4 Best Hollywood Vanity Mirrors – a Complete Buyers Guide

Hollywood mirrors are one of the most essential vanity accessories for any woman. From applying flawless makeup to examine how your dress looks on you, the amenities a Hollywood mirror provides are countless. And that’s why Amanda always wanted to install Hollywood makeup mirrors in her vanity.

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However, as the market is full of mirrors from different brands, Amanda always feels confused about which to buy and what would satisfy her demands.

To help Amanda and other girls like her to buy the best Hollywood vanity mirror, in this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about this glamorous vanity accessory so that you can pick just the right one without any hesitation.

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Best Hollywood Vanity Mirror Top Picks At a Glance

Before talking about the top Hollywood Vanity Mirrors, let’s have a look at them for a quick overview.

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Editor's Choice
WONSTART Vanity Mirror with Lights, Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror with 10X Magnification, Tabletop or Wall Mounted LED Mirror
Smart Control System
Safety Certification
CE Certificated
Top Benefit
Big enough to eliminate the need for a full-sized mirror effectively
Check Latest Price
FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup Mirror Hollywood Mirror Vanity Makeup Mirror with Light Smart Touch Control 3Colors Dimmable Light Detachable 10X Magnification 360°Rotation(White)
Smart Control System
Safety Certification
CE Certificated
Top Benefit
Free-standing frame
Check Latest Price
Geek-House Lighted Vanity Mirror Hollywood Style Makeup Tabletops, Large Cosmetic Mirror with 12 x 3W Super Bright Dimmable Touch Control LED Bulbs, White
Smart Control System
Safety Certification
UL Certified
Top Benefit
Brightness flexibility
Check Latest Price
Nitin Lighted Vanity Mirror with Touch Control Design, Hollywood Makeup Mirrors with Lights, Tabletop or Wall Mounted Vanity Mirrors (Silver)
Smart Control System
Safety Certification
CE/UL Certificated
Top Benefit
Durable and has a beautiful look
Check Latest Price

Top Hollywood Vanity Mirrors

There are several different brands and models of Hollywood mirrors available in the market. We spent a lot of time researching and reviewing them to find the best ones in the market that are not only safe but also satisfy your face viewing needs perfectly.

However, before talking about them in detail, let’s first compare and contrast some of our initial picks so that you can understand why we preferred some over the others.

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#1 Wonstart Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Comes with a 10X Magnified Mirror Attachment

The reason that this Wonstart mirror scored the top position is not only because it comes with all the “must-have” features we look for in the best Hollywood mirror but also because of the additional features it offers to its users to make their face viewing experience even more delightful.

Let’s first discuss the essential features. This incredible tabletop Hollywood mirror comes with a large 24.5 Inch x 21 Inch viewing surface to make sure that you get a view of the entire face as well as your upper body at once. Aside from examining your makeup, the upper body reflection helps you to find out how your dress fits and looks on you. This piece of vanity accessory is big enough to eliminate the need for a full-sized mirror effectively.

Additionally, to make the mirror panel safe and secure, Wonstart enclosed it in a sturdy metal frame so that it can hold the mirror perfectly and eliminate any possibilities of the viewing panel to fall and break into million pieces. Moreover, the strong metal constructed frame is super long-lasting and would provide the users with extended durability for phenomenal services for years to come.

While the large mirror panel is of 1x magnification and produces a real-life reflection of yourself, Wonstart also included a piece of detachable 10X magnified detail mirror keeping in mind about your versatile viewing needs. This detachable piece is paired with a suction cup to offer you the freedom to attach it anywhere in the mirror and enjoy a magnified reflection as well.

Another excellent feature of this vanity accessory is that it comes with 12 LED bulbs integrated into it. These bulbs are of 1200Lm and are super bright and luminous. Such bright bulbs can illuminate your face perfectly so that you can see an incredibly clean and clear reflection of your face in the mirror with great detail.

