7 Reasons to buy the Conair Round Shaped Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Looking to buy Conair Round Shaped Wall Mount Makeup Mirror?

Wondering if this mirror provides its users’ top-notch services?

Is this piece of vanity accessory worth the money you will spend on it?

Read this review guide and get the answers to all your questions!

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We have discussed the benefits and flaws of this lighted makeup mirror so that you know everything about it and make your buying decision accordingly.

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Specifications Of The Conair Round Shaped Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

A quick overview of this model:

Mirror Size8.5 inches
InstallationHardwired/ Plug-In
Power SourceDirect Electricity
Mount TypeScrew
Power Consumption6 Watt
Color Temperature6000K
Number of Mirror Panels2 Panels
Arm Length/ Extended12 inches
Magnification1x/8x Magnification
Fog ResistanceYes
Light number2 Halo LED
Life Span30,000 hours

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The Amazing Benefits The Conair Round Shaped Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

There are several reasons that made this product worth buying. In this section, we have listed and talked about its top features that make your makeup application experience even more delightful.

1- A Big Viewing Panel

When people buy a makeup mirror, regardless of the price and the usage, they look for a bigger mirror panel for better viewing. And this mirror provides just that. With an 8.5 inches diameter, this round mirror is big enough to view a full image of your face easily. Also, because of such size, this mirror is an excellent option to apply makeup perfectly.

2- Smooth, Fuss-free Adjustability

In addition to the large viewing panel, Conair also ensured the phenomenal adjustability of this vanity accessory keeping in mind the convenience of its users.

This lighted vanity mirror comes with a 360° swivel design to provide incredible adjustability to its users. With such an all-around rotation feature, you can effortlessly rotate the panels as much as you want and fix the mirror surface in any direction and at any angle you want for a custom viewing point.

Smooth Adjustability

Furthermore, because of this 360° rotational feature, you can switch between the 2 sides of the mirror effortlessly just by flipping the viewing side over with your hands.

Aside from this rotation, its extended arm also provides great adjustability. The 12 inches extendable arm provides you the freedom to pull the mirror in front of your face in times of need and then push it back effortlessly for incredible storage.

This arm is also rotating. It rotates 180° to both sides allowing you to find just the perfect angle to see a phenomenal image of your face.

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3- Dual Magnification

Another excellent factor of this product that makes your makeup applying experience even better is its dual magnification feature. Conair incorporated 2 types of magnification in the 2 sides of this lighted rotating mirror to make sure that its users get an excellent viewing experience.

With 1x and 8x sides, you have the flexibility to choose between a normal, true-to-life reflection and a super magnified image according to your needs and apply makeup perfectly. Using the 8x magnified panel, you are also able to see all your imperfections and blemish and cover them accordingly for a flawless outlook.

4- Excellent for Bathroom Use Also

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In addition to your vanity area, you can also use this lighted mirror in your bathroom. Conair installed an anti-fog feature to the viewing panels of this piece of vanity accessory to make it a perfect choice for your bathroom vanity also. This amazing feature keeps the glass surface clean and bright even after a hot shower or face wash.

The integrated defogger resists the water particles to form any fog or cloud over the mirror panels to make sure that it is sparkling clean and clear so that you don’t have to wipe it continuously to see your face precisely.

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5-Bright Lights; Power Saving

What’s a lighted mirror without perfect lighting? Nothing. And keeping in mind this aspect, Conair installed 2 Halo LED lights on both sides of this makeup mirror to make sure that you have a perfect illuminated reflection of your face. Moreover, as these lights are of 6000K color temperature, they produce super bright daylight to lighten up your face so that you can see every detail, every imperfection precisely, and cover them up accordingly.

This natural daylight also enables you to see the most natural, true-to-life reflection of yourself in the mirror without any deception even in the dark or less-lighted room.

Another excellent feature of these LED bulbs is that they are super energy-saving. Consuming 6 watts of electricity each, this vanity fixture doesn’t contribute to a hefty electricity bill and saves your money even after using it for hours.

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Moving on, even though the LEDs of this mirror are super bright; you can always adjust the brightness using the dimmable feature. The built-in dimmer paired with the dimming switch provides you the freedom to increase and decrease the luminosity of the bulbs according to your needs and your eyes’ comfort level.

6- Long-lasting LED Bulbs

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In addition to its power-saving feature, another aspect that makes these lights phenomenal is their durability. The 2 halo lights installed by Conair are super long-lasting and provide you uninterrupted services of at least 30000 hours before they start showing signs of aging.

Such durability makes sure that you can enjoy consistent, flicker-free illumination to brighten up your face without fail.

7- Budget-Friendly Price Tag

Even after providing numerous extraordinary features, Conair kept the price of this product extremely budget-friendly so that every type of user with every budget range can enjoy its amazing benefits without cutting deep into their pocket. The less than $100 price tag made it an instant favorite among users with a tight budget.

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A Few Drawbacks Of tHE Conair Round Shaped Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Aside from its outstanding benefits, this model also has a few drawbacks that you must know about before buying it for your vanity area.

1- Doesn’t Offer Different Color Lights

One flaw of this amazing makeup mirror is that it doesn’t offer LEDs with different color temperatures. Different color lights are important for women because they love to see their reflection in different lights and by not proving versatile color temperatures, this vanity accessory fails to ensure 100% satisfaction of its users. A range of color temperatures enables users to understand how they would look under different lighting conditions.

2- No Smart Touch Controls

Unlike many of its close competitors, this lighted mirror doesn’t offer any Smart Touch Controls, which is a bit inconvenient for its users. With the integrated touch control, the users could have enjoyed this mirror to the fullest.


After going through the article carefully, we are sure that you now know everything you need to know about this product. From its amazing features to a polished outlook and a budget-friendly price tag, this Conair vanity accessory will never fail to impress you with its services. 

Moreover, as it offers more benefits than flaws, it would be a wise decision to buy this mirror over others.

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