Installing LED Lights Around Mirrors: 7 Easy Steps to Follow

bright led lights around mirror

If you have seen Hollywood-style mirrors with bright LED lights around the edge, you would probably understand how expensive they can be.

But did you know that you can also make a makeup mirror with bright LED lights around the frame affordably?

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to spruce up your bathroom, Installing some LED lights around the mirror is a superb option!

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to install LED lights around a mirror using inexpensive materials. Let’s get started!

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Can you add LED Lights to a Mirror?

A quality makeup mirror should come with luxurious LED lights. However, these particular mirrors can be expensive and challenging to find the precise design.

You should understand how to add lights to a mirror [1] for the perfect lighted makeup mirror.

You can easily decorate a floating, freestanding full-length mirror and a wall-mounted mirror with LED lights.

Did you know that there are several LED lights with diverse designs? Adding LED lights to a mirror comes with its advantages.

  1. LED light makes makeup application, shaving, tweezing eyebrows, and flossing easy
  2. Helps you to see fine details

Find out more about DIY lighted LED mirrors in this short video.

7 Steps to Put LED Lights on a Mirror

Installing LED lights around mirrors is a straightforward and fun project. Nonetheless, you should understand all the steps involved before adding LED lights to a mirror.

These steps I am discussing here are economical and practical.

ProTip: You need to decide the mirror phase before deciding on where to install the LED strip lights. You can install it either on the front or back phase.

Remember that altered makeup lighting help to define a mood in diverse room settings.

Here are the steps I recommend you to follow.

Step 1: Gather all materials

Gathering materials is the preliminary stage when installing LEDs around the mirror.

Get the mirror, LED strips, power source, remote control, LED strip connectors (optional), measuring tape/ruler, scissors, adhesive, and a marker.

Step 2: Clean the mirror surface

Remove all dust and oil particles from the mirror surface before applying any adhesive.

Check out this short video to understand how to clean a mirror.

Step 3: Measure the mirror

Measuring the mirror helps you know the exact length of the LED strip to cut. You can alternatively cut LED strip lights twice the length of the mirror if you want a brighter illumination.

Step 4: Cut the LED strip

Cutting the LED strip is a crucial step that requires attentiveness.

  • Measure the exact length and cut straight along the suggested spot (with scissors). Most LED strip lights, however, have a scissors logo for convenience. If not, check the user/instruction manual to understand how to cut the LED strip.

Check out this video on how to cut LED strip lighting.

What to do if you accidentally cut a shorter LED strip?

Not to worry, you can add a 4-pin connector and join the LED strip. Unfortunately, the connector will affect the uniformity of the LED lights along with the mirror.

Use plastic brackets if you do not want to cut the LED strip light. Note that these plastic brackets help securely hold the LED strip light at the corners.

If you have any challenges with how to cut LED strip lights, you can check out this short video to find out more information.

Step 5: Attach the LED light strip to the mirror

Place the LED tape lights along the side of the frameless mirror. Equally, place the LED light strip around the frame for a framed mirror.

LED strip lights come with a sticky strip along the back of the mirror to securely fix it. Hence, gently remove the sticky strip and place it along the mirror marking.

Apply enough super glue on the back of the LED strip if it does not come with an adhesive backing.

Frameless mirrors

  1. Measure 1 inch from the edge of the mirror and mark
  2. Repeat step 1 above along all the four edges (along the periphery)
  3. The LED lights will function as borders

Framed mirror

  1. Measure the length of the frame before cutting the strip
  2. Cut the strip and fix connectors at the corners
  3. Ensure the LED strip light is flush with the frame
  4. Alternatively, use fixing strips to fix and strengthen the LED lights against the frame securely

You can pick an LED strip light that matches the frame for a trendy look.

Step 6: Install mounting hardware

If you have an ordinary mirror, you should install mounting brackets on the wall before fixing the mirror into position.

Measure the mirror precisely before securing the mounting brackets on the wall.

Check out this awesome video!

