How Do I Keep My Bathroom Mirror from Fogging Up

Samantha is extremely disturbed. Every time she takes a shower, her bathroom mirror fogs up and prevents her from seeing her face perfectly.

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It not only causes her severe annoyance but also wastes a lot of her time in the morning to get ready. She has to wipe the mirror surface quite a few times before she can even see her reflection properly.

Understanding the pain she has to go through every morning and after every shower, in this article, we have discussed some of the most effective methods to keep the bathroom mirror from fogging up so that Samantha and many other people just like her, can enjoy a clear mirror all day every day.

Body Soap

This might seem a bit unconventional, but body soap actually works wonders to keep your bathroom mirror from fogging up. Using body soap is easy, economical, and super effective.

To successfully keep your bathroom mirror away from collecting steam and get cloudy, all you need is a body soap bar. Liquid soap or body wash would also work the same way. Now, right before you take a shower, run the soap bar lightly over the reflective surface; make sure to cover the whole surface for better results. Do not rub it too hard; otherwise, the soap particles might harm the surface in some way or the other.

The soap layer will keep away fog and steam from your mirror even after a hot shower.

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After you are done taking your bath, you can clean the remaining soap from the surface with a cleaner if you are too concerned about the appearance of your mirror.

2. Use Shampoo


Similar to body soap, hair shampoo is also capable of keeping away fog and steam from your beautiful bathroom mirror. In fact, shampoo is a better option than body soap because it washes away quickly and you don’t require any extra effort for removing purpose.

To cover the reflective surface, first, pour a small amount of whatever shampoo you have on a folded paper towel or microfiber towel. Then wipe the mirror with this towel to cover every corner with the shampoo completely. You can also use it just on the part you want to keep clear rather than covering the whole surface and waste your shampoo.

However, make sure that after applying it, you must wipe the surface with another paper towel to make sure that the mirror is completely dry; otherwise, there are high possibilities that you will end up with a blurry looking mirror.

Once you finish taking your shower, you can wipe the remaining shampoo with a dry towel to make sure every bit of shampoo is removed from the mirror.

3. Don’t Underestimate Dish Soap

Dish Soap

Aside from your daily toiletries, your kitchen products can also help you to keep the bathroom mirror away from fog and cloud. The right mix of dishwashing liquid and water can do the trick better than you have imagined.

Take a few droplets of dishwasher onto your palm and add water. Then lather adequately by rubbing your palms together. After that wipe the reflective surface of the bathroom mirror with your soapy hands completely to make sure the area is fully covered.

Once you are done putting the dishwasher on the mirror, take a dry paper towel and again wipe the surface to dry it perfectly. Now take a hot shower or wash your face, the mirror will not fog as long as the soap remains.

4. Try Out Vinegar


If you are not comfortable with any soapy ideas and looking for something more natural yet effective, then a vinegar solution might be your most appropriate allay to keep fog and steam at arm’s length from your bathroom mirror.

To make the vinegar solution, take equal parts of white vinegar and distilled water in a spray bottle and shake it well until they are perfectly diluted. Then, spray an adequate amount of the mixture directly onto the mirror and let it sit for 15-20 seconds before wiping it off with a dry paper towel to make the reflective surface steam-proof for at least 3 days.

If the smell of the vinegar seems a bit pungent to your sensitive nose, you can always add a few drops of lemon juice or essential oils to the mixture to make your bathroom smell fresh 24 X 7.

5. Install a De-fogger


When you are not satisfied with temporary fog fixes like body soap, shampoos, and vinegar, then installing a de-fogger might be the right solution. A defogger, like this WarmlyYours Rectangle Mirror Defogger, keeps your mirror clean and clear automatically so that you can use it instantly after a bath without any delay.

Moreover, as it acts automatically, a defogger provides you the convenience of not taking the hassle of removing fog and cloud from the reflective panel after every shower.

For a more permanent solution, you can always install a defogging mirror to enjoy the advantage of clean, sparkling reflection without any extra effort; you can try out any top-rated bathroom mirror like this HAUSCHEN LED Bathroom Mirror as it not only comes with an integrated defogger but also has lights for a better, true to life reflection.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that there are several other ways to keep steam and fog away from your bathroom mirror, but we can assure that the ways we have discussed above are most effective as well as easy. Adopting any of the above-discussed remedies will help you to enjoy a sparkling clear mirror whenever you want, even after a hot shower.


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