$
ExBrite LED Bathroom Mirror
Check Price
ExBrite LED Bathroom Mirror - Small  INS1004$$$
Bath Knot LED Bathroom Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights
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Bath Knot LED Bathroom Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights - Small  INS1004$$$
CO-Z Dimmable Round LED Bathroom Mirror
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CO-Z Dimmable Round LED Bathroom Mirror - Small  INS1004$$$

Lighted Bathroom Mirror Buying Guide

What is a Lighted Bathroom Mirror?

Lighted Bathroom Mirror - INS1004

In simple words, a bathroom mirror that comes with integrated lights in it is known as a lighted bathroom mirror. This type of mirror is an important accessory for your restroom because it not only lights up the vanity area and increases the aesthetical beauty of the room but it also illuminates your face so that you can enjoy an excellent, bright reflection of yourself even when the room itself is not adequately lit.

Even though lighted bathroom mirror are also wall mounted, they are totally different from the ones you fit in side of your vanity to see larger, magnified image of your face; these lighted mirrors are usually large (L x W)and provide true to life reflection of yourself without any magnification. They are also mostly hanged over basin so that you can enjoy the image of your pretty face after every face wash or shower.

How to Buy the Best Lighted Bathroom Mirror? Everything You Must Know

If you want to enjoy the numerous benefits of a lighted mirror in your bathroom, you must buy an excellent piece of mirror with incredible lightning. But then again, you just cannot go to the market or visit an online shop to purchase one for you- there are quite a few important factors that you must know first in order to buy the best lighted mirror suitable for your bathroom vanity.

Determine if the Mirror is Anti-fog or Not

Anti-fog Bathroom Mirror - INS1004

Anti-fog feature or a defogger is one of the most important features of a lighted mirror meant for your restroom and that’s why you must look out for this aspect when shopping for the ultimate mirror for your bathroom. The reason behind imposing such importance on defogger is that when you take a bath or simply wash your face with hot or warm water, the water creates steam; and when this steam comes in contact with the colder surface of the mirror, it creates thick fog making it hard to look through the glass surface easily. Additionally, this steam also creates a cloud over the lights preventing them from providing the brightest luminosity.

A lighted mirror with the anti-fog feature would never let this happen; a defogger not only resists fog build-up on the mirror surface but also keeps the mirror sparkling clean so that you don’t have to wipe it after every shower to see your face perfectly. It does this by transmitting gentle warmth across the mirror which bars the moisture from collecting on the colder glass surface while you bathe or shower.

An anti-fog lighted mirror always provides you with an excellent viewing surface with incredibly cloud-less, brighter lights.

Don’t Undermine the CRI

Color Rendering Index or CRI is the measurement of the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce the colors of the object it illuminates. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 100 and is used to measure only the source of lightening rather than the natural ones.

We are emphasizing to keep in mind the CRI when buying your lighted bathroom mirror because of how clearly and vividly the mirror will reflect your image depends on the measurement of the color rendering index. The higher the CRI, the clearer, natural and more true to life reflection it would produce.

Experts recommend choosing a lighted mirror with 90- 100 CRI as it is considered an excellent level for color rendering and produces the most natural view of the reflective object. On the other hand, we don’t suggest picking any lighted mirror with a rendering index below 80 as they are generally considered as poor and don’t produce an image as accurate as a high CRI produces.

What’s the Mirror Coating?

Before talking about the best mirror coating for your lighted bathroom mirror, let’s understand the concept of mirror coating first. A mirror coating is what makes a piece of glass a “mirror”; without this extra layer, a mirror would be completely transparent and there won’t be any reflective layer to show your image.

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To reflect, mirror glasses are coated with quite a few different materials. From tin chloride to copper, aluminum and silver manufacture use various materials for the coating. But as these materials have dissimilar properties and don’t provide the same level of reflection, not all of them are suitable for a bathroom mirror.

Experts suggest favoring a lighted mirror with silver plating over copper or other coatings because silver is one of the most opaque materials and therefore, reflects light better than any other material for a clearer image.

Aside from providing incredible optical reflection, the silver coating also makes the piece of glass stronger, provides higher heat absorption level and corrosion resistance and ensures exceptional durability.