Step 7: Prepare the power supply unit

Acquire the recommended power supply unit when purchasing LED strip lights. Check for a power supply unit compatible with the particular LED light strip you have.

Connect the LED output to the power supply, then the power cord to the electrical power outlet. Either on the wall or via an extension cable.

What to Remember

  1. Do not cut LED strip lights diagonally.
  2. Do not cut shorter strips. Always double-check to confirm the measurements before cutting the strip.

How do you install LED lights around mirror?

Apart from installing LED strip lights to a mirror, you should understand the correct mirror positioning.

Positioning an LED decorative mirror with light

Not all positions in the room favor mirror placement.

Decorative mirrors should be placed strategically for improved performance. You can place a vanity mirror close to the window to allow natural light from the sun.

Here is a detailed video to help you understand more.

Choosing the correct LED strip lights

Choose ideal LED lights for an enhanced makeup routine. Colored LED strips, or ultra-bright LED, are two choices that give your mirror a modern and trendy finish.

But what should you go for? [2]

Here are a few factors to consider before purchasing LED strip lights for mirrors


LED strip lights are available in several elegant designs that serve different purposes. Including frameless design mirrors and built-in LED lighting designs.

Decorative mirrors in the bathroom require waterproof LED strip lights, while mirrors in the bedroom require ordinary LED lights. This is because the bathroom has a humid environment than the other rooms.

You should understand how to choose a bathroom mirror for the best grooming session after taking a bath.

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LED lights around the mirror serve different moods. You can spruce up the mood with warm and bold LED lights.

Soft white light [3] or color LED lights usually replicate natural sunlight. These particular lights enhance color accuracy when applying makeup at any time of the day.

Pick the correct colors that match your preferences.


Understand the best brand in the market before picking an LED light strip for your mirror.

Lighting brands are available in different qualities, functionality, and prices.

Note that most expensive LED brands have a high performance than cheap brands.

Find out more information about picking the best-LED light strip in this video.

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Best LED lights

The best LED lights should give clear lighting on the face and touch controls. Fortunately, LED lights are available in 3 distinct groups that produce sufficient natural lighting. Daylight, Warm White light, and Cool White light.

Thus, do not install ordinary LED lights around the mirror. You can spice up the appearance of a vanity mirror with unique warm or cool LED lights and a touch sensor feature to control the lighting.

1. RGB LED Strip Light

This is an easy-to-install light that changes its color depending on the mood you want.

Lepro RGB LED Strip Lights, Christmas Decor, 16.4ft Flexible LED Light Strip, 5050 SMD LED, Color Changing Rope Light with Remote Controller and 24V Power Supply for TV Backlight, Home, Bedroom, Bar
  • Ultra-high Brightness: With a significantly higher brightness than others, Lepro strips can instantly light up your room.
  • Color Changing Strip Lights: The LED Strip Lights provide the primary Red, Green, Blue (RGB) colors and white, and 16 multicolored options. With 6 DIY colors, 8 modes, and adjustable brightness, you can DIY your favorite color to decorate your room.
  • Easy Installation & Sticky Tape: We use professional and strong 3M adhesive. We now include extra mounting brackets/fixing clips. Use together and never worry about the strip's falling down.
  • Widely Used Strip Lights: The Lepro RGB LED strip lights can be used for your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, desk, cabinet, and even on your Christmas tree. Especially suitable for holiday parties like Christmas, Halloween, and more.
  • All in One Kit:Plug and Play;this led Light strip kit includes 1pcs 150 SMD 5050 LEDs 16. 4ft/5m non-waterproof RGB strip, 1pcs 44 key IR remote controller, and 1pcs 2A 12V power adapter (US Plug), you do not need spend extra time and money to buy other accessories.

2. LED Ring Light

These particular lights produce light that mimics daylight. Furthermore, it is a cheaper alternative compared to other LED light designs.