However, if such brightness feels “too much” and dazzles your eyes, then you always have the freedom to increase and decrease the luminosity of these bulbs using the built-in dimmer. Wonstart paired this dimming feature with the Smart Touch Control on the glass panel so that adjusting the brightness never felt easier and more convenient. This Smart Touch Control system also includes another switch to turn on and off the light effortlessly by just a touch of your finger.

Another excellent aspect of these mirror bulbs is that they are energy-saving. With just 3 Watts of power consumption, these LEDs don’t cost you a hefty electricity bill even after you use this Hollywood mirror all day every day.

Moving on, to make your face viewing experience even better, this Hollywood style makeup mirror incorporates LED bulbs that have two different color temperatures of 5000K and 6000K; you have the flexibility to choose between a warm light and daylight illumination to brighten up your face according to your makeup needs and moods.

To ensure maximum safety of the users as well as the surrounding, Wonstart added a CE certificated 12V constant-current power adaptor with this Hollywood mirror so that it is super safe to use and doesn’t expose the users to any accidents or hazardous situations.

Additional Features

  • Comes with a memory function for the best convenience of the users
  • 50000 hours lifespan of the lights makes this mirror durable and long-lasting
  • The dual voltage feature makes it suitable for worldwide use
  • Backed up by lifetime free replacement guarantee

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#2 Fenchilin Lighted Hollywood Mirror​

FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup Mirror

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Best Tabletop Rotating Hollywood Mirror

If you are not willing to spend a moolah on a piece of vanity accessory and looking for a more budget-friendly option, then this FENCHILIN Hollywood mirror might be your best allay. Even though it comes with an affordable price tag doesn’t mean that this mirror lacks in any department. In fact, with its amazing features and excellent outlook, this mirror could give a fierce competition to our top picked one. However, at 14.5 Inches x 18.5 Inches of dimensions, this vanity fixture is smaller than the Wonstart one and hence, it ended up in the 2nd position rather than the top.

Other than this minor gripe, this is one of the best free-standing Hollywood mirrors you will get in such a price range.

To start with, the free-standing frame of this piece of vanity fixture is constructed using durable metal to make sure it is not only strong and durable but it is also heavyweight enough to stand still on the table on its own.

Another interesting fact about this frame is that it is rotational; with this 360-degree free rotation frame, you can adjust the mirror panel into any angle you want to have a perfect viewing angle for flawless makeup application.

FENCHILIN also added a detachable 10X magnifying mirror with this to help you put on makeup even better. With this highly magnified viewing surface, you can see every detail of your face clearly and apply makeup accordingly for a perfect outlook.

Moving on from the mirror, let’s discuss its lights. FENCHILIN surrounded this Hollywood mirror with 12 LED bulbs to brighten up your face for a perfect reflection. These 1000Lm bulbs produce an incredibly bright illumination so that you can see a natural, true to life reflection of your face on the mirror without any deception.

However, even though these LEDs are super bright, it doesn’t always mean that you have to use this luminosity. With the built-in dimmer, you can always increase and decrease the brightness of the bulbs according to your makeup needs and your eyes’ comfort level.

Another great aspect of this vanity accessory is that it comes with smart touch controls. The on/off switch, the dimmer as well as the color temperature buttons are all integrated on the reflective surface so that you can control the different features of this mirror with just a few touches from your fingers.

While talking about the color temperature, let’s mention that to provide its users with the best viewing experience, FENCHILIN incorporated LED lights with 3 color temperatures ranging from 4000K-6000K. From a warm yellow light to warm white light and cold white light, with the touch controls you can choose any color temperature to see your face in versatile lights and find out how you would look in different environments.

Last but not the least; this Hollywood mirror comes with a 12V UL certified adapter to ensure the safety and security of the users.

FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup Mirror

Additional Features

  • Incorporates skid-proof matt to hold the mirror in place securely
  • 60 inches long adapter cord ensures flexibility to put the mirror anywhere
  • 50000 hours bulb life assure life-long lighting services
  • Comes in three different frame colors to choose from

FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup Mirror Hollywood Mirror Vanity Makeup Mirror with Light Smart Touch Control 3Colors Dimmable Light Detachable 10X Magnification 360°Rotation(White)
  • Fenchilin makeup vanity mirror with lights is an idea vanity mirror that fits all sizes of your dressing table,13.97" X 18.9" size, solid with metal frame and base, built to withstand heavy use on your desk, the high-definition mirror makes your makeup more clearer
  • This tabletop hollywood mirror for makeup has 12pcs non-replaceable LED bulbs, providing a large and bright viewing, adjustable brightness and 3 lights color modes(day light, cold light, warm light), helping you to finish a flawless professional makeup suitable for any occasions
  • Smart Touch Control Mirror for life: Sensor switch on the screen, simply turn on/off the LED light of makeup mirror by the power button, adjust the brightness by long pressing "P" button, "M" for changing the lighting mode. Memory function can return to the same lighting brightness of you last using when you turn on the light
  • 360° Free rotation and detachable 10X Magnification mirror:360-degree free rotation can fix at any position, give you the perfect viewing angle, detachable 10X Magnification mirror helps you to see every detail clearly and apply delicate makeup for eyeliner, eyebrow and lipstick
  • Safe and durable: This Hollywood mirror with lights is powered by 12V UL certified adapter, designed with 12 non-replace bulbs with 50000 hours life lasting, no worry about the replacement. Unique drop-proof packaging guarantees mirror in a good condition. We promise 30-day free refund or exchange, 1-year warranty period.

#3 GeekHouse Lighted Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Ranking Position: 3

Our Opinion: Best for Distortion-free Reflection

The reason this amazing Hollywood mirror from GeekHouse scored 3rd place is because of its size. At about 12 inches x 16 inches in length and height, this mirror is a bit smaller than the top 2, and hence, it scored a lower position instead of the top. However, a bit decrease in size doesn’t mean that it is not good or worthy. In fact, GeekHouse incorporated several amazing features to this vanity fixture to make your makeup application even more enjoyable and perfect.

Let’s start by discussing the mirror. GeekHouse used cutting-edge technology to construct the reflective surface of this mirror. The mirror panel is super flat and clear and produces a distortion-free reflection to make sure you see the truest to life image of your face without any inaccuracy.

Moreover, to ensure that this Hollywood style mirror is long-lasting, GeekHouse enclosed the glass panel inside a strong, solid, and varnished metal frame so that it stands still on the table and doesn’t fall down to destroy the glass.

Another incredible thing about this metal frame is that it is free-standing and fully rotational. The 360-degree adjustable tilting panel provides you the flexibility to find the best reflective angle according to your viewing preferences.

Also, to ensure the safety of the users and the security of the vanity, GeekHouse added a UL Certified power adaptor to light up the integrated bulbs so that you can use it in times of need without the fear of any accidents and unfortunate situations.

While talking about the power adaptor, let’s also talk about the lights. This Hollywood vanity mirror incorporates 12 LED bulbs of 1000Lm to lighten up the face of its users perfectly so that you can not only enjoy an illuminated reflection of your face but can also see every detail and blemish completely for a flawless makeup application.

The detachable 10x magnification mirror also contributes to a perfect makeup look by offering you a more detailed reflection so that applying eye makeup or drawing the eyebrows never felt easier.

Going back to the LEDs, if the 1000Lm feels dazzling to your eyes and you want a bit dimmer light then you can always adjust it with the integrated dimmer. This dimming feature provides you the ultimate control over the bulbs and helps you to increase and decrease the brightness according to your makeup needs and comfort level.