Choose the Installation Carefully

Even though many of the buyers seem to keep in mind the installation process or power source of a lighted bathroom mirror, never forget that it is also of equal importance as the other features we have discussed above.

Usually, bathroom mirror comes with either of these two types of installation:

  • Hardwired
  • Plug-in

We say a lighted mirror is hardwired when the power connection of the lights are wired directly into the house and are turned on/off by only pressing the switch rather than plugging it into an electrical socket.

On the other hand, mirrors that come with a plug attached to a wire and need to be plugged in for the lights to turn on are known as plug-in lighted mirrors.

Between these two types of installation, we prefer the plug-in types because you don’t need to break your wall or call an electrician to install these mirrors. You can simply hang the mirror with a screw or hanging loop on the wall and plug-it in the nearest socket to see your face in the brightest light.

However, if you are building a new home or renovating your apartment, then you can buy a hardwired bathroom fixture as during the building or renovating period, your bathroom walls might be still undone and it would be easier for you or your electrician to put up the mirror.


Using Lighted Mirror Light Dimmable Feature - INS1004

Yet another factor that you should keep in mind when buying a lighted mirror for your bathroom is its dimmable feature. With a built-in dimming feature, you can always increase and decrease the luminosity of the bulbs and adjust the brightness according to your preferred level so that you can not only see your face in suitable light but also ensure a soothing and calming vibe to your eyes.

Choosing the Right Size and Shape

Lighted bathroom mirrors usually come in different types of shapes and sizes to fit every bathroom out there. From round, oval, rectangular and square, and a huge range of sizes, you always have the freedom to pick just the right one that would suit your bathroom design requirement perfectly.

We or other experts don’t recommend any exact shape or size because we don’t know how your restroom looks or what its vibe is. As you know your bathroom ambiance the best, we would suggest you go for the one that you think would suit your place the most.

The Must-have Features - In a Nutshell

Note: if your requirement is different, then you can check our best makeup mirror page.

Top Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

After numerous hours of market research and reviews, we were able to find the best lighted mirrors for your bathroom.  But before talking about these mirrors in detail, let’s compare and contrast some of our initial picks to understand why some of them made to the top and others didn’t.

Table of Comparison of the Best Lighted Bathroom Mirror

The Must-Have FeaturesHauschen LED Bathroom MirrorExBrite LED Bathroom MirrorBath Knot LED Bathroom Makeup Vanity Mirror With LightsCO-Z Dimmable Round LED Bathroom MirrorDECORAPORT Horizontal LED Bathroom MirrorBetter Home Better Life Vertical LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror
CRI95+ 90+90859050
Mirror CoatingSilver CoatingSilver CoatingSilver CoatingSilver CoatingAluminum CoatingSilver Coating

Hauschen LED Bathroom Mirror

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Best for True to Life Reflection

This HAUSCHEN mirror is clean, clear and sparkling. But this is not the only reason we liked this bathroom vanity accessory. Aside from being alluring, it also comes with all the features we look for in an excellent lighted bathroom mirror and more which helped it to grab the top position in our list without much competition.

Let’s start with its essential features. With the anti-fog feature and silver-coated surface, this piece of bathroom accessory is determined to provide you the clearest image of yourself even after a hot shower. Aside from providing an excellent reflection, this amazing coating also ensures the durability of the glass surface so that it provides the same quality of view even after years of usage.

Another feature that provides clear, true to life reflection is higher CRI of the mirror in contrast with the integrated lights. With a color rendering index of 95+, this HAUSCHEN lighted piece of bathroom fixture has the highest CRI in the market and reflects the most natural, realistic image of you so that you are never deceived.

While talking about the integrated LED lights, let’s also discuss their other amazing factors. Keeping in mind about the different lighting moods and needs of every woman out there (women prefers different lightning effects and aura according to their mood), HAUSCHEN incorporated LED lights that have a color temperature between 3000K-5500K, which means that there are actually 3 different types of light in this mirror to match your every luminosity needs. From a warm white to a cool white light and natural daylight, you can always choose the one that best suits your vibe with the built-in touch sensor.

