Writing on the Bathroom Mirror? Here are 7 Safe Items to Use!

Ever thought that writing on the bathroom mirror is a good idea?

I thought so too!

It’s the only safe place where you can unleash your creativity without being ashamed that someone else might see it.

lady writing love you on the bathroom mirror

So, what type of writing materials do you use for it?

Can you do it on a vanity mirror? Why should you do it? Before I get to it, why consider writing on your bathroom mirror surfaces?

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Why Write on Your Bathroom Mirror?

I mean, who doesn’t love writing on mirrors?

The smooth and sleek feeling of writing on a smooth mirror surface makes you want to do it more.

People do it for various reasons – some do it for visual satisfaction, while others use it for its free and easy functionality.

Here are some of the most common reasons people write on their bathroom mirrors.

Reason 1- For Notes and Reminders

Being a not-so-creative person, this is personally what I use it for. I am not a morning person, and that’s why I always hit the bathroom first the moment I wake up.

writing on bathroom mirror for reminders

There, I’ll see the notes I left the night before, and I no longer have to force myself to get on with my day.

You can also use it to remind your kids, your partner, or any family member in your home of a few notes about necessary errands they have to run.

Reason 2- For Style and Decoration

If you lean more on the creative side of the spectrum, then you can use it for your decorative fulfillment. Draw flowers, scribbles, and other things that can lighten your mood up when you see it.

QUICK TIP: Instead of learning the process of how to prevent bathroom mirror from fogging at certain spots, you can be creative by drawing and outlining things to make it seem like it’s part of the art!

Reason 3- For Inspiration

Other than its functionality, you can use it to kickstart your day with a smile on your face.

You can use your makeup mirror to remind you of how beautiful you are or to let you know that you’re okay!

African woman writing on bathroom mirror

Many people, like me – and especially those who live alone, use it to boost their morale every single day.

You can write a simple quote to start your day more positively.

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Now that we’re aware of this, what can you use to write on the bathroom mirror? What types of mirrors can you write on?

What to Use When Writing on Bathroom Mirrors? (7 Items)

Do you want to know the best materials to use when writing on bathroom mirrors?

Here’s a quick list of them, as well as the pros and cons of each.

This will change your life like how I changed mine for the better.

1- Oil-Based Markers

Using markers on mirrors is the easier way to write on bathroom mirrors.

Probably the easiest and fastest to find and purchase, oil-based markers [1] are among the favorites of many makeup mirror owners.

writing on bathroom mirror using a white marker

They’re oil-based, meaning they’re safe – even for children.

Another benefit you can get from it is the clarity and the contrast in colors, making the words and figures you write easily noticeable.

You’ll find many different types of oil-based markers; there are fine-pointed markers, large bolded-tip markers, and many more!

I like using oil-based markers over permanent markers on my bathroom’s vanity mirror.

The colors stand out on the glass surface, and I am never troubled when I need to erase them.

Pros & Cons of Using Oil-Based Markers

There are many different color options to choose fromErasing them takes a bit of work
They dry out quicklyThere’s little room for error
It’s water, fade, and smear-resistantThey’re slightly more expensive than other types of markers
They stay on longer

2- Lipstick

Lipstick is another alternative you can use as a material to write on your bathroom mirror.

It’s not a type of marker, but it’s an easy “get the job done” type of material.

lady Writing On Bathroom Mirror

Quite surprisingly, the effect they can give you isn’t that bad.

You’ll get that rustic, raw look on your vertical or horizontal mirror.

I wouldn’t recommend using it on a vanity mirror – use it on a regular glass mirror in your bathroom instead.

EXPERT TIP: When writing with lipstick, avoid pushing too much force as it can break the lipstick, or the writing could be challenging to remove.

Pros & Cons of Using Lipstick

It can easily be available; you don’t have to buy oneIt’s sticky when you take it out, especially if it’s been there for hours
It can give that raw romantic lookMost lipsticks have lead and other petrochemicals [2]
You can clean them easily (when they’re fresh)

3- Chalk Markers

Chalk markers are a perfect choice if you have either a parabolic mirror or a vanity mirror. They can produce this neon-like design effortlessly.

At one of my friend’s weddings, we used water-based chalk markers and wrote out the guest list on a big slab of thick glass.

It was unique, beautiful, and creative – all in one go!

Most chalk markers also have two-sided tips, so you don’t have to be distracted while writing.

They’re the perfect tool for a dry erase board, windows, mirrors, and other types of glass surfaces.

