How to Decorate a Bathroom Mirror

Are you looking for ideas on how to decorate a bathroom mirror?

How to Decorate a Bathroom Mirror

Changing things up in your bathroom décor can have a great impact on how it looks.

One of our readers has struggled to add visual interest to her bathroom, so she finally reached out for help.

Read on about how to decorate a bathroom mirror easily and effectively, with minimal cost.

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1. Never Hesitate to Frame the Mirror when looking how to Decorate a Mirror

Mirror Frame

One of the most effective ways to upgrade your boring bathroom mirror into an interesting eye piece is by adding an attractive frame. 

There are many types of frames available in the market to choose from to match your bathroom decor and mirror size.

A good quality bathroom mirror with lights is almost always decorated with luxurious frames and innovative features. 

Here we review some of the most popular frame ideas that can change the appearance of your bathroom vanity instantly.

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1- Colorful Frames

The easiest way to add that oomph factor to your bathroom mirror is by adding some color to it and what’s a better way to add color than to enclose it inside a super colorful frame? 

You can even try painting it yourself!

A colorful frame not only adds that oomph factor to your regular mirror but can also provide an edge to an otherwise neutral bathroom. 

We would suggest you take risks and play with vibrant shades and creative shapes to make this fixture a lot more fun and whimsy.

Here’s a short video on creating a basic frame from Ace Hardware:

2- Antique Frames

The whole vibe of your bathroom can be changed by decorating your mirror with an antique frame. 

An antique frame can add depth and dimension to your bland décor so find a vintage or antique frame full of history, charm, and a few beautiful imperfections to adorn your mirror with.

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3- Ornate Frames

If you want something lavish and appealing in your bathroom, then the cleverest way to do that is by enclosing your bathroom mirror into an ornate frame. 

A sparkling ornate frame will not only add a glimmer to your regular lackluster mirror but will also turn your bathroom in an over-the-top glamorous space.

4- Sculptural Frames

If you have an artistic mind, then perhaps decorating a bathroom mirror is extremely easy. 

Add an eye-catching, sculptural frame to your mirror that would also double as a piece of art. 

Check other DIY bathroom mirror frame ideas.

2. Add Lights to Your Bathroom Mirror

Lighted Bathroom Mirror

Another excellent way to turn a boring bathroom mirror into an over the top, sophisticated piece of vanity accessory is by illuminating it and adding the right amount of lights in it. 

A lighted bathroom vanity accessory not only upgrades it but also makes the viewing experience of the users even more delightful.

Let’s find out some of the easiest ways to decorate a bathroom mirror with lights.

1- Incorporate LED Light Strips

One of the easiest yet most effective ways to incorporate lights in your mirror is by adopting LEDs with the stick-on installation. With an LED lighting kit, like this LPHUMEX Led Vanity Mirror Lights, you can effortlessly install bright lights to your mirror and turn it into an alluring vanity.

LED bathroom lighting ideas are long lasting and energy efficient, and they can do so much more than just brighten your bathroom says

Turn it into a Hollywood Mirror

Another way to decorate your bathroom mirror with lights is by turning it into a Hollywood mirror that is alluring and can lightens up the whole space. 

Most importantly it doesn’t cut deep into your pocket to turn any regular bathroom mirror into a Hollywood one. 

Here’s a great video example of a DIY project!

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3. Add Light Bulbs Around the Mirror

Hanging Light Bulbs on a Bathroom Mirror

If you are not comfortable adding lights directly onto your bathroom mirror, then you can always add lights above or on the sides of this accessory. 

A perfectly placed bulb can completely change the way your mirror looks.

If you want to decorate a bathroom mirrors and spice things up for a more interesting look, then you can try hanging a bulb with a rope or wire to create an interesting look or reflection.

You can safely hang lighting nearby to create a unique look as well as line them across the top of the mirror. 

If you want to give the hanging mirror a Victorian vibe, you can always add plastic flower chains, leaves, and small trinkets on the rope and decorate it as much as you want.

4. Don’t Hold Back from Mix and Match when considering How To Decorate A Mirror

Mix and Match Design Bathroom Mirror

Another excellent way to decorate your bathroom mirror without much effort is by adding different styles and sizes of mirrors surrounding it. 

This amazing arrangement will give a gallery-wall-style vibe and would also lift the appearance of your otherwise regular mirror by several notches.

However, make sure to mix and match the mirror styles and shapes. Putting on the same size and shapes will not give you the look you are aiming for.

Another excellent way to decorate your bathroom mirror without much effort is by adding different styles and sizes of mirrors surrounding it. 

This mirrored arrangement will give a gallery-wall-style vibe and would enhance the appearance of your regular mirror with a bit of fanciness

Multiple simple mirrors in a room can look chic. Vary the sizes and shapes, but don’t allow them to reflect each other, Scott Vargo warns. 

This creates an unsettling fun-house effect according to this Washington Post author.

Picking the best way: How to decorate a bathroom mirror

By now you have a few ideas on how to decorate a bathroom mirror to make it more attractive and interesting. 

Pick one of these ideas to try in your bathroom and let us know in the comments below how it turns out

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