This integrated touch sensor not only enables you to change the color temperature of the LEDs easily but also helps to adjust the lights’ brightness with the assistance of the dimmer; using the built-in dimmer, you can adjust the brightness from 20% – 100% (with a maximum luminosity of 5580 lumens) so enjoy just the right amount of illumination to view your image perfectly.

Another excellent aspect of this rectangle lighted bathroom mirror is its ease of installation. By just screwing it with the wall you can hold this piece of fixture securely in place so that it doesn’t fall off. Moreover, keeping in mind all types of users and their convenience, HAUSCHEN made this mirror suitable for both plug-in and hardwired installation.

If you have a fully complete bathroom wall, you can always put the plug in the nearest socket and turn on the switch. Similarly, for an under construction or under renovation bathroom, you have the opportunity to hardwire the glass with housing and enjoy the brightest reflection of yourself without any plug-ins.

Additional Features:

ExBrite LED Bathroom Mirror

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Budget-friendly yet Has Endless Features

If you are not eager to spend a “moolah” yet want to enjoy every little benefit of an excellent quality lighted bathroom mirror, then this LED Bathroom Mirror from ExBrite is just the one for you. And because of its amazing features and a budget-friendly price tag, it didn’t take long for this piece of a bathroom fixture to score a position in the list of our best.

The only reason it is in second place is because of its CRI. As it has a bit lower rendering index than the HAUSCHENs one, it ended up being in second place rather than the top. However, the 90+ CRI is also an excellent level of color rendering and produces the truest reflection of the object it illuminates.

Aside from the CRI, another great feature of this lighted mirror is its color temperature; having a color temperature level of 5000K, these LED bulbs can produce bright natural sunlight illumination (which are 30% brighter than the regular LEDs) so that it lights up your face perfectly and produce true to life, a most natural reflection of your face.

Even though these bulbs produce such bright lights of maximum 3220 lumens, you can always adjust the brightness of the LEDs with the built-in dimmer incorporated in the mirror. The dimming feature enables you to increase or decrease the level of brightness to make sure that you always have the right amount of light that’s soothing to your eyes yet projects the best view of your face.

Furthermore, although this ExBrite is a bathroom mirror, because of extreme brightness and excellent CRI, it can also be used for doing makeup and getting ready for a perfect, flawless outlook.

Moving on from the lights, to make this piece of glass the perfect surface to look at after each shower, ExBrite coated it with copper-free silver coating and installed a defogger. While the anti-fog feature keeps away fog from gathering on the mirror, the silver coating reflects light to provide the clearest, most brilliant image of you. Moreover, this coating also makes sure that the mirror lasts 3 times longer than others.

Talking about the installation, we must say that keeping in mind about all types of users, ExBrite made the installation of this wall mounted bathroom accessory super easy; you just attach it with the wall and plug it in to enjoy the lighting facility. Or, you can also cut the plug to connect to the wire to housing for wall switch control only.

Additional Features:

Bath Knot LED Bathroom Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: Available in a Wide Range of Sizes

This BATH KNOT Mirror with Lights is another of our favorite lighted mirror to hand in the bathroom as it comes with more than a few amazing features to satisfy your needs. But as this piece of fixture incorporates only a hardwire installation rather than a plug-in or both, it ended up being in the 3rd place instead of grabbing a top position.

Other than this minor gripe, this lighted mirror is everything you wish for in an affordable price tag.

To begin with, as the name suggests, this bathroom mirror with lights comes with several LED bulbs with a maximum of 11000 lumens to brighten up your face instantly. With such luminous brightness, these LEDs will also light up your vanity area and eliminate the need for any extra lights.

However, if you don’t want such flashing luminosity and want to light up the area depending on your mood, you can always adjust their brightness with the integrated dimmer. Using this dimmable feature, you would be able to increase and decrease the shine of the bulbs and set just the right illumination according to your comfort level. Moreover, as this dimming feature is accompanied by a round touch button, it is super easy and convenient to control the brightness of the lights with just a simple touch of your finger.

Aside from the flashing lumens, the color temperature and color rendering index of these lights also play a role in reflecting the truest image of yourself. With a color temperature of 6000k and 90 CRI, the LED bulbs of this mirror illuminate natural daylight and produce the most accurate reflection of the object they lighten up.