Aside from the brightness flexibility, GeekHouse also offers you the opportunity to view your reflection in different color lights for versatility. It installed LEDs with three color temperatures, ranging from 4000K-6000K to make sure that you know how you would look in different lights. From white, natural white, and warm yellow lights, you can pick just the right color luminosity according to your needs and vibe.

The most interesting part of this mirror is its Smart Touch Controls. All its controls, the on/off switch, the dimmer as well as the color temperature controls, are incorporated in the mirror panel and can be operated effortlessly with the touch of your fingers.

Additional Features

  • Includes an anti-slip base for maximum security of the mirror
  • 3 Watt bulbs save a lot of energy and hence, is super cost-effective
  • Comes with a 72 inches power cord to provide freedom of movement
  • Available in 3 different color options to choose from
  • Backed up by a 6 months limited warranty period

#4 Nitin Lighted Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Ranking Position: 4

Our Opinion: Can be used as Both Tabletop and Wall Mount

Even though this vanity mirror from Nitin is in the 4th position in our list doesn’t interpret that it’s not a worthy mirror. In fact, with its beautiful outlook and incredible features, it is an excellent Hollywood mirror to have in your vanity. However, as we cannot put all these mirrors on the 1st position, it ended up at a lower place; there is nothing wrong with this accessory.

To start with, to ensure the best reflection of your face and body, Nitin coated this 23.62-inch x 19.39-inch large mirror panel with a silver coating so that it reflects light better and produces a crystal clear image of yourself. In addition to incredible optical reflection, the silver coating is also responsible for making the glass durable; it has a higher heat absorption level and is corrosion resistant to make sure that your mirror lasts for a long time with suffering from any damages.

Aside from the mirror coating, the aviation-grade aluminum frame also adds to the durability of this vanity fixture. The aluminum is a lightweight yet strong alloy that not only ensures long-lasting service but also makes sure that this mirror can also be hanged to the wall without the risk of falling down and breaking into million pieces.

You can also use it as a tabletop mirror based on your needs and convenience.

In addition to the durability, the safety feature of this piece of vanity accessory is also top-notch. With a CE/UL certificated 12V power adaptor, it not only ensured constant current but also made sure that you as well as your vanity room is extremely safe from any electrical hazards and accidents.

The power adapter is used to light up the 14 LED bulbs that are integrated into this mirror to provide a luminous reflection of your face. These super bright lights illuminate your face perfectly so that you can see a true to color image of your face for an accurate view. Moreover, these bulbs are adorned with 2 different color temperatures to provide you the freedom to view your reflection in different lights for versatile images. From a warm light (5000K) and daylight (6200K) settings, you can choose the best light color according to your makeup requirements and mood.

Another excellent aspect of these light bulbs is that they are dimmable. With the integrated dimmer, you have the flexibility to adjust the brightness of the bulbs as much as you want to find just the right luminosity to apply your makeup perfectly.

The brightness as well as the color temperature can be controlled effortlessly with the built-in Smart Touch Control system to provide you the best convenience that money can buy. With this touch control, you can not only operate the different aspects of the bulbs but can also turn on and off the lights seamlessly for an excellent experience.

Additional Features

  • Incorporates an advance memory function to offer the best convenience
  • The 3 Watts bulbs are energy-saving and save a lot of money on the current bill
  • The bulbs are non-flickering and hence, comforting to the eyes
  • Nitin provides a 12 months limited warranty period to ensure phenomenal services

Reasons for not Choosing Some Models

Waneway Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror

Even though this Hollywood makeup mirror from Waneway is quite a good looking one, we still didn’t consider it as one of the best because:

  • This mirror comes with a wooden frame, which is not as strong and durable as metal frames.
  • It doesn’t have any safety certifications to ensure the maximum security of the mirror as well as the users.
  • Additionally, Waneway didn’t incorporate any Smart Touch control into the mirror panel for the best convenience of its users.
  • Another major drawback of this piece of vanity accessory is that the bulbs of this mirror include only one color temperature, which means that you don’t have the opportunity to change the light color for versatile illumination.

