How to Clean a Bathroom Mirror

Wondering how to clean your bathroom mirror?

Keeping the glass sparkling clean is super important because you see your face on a daily basis in this piece of vanity accessory. 

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However, compared to any other glasses in your house, the bathroom ones (even the best best-led bathroom mirrors) tend to collect more dirt, grime, and build-ups because of their various usages. To keep the reflective surface immaculate and clear, you need to clean it regularly.

Now, how to clean a bathroom mirror effectively so that you can enjoy your reflection to the fullest?

Well, we have discussed more than a few ways to wipe this vanity fixture effortlessly to make sure that you not only have a clear view but your mirror also lasts for long. 

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1. Dab With Mirror Cleaner

Using Mirror Cleaner

One of the most easiest and effective ways to clean your bathroom mirror is by using a store-bought “mirror cleaner”. You don’t have to go through any fuss, you just wipe the mirror with this cleaner to make it sparkly clean and shiny in seconds.

Start your cleaning process by simply wiping your mirror with a dry paper towel to remove any dry grime and debris. Once you are done dusting it thoroughly, it’s now time to spritz on a liberal amount of cleanser so that it’s easier for your to clean any stubborn dirt left on the surface. After 10/ 15 seconds of spraying the cleaner, grab another fresh paper towel, and swab the mirror to reveal a shiny surface for an exceptional reflection.

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2. Vinegar Can Do Wonders

If you are not comfortable with chemicals and want to use something natural to wipe your mirror clean, then using vinegar would be an excellent alternative. Vinegar would not only clean your mirror completely with maximum shine but would also save your money.

To wipe your bathroom mirror with vinegar, first you must make a solution of vinegar and water for maximum efficiency. Mix one cup of white vinegar with four cups of water in a bowl and dilute them well. Then pour the mixture in a spray bottle for ease of use.

When you wish to get rid of the build-ups from your mirror and make it gleaming, spritz on the vinegar solution on a piece of lint-free cloth or microfiber towel (try out the Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloths) and wipe the reflective surface to remove every bit of grime and dirt. 

We are recommending not applying the solution directly to the mirror to prevent it from accumulating in the corners and cause additional damage and build-ups.

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3. Magic of Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice for Cleaning Mirror

Aside from vinegar, another natural and safe ingredient you can use to clean your bathroom mirror is lemon juice. It might seem somewhat impossible, but the lemon juice actually works wonders in removing strong, stubborn debris from the reflective surface easily.

Lemons have a high acid content, which means that it is as effective in diminishing grease and oily content from the mirror as other chemicals; you just need to prepare the lemon solution perfectly to make your cleaning session more effortless.

Take a cup of fresh lemon juice and mix a teaspoon of baking soda to make the solution stronger. Then soak a cotton pad with the mixture and wipe the mirror thoroughly. Put a bit more effort into where the dirt is a bit stubborn.

When you are done wiping the reflective surface with the lemon juice then the second wipe it with a clean microfiber towel to expose a shiny viewing panel.

4. Adopt Liquid Bleach

Besides the natural remedies, liquid bleach can also do wonders for your bathroom mirror. The process of using bleach is also super simple; you just need to pour a handsome amount of bleach on a microfiber towel and wet it perfectly. Then rub your mirror with light hands with the wet towel to remove build ups and dirt. After you are done rubbing the whole surface, take another piece of clean, dry towel and wipe the mirror surface evenly so that there is no streak or stain left on the surface.

5. The Power of Toothpaste


One super surprising yet extremely effective way to clean your bathroom mirror is by using toothpaste. Aside from cleaning your teeth, it can also remove grime and debris from the mirror surface so that you can enjoy a sparkling reflective surface for excellent viewing results.

Begin your cleaning routine by squeezing a handsome amount of toothpaste on a clean cloth or paper towel. Then smear this paste evenly on the mirror surface so that you can’t even see your reflection. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes or until the paste dries completely.

After that, take a damp microfiber towel and wipe the viewing panel completely to make sure there is no paste residue left.

Using toothpaste to clean your bathroom mirror is not only effective and convenient but it is also cost-effective.

Experts Advice

Apart from exceptional cleaning, you must also take proper care of your bathroom mirror so that you have to put minimal effort while cleaning it.

In this section, we have talked about some general information that you must keep in mind to maintain your mirror for years to come.

Final Words

Now that you know some of the easiest yet most effective ways to clean your bathroom mirror, keeping your bathroom vanity area immaculate would be easier than before. Try any of the above-discussed ways to clean your mirror; we are sure that you would be surprised by the results.


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    Nevertheless, it was a great article.

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    • Dear Phyllis,

      First of all, thank you very much for your sweet feedback. We are overwhelmed with your response.

      Secondly, yes, there are chances that a dry paper towel can leave behind streaks on the mirror. However, if you use a towel without any patterns on it, it will clean your mirror completely without causing any streaks.

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