Pros & Cons of Using Chalk Markers

Can give off warm and vibrant colorsRough surface could be difficult if you’re not used to drawing/writing
Can be used for mirror fashion and mirror designThey’re pretty expensive
Applicable to both porous and non-porous surfaceCan be erased with smudges and water easily
You can use it on a vanity mirror as it wouldn’t cause breakageNot that long-lasting

4- Water-Based Paint Markers

If there are oil-based markers, then there are also water-based markers.

Out of the many different markers for mirrors, these water-based paint markers or acrylic paint pens are the cheapest.

The result can look like a painting – but without the pellet and the brush.

It wouldn’t be far from how oil-based markers for your makeup mirror would look, though, but differences in functionality are there.

I use acrylic water-based paint markers, too, but less frequently than oil-based markers.

Pros & Cons of Using Water-Based Paint Markers

Mild streakiness; it gives a more natural lookDries out a bit longer compared to oil-based markers
It doesn’t need pressure when being usedCan be damaged by scratching when dried up
Better color and opacityCan easily be removed using water

5- Wet-Erase Markers

These are among the most popular markers for mirrors and other non-porous surface units because you can remove them effortlessly with a damp cloth or tissue. 

They’re also referred to as wet-wipe markers because they use paste, not alcohol-based ink, making the markings semi-permanent.

They’re the usual type used for mirror images on events like weddings.

I used wet-erase markers before until I noticed that minor smudges easily erased them.

Pros & Cons of Using Wet-Erase Markers

They offer bright, clear, and legible imagesNot ideal for images that need to be held for more extended periods
The image can remain at a consistent transparency levelDamps of water or rubbing alcohol can erase them
You can use them safely on your makeup mirrorNot that good in terms of contrast

6- Window Crayons

Yes, some crayons are purposely made for mirror or glass writing applications.

These are perfect if you want an alternative to formally expensive markers for mirrors.

These can be effective if you leave your children some tasks as they’ll find it easy on the eyes and readable.

They might not be the best for quality, but they can get the job done.

I have a friend who bought crayon glass for her children and allowed them to draw on window panes, thinking it was simple to clean because of the “easy clean, easy erase” factor they had.

She later found out that it wasn’t! 

Pros & Cons of Using Window Crayons

Perfect for children’s activitiesCan be hard to clean
Cheap and affordableThey can be expensive for crayons
Ideal for non-permanent use

7- Dry Erase Markers

Last but most definitely not least would be dry erase markers.

These markers are probably the most popular markers for mirrors that are erasable.

Also commonly referred to as whiteboard markers, they’re popular because of how easy they’re used.

It is as simple as “write and wipe!” No matter how long you let it stay on, it’ll be erased!

Unlike wet-erase markers, dry erase markers are more straightforward to clean because they’re alcohol-based.

Pros & Cons of Using Dry Erase Markers

They’re designed for “write and erase” applicationsColors tend to be lighted and less noticeable
Easy to purchase and find in the marketCan be erased and removed easily
Can be used on different types of porous and non-porous surfacesThe colors fade when left in an open space

These are the best paint pens you can use if you plan on writing on your bathroom mirror.  

Check out this video tutorial on what markers to use on mirrors:

Can I Use Permanent Markers?

There’s no rule in the book not to use permanent markers on your mirrors.

The only issue you could come across would be removing them – you’ll need acetone [3] to do it successfully.

I told you the precautionary measures, don’t blame us if you look for a guide on how to clean the bathroom mirror when you do so!

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FAQs on Writing on Bathroom Mirror

Still, dumbfounded about what you can use to write on your bathroom mirror?

Here are some relevant questions about it.

Can I Use Sharpies On A Mirror?

Yes, you can use Sharpies to write on your mirror.
Because they’re oil-based, they tend to stay longer and appear more natural.

What’s The Best Marker For Writing On Mirrors?

pretty girl writing on bathroom mirror

The best marker you can use for writing on mirrors would be the one that would have the following characteristics: 
– Bright and noticeable colors
– Moderately easy to clean and remove 
– Does not smudge

Does Chalk Marker Come Off Makeup Mirror?

Yes, chalk markers can easily be removed off mirrors or glass using a damp cloth.
Doing so wouldn’t leave any residue on the surface. 

So, What’s the Best Marker For You? 

Before you choose the marker you’ll use for writing on the bathroom mirror, make sure to give this guide a skim first.

You don’t want to spoil your mirror fashion, would you? 

Find out what works best with your style and creativity, and never fail writing on your bathroom mirror again!


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lady writing i love you on the bathroom mirror

Have you tried writing on the bathroom mirror? What did you use? Share with us below!