Fenair Hollywood Style Makeup Mirror

This Fenair Hollywood looks cute and comes with a very budget-friendly price tag. But we still didn’t include it in our best list because:

  • First of all, the mirror size is very small. Compared to the other mirrors in our list, this Hollywood mirror is quite compact and does not offer even a half body reflection properly.
  • The frame of this mirror is made from plastic which is not durable and strong.
  • This Fenair mirror doesn’t come with any certification to ensure the safety of the users.

Hollywood Vanity Mirror Buying Guide

What is a Hollywood Vanity Mirror?

Hollywood Vanity Mirror - INS1006

A Hollywood mirror is a lighted vanity mirror that you set in your dressing or vanity area to check your appearance, apply makeup perfectly, and do your hair. This mirror not only helps you to glam up yourself to a T but also enhances the appeal of your vanity area. The main feature of this vanity accessory is that it comes with light bulbs included in it to brighten up your face so that you can see a luminous reflection of your face in the mirror and view every detail for a flawless look.

Now you might be wondering then what’s the difference between a Hollywood mirror and any other lighted mirrors. Well, the main difference is in the lighting. While other lighted mirrors have LEDs incorporated in strips and then attached to the mirror, Hollywood mirrors come with large bulbs integrated into them. You have the flexibility to change these bulbs whenever you can without much difficulty.

One interesting fact about Hollywood mirror is that it is named after the “Hollywood Film Industry”. During the early ’30s, many Hollywood heroines used light bulbs in their vanity mirrors to illuminate their face for flawless application of makeup. Over time this lighted mirror became immensely popular and took the name “Hollywood” to respect its origin.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Hollywood mirrors are one of the oldest and most popular lighted mirrors in the market. There are several numerous brands and models of this vanity fixture available in the market. However, you must keep in mind the following so that you never fail to buy the best Hollywood mirror for your vanity.

The Size of the Mirror

Similar to any other types of lighted mirrors, Hollywood mirrors also come in various sizes to make sure that users have an option to choose from. From large to small, this type of vanity accessory is available in several different sizes so that you can pick just the right one according to your needs and the size of your vanity area.

However, as the main use of a Hollywood mirror is in the dressing or vanity area, it should be large enough so that you can not only see your whole face perfectly but also have a clear view of the entire upper part of your body. In fact, in the case of Hollywood lighted mirrors, the larger the mirror size the better because a big mirror provides a half body reflection whereas a smaller one will only reflect your face.

When buying the ultimate Hollywood mirror, we would suggest you keep an eye on the size of the reflective surface because otherwise, you might end up buying a smaller one which won’t sever the purpose well.

Frame Material

Frame Material - INS1006

In addition to the mirror size, the framing of a Hollywood mirror is also an important aspect to consider. As, unlike other vanity mirrors, the reflective panel of this accessory is enclosed by a frame, the frame material plays a crucial role in keeping the mirror safe and intact, and therefore, you must choose the frame material wisely in order to extend the durability of your favorite Hollywood mirror.

Mirror manufacturers usually use different types of metal, woods, or plastic to construct the frame. Among all these construction materials, metal is the most popular one because of its several amazing features. Metals like steel, aluminum, chromium are super strong by nature, which means that they won’t break off easily or suffer from corrosion- this extended the durability of the mirror.

On the other hand, wooden or plastic frames are not as strong and sturdy as metal and there are high possibilities that they would break down quicker than the metal ones. Also, as the lights of this piece of vanity accessory are integrated into the frame, the heat from the bulbs might cause damage to the frame making it look unpleasant.

Therefore, considering all the benefits and drawbacks, experts recommend preferring metal frames over the others.

The Lighting

The main distinguishable feature of a Hollywood mirror from other vanity or other best wall mounted makeup mirror is its integrated lights. Unlike any other mirror, a Hollywood mirror has more than a few light bulbs integrated into its frame to brighten up your face so that you can see a very laminated and clear reflection of yourself in the mirror.