Elgato Ring Light - Premium 2500 lumens Light with desk clamp and ball mount for Streaming, TikTok, Instagram, Home Office, Temperature and Brightness app-adjustable on Mac, PC, iOS, Android
  • Total Control: adjust light settings via the onboard buttons or app on Mac/Windows/iPhone/Android.
  • 2500 Lumens: ultra-bright and fully dimmable.
  • 2900 – 7000 K: adjust color from sunset amber to arctic blue.
  • Premium OSRAM LEDs: constant intensity without flicker.
  • Edge-Lit with Multi-Layer Diffusion: indirect, even illumination guarantees comfort for hours.

3. Warm White 12 volts LED lights

These particular lights are versatile and great for backlighting designs.

12v LED Interior Light Bar,CT CAPETRONIX 120LEDs 1500LM 8W DC 12 Volt led Strip Lights with ON/Off Switch,for Enclosed Cargo Trailer, Car RV Van Truck Lorry Camper Boat Caravan Motorhome (4Pack)
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  • 【Wide Application】 - The flexible design ensures this 12v led lights installed tidily and suitable for various vehicles like cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, RV and etc. It can also be widely applied as light source for emergency, camping, car maintenance, working, etc. 12V voltage enables this light bar to easily fit in any vehicle, automobile, home, office, cabinet, and commercial spaces and its wide lighting range provides abundant lighting for reading, working and video conference.
  • 【High Quality】- This 12v light fixtures adopts 11.8in extension connecting cable, anti-scratch aluminum alloy foundation and efficient light transmitting PC film to achieve ultimate durability, flexibility and efficient heat dissipation. Stainless steel clips, screws and strong self-adhesive that come with the package makes the installation of this LED interior light strip a breeze and optional.
  • 【Easy to Install】 - Plug the 12v led lights into your car with red line connecting to“+” pole, black line connecting to“-” pole, then it’s ready to go. Simply tear off the strong double-sided adhesive and stick them on proper place, and clips that come with the package ensure the light bar securely fastened and wires can be tidily hidden. There are also optional screws for various needs accordingly and adoption of resistant material makes the light withstand any extreme weather.
  • 【Total Package】 - The package includes 4*12v led lights, 4*strong self-adhesive tape, 8*stainless steel clip and 8*stainless steel screw. And the switch is located at the end of the light bar, which could be conveniently operated any time necessary. This LED car interior light bar approved by multi-security certificates will ensure the safety of you and your vehicle. If you have any questions, please contact us in time and we will help you solve them.

4. IKEA lighted mirrors

These mirrors have been tested and consume 85% less energy. Also, they last longer than incandescent lights.

Are LED-powered backlit décor mirrors worth it?

Did you know that backlighting a mirror with LED lights provides even illumination like front LED strip lights on the mirror?

If you intend to place a mirror an inch or two from the wall, putting LED strip lights at the back is incredible. Install the lights along the back periphery of the mirror.

Check out backlit mirror reviews to help you find unique bathroom mirror ideas.

Thus, backlights are also worth a try for vanity mirrors.

See more wall-mounted backlit mirrors in this video.

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Can you put lights behind a mirror?

Yes.You can put a strip light behind a mirror as background lights. However, the light should illuminate the mirror efficiently for improved outcomes.

What are the lights around mirrors called?

Lights around mirrors are called LED makeup lights. Depending on your preferences, these lights could either be at the back or in front of the mirror. Mirrors with light at the back are known as backlit mirrors.

Are LED mirrors bright enough?

Yes. LED lights are bright enough to increase reflection. These particular installations boost accurate reflection during delicate makeup sessions.

What are the correct LED watts to use on a mirror?

It is recommended to use 5-10 watts LED bulbs. These particular watts do not produce excess or insufficient illumination.


Installing LED lights around your mirror is an easy way to make your morning routine a little bit brighter and your room a little more stylish. 

Plus, it’ll save you money on your energy bill in the long run! Happy crafting!

MAKEUP mirrors with led lights

What do you think of LED lights around mirrors? Let us know below!


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