In addition to the lighting features, the anti-fog feature, as well as the copper-free, silver layer over the mirror, also enables you to see a clear, sparkling image of your face even after using hot water. This built-in unique defogger cleans the glass in just 3 seconds effectively so that you don’t need constantly spritz fog free spray or rinse it multiple times per shower while the silver coating reflects light brilliantly to produce the most natural, true to life image of your face.

Additional Features:

CO-Z Dimmable Round LED Bathroom Mirror

Ranking Position: 4
Our Opinion: Easy, Effortless Installation

One more mirror that caught our attention is this LED Bathroom Mirror from CO-Z. But even after having some extraordinary features, this piece of bathroom fixture still ended up being in the 4th position is because of its color rendering index. With a CRI of 85, the LEDs of this mirror are not as good at color rendering as its competitors and thus, cannot produce the most natural image of the object they reflect.

Moreover, even after having a low CRI, this mirror is quite expensive, which is also partly responsible for it to score such a lower position on our list.

Apart from the above glitches, this bathroom fixture is a gem. Let’s start with its ease of installation. Keeping in mind about the “not-so-expert” users, this fixture comes with hanging bars to mount the mirror easily to the wall; in addition to the effortless installation process, these bars also holds the piece securely in place so that it doesn’t fall off and break.

Furthermore, to make the installation procedure even easier, CO-Z incorporated a 78.8” cord with a plug to this lighted mirror so that you can just plug it into a socket use it instantly- no complex hardwiring is needed.

Moving on, CO-Z made this round mirror with premium quality glass material with a silver coating so that it reflects light properly and produces the best image of your face. The anti-fog feature also helps you to see the clearest reflection by always keeping the glass surface free from fog and cloud. With this amazing feature, the accumulated fog will disappear in just 20 seconds, making it clean and sparkle like a new one.

In addition to the glass quality and features, let’s also talk about the built-in LED lights. This amazing mirror incorporates cool white lights of 4000K color temperature and a maximum of 3760 lumens to produce a super soft white luminosity that is not only soothing to the eyes but also brightens up your face precisely. However, as their lumen is not extremely high, you cannot expect super bright light compared to our top favorite one.

Another wonderful feature of this mirror is its dimmable function; with a built-in dimmer paired with a touch switch, you can always enjoy the opportunity to change the brightness of the bulbs with just a touch of your finger.

Additional Features:

Reasons for Not Choosing Some Mirrors

DECORAPORT Horizontal LED Bathroom Mirror

This DECORAPORT is a great looking bathroom mirror. But we still didn’t include it in our list because:

  • First of all, this piece of bathroom accessory is not coated using silver. Instead, it comes with an aluminum coating that is not as reflective and as durable as a silver-coated mirror.
  • It is hardwired which means that it will take effort and some extra cash (to hire an electrician) to install it properly.
  • Moreover, it doesn’t come with any built-in dimmer to give you different lighting luminosity. To enjoy the dimming feature, you have to buy and install one yourself which would cost you extra money.
  • Also, this lighted mirror doesn’t provide hanging flexibility; you have to always hang it horizontally rather than stick it up as you want.

Better Home Better Life Vertical LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

This cute alluring piece of bathroom fixture didn’t grab a top position in our list as:

  • It comes with a poor CRI of just 50. This level of color rendering index doesn’t give you an accurate reflection of yourself in the mirror.
  • This lighted mirror requires hardwired installation which means that you have to break through the wall to install it perfectly.
  • It does not incorporate a dimmer to adjust the brightness of the lights as per your requirements.
  • The lights of this lighted mirror have a lumen of just 2500 which makes them less bright than its fierce competitors.

Our Last Words

It is super important for you to choose just the right lighted mirror for your bathroom as this will most likely be a permanent fixture in your home. A suitable piece of this vanity item not only satisfies all your viewing needs but also to enhance the beauty of the space. The lighted bathroom mirrors that we have talked about above fit this bill perfectly. These mirrors are full of useful features and are undoubtedly the best in the market. We can guarantee that after buying any one of them according to your needs, you won’t be disappointed.


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