As the lights are an integral part of this piece of vanity accessory, you must keep in mind the following aspects of these light bulbs so that you can enjoy the best view of your face in your vanity.


Lumen Bulb - INS1006

The lumen of the bulbs is an important feature to consider before buying a Hollywood mirror because it determines the brightness of the lights. Lumen, represented by LM, measures the total amount of light emitted by the bulbs to the surroundings. The higher the lumen range, the brighter the light the bulbs will produce.

Experts suggest adopting a piece of vanity accessory that comes with lights between 1000LM – 1500LM. The significance of this range is that bulbs below 1000LM won’t emit super bright lights and hence, won’t provide you the luminosity you require for a brighter reflection.

Similarly, the bulbs that produce over 1500LM are extremely bright and might dazzle your eyes. It also has the potential to hurt your vision and therefore, we suggest not using such bright lights, especially in a vanity mirror.

Color Temperature

The color temperature determines the color of the light a bulb illuminates. From warm yellow to soft white, natural white and daylight, different color temperature produces different lights so that you can pick the one best suit your requirements.

In addition to the lumen, this is also an important factor to consider when buying a Hollywood mirror because it helps to provide versatile reflections of your face. The greater the number of color temperatures, the more varieties of illumination you will enjoy on the mirror that that’s why we suggest to but a mirror that incorporates bulbs with at least 2 different color temperatures so that you have the freedom to pick just the right light according to your makeup needs and your mood.

Dimmable Feature

Light Dimmable Feature - INS1006

Another important feature of the integrated bulbs that you must look for before making a purchase is its dimming feature. This amazing aspect helps you to increase and decrease the brightness of the lights so that you can adopt the right luminosity according to your needs and eyes’ comfort level.

The Lighting Control System

Even though while buying a Hollywood mirror the lighting control system might not seem a crucial aspect to consider, once you set the mirror and begin to use it, you would feel the importance of this feature.

Mirror manufacturers install different types of control systems in their Hollywood mirrors. From direct electrical switch on/off to smaller portable switches to Smart touch controls, these mirrors come with various light control systems to choose from.

Among all these systems, experts suggest opting for the Smart Touch Control system because the on/off switch and other controls are integrated on the mirror surface and operate just with a touch of your finger. You don’t need to put any extra effort. Aside from the convenience, this controlling system is also safe and protects you from any electrical shock and accidents.

The Safety Measures

As a Hollywood mirror is an integral part of your vanity, you must always keep in mind its safety and security features to keep yourself protected from any mischief and accidents. Experts suggest looking for different certifications before making your final call because these certifications ensure the safety aspect of the mirror.

Among all types of certifications, we will take into consideration the UL Certification and the CE Certification because these two determine the safety risks of the products.

The UL Certification means that the mirror was tested in the Underwriters Laboratories, a third-party testing lab, for safety risks to make sure that the accessory you are getting is 100% safe and reliable and won’t cause hazardous events.

Similarly, the CE Certification is a certification mark that indicates the health, safety, and environmental protection of a product. Even though it is an EEA standard, this certification is also as effective and sought after in the US also.

Overview of the Must-Have Features

  • Mirror Size: The larger the better
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Safety Certification: Must
  • Dimmable Lights: Must
  • Lumen: 1000LM – 1500LM
  • Color Temperature: More than 1 Color Temperature
  • Smart Control System: Must

If your requirement is different, then you can check this page where we have listed all top-rated mirror models of different types.

Final Words

All the Hollywood mirrors that we have listed and discussed above re undoubtedly the best in the market. With their amazing features and incredible ability to reflect the best image of your face, it’s no wonder that they are leading the market. We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed after installing any of these in your vanity area; they provide more convenience than they have promised and are committed to make your face viewing experience even better.


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