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Hansong Hollywood Makeup Mirror With Lights; Ideal as Your Vanity

Hansong vanity manufactures good quality mirrors for a long time. They provide different types of mirrors from classy to modern. The Hollywood vanity makeup mirror with lights are trending nowadays. This mirror is a dream of every girl for a long time.

Featured Image of Hansong Hollywood Makeup Mirror With Lights

So, if you are desirous for a modern featured Hollywood makeup mirror, then you can stick to this one. This mirror will give an excellent vibe to your décor with all of its fascinating features and good qualities.

Yet, it can make you disappointed. I bet you want to know the reason. Well, you will find them below.


Properties Value
Weight10.12 kg
Height18.10 inches
Width 22.8 inches
Base Size22.8 x 4.7 inches
ColorIvory White, Black
Light TypeLED Light
Number of Lights15
Light Options3 (Warm White, Cool White, Warm Yellow)
Light ControlSmart Touch Switch
Voltage Input110-230 V
Voltage Output12V 1A
Is the Base Detachable? Yes
Detachable Spot Mirror Magnification10x
Bluetooth SpeakerNo
Warranty3 Years

Hansong Hollywood mirrors have some great features that are favorable to its customers. I have tried to mention all of them below that may benefit you.

Shiny Metal Frame

Metal Frame

This mirror is good-looking and high-grade because it has a perfect glossy body. The shiny frame is made of high-quality metal. You can find it in both the ivory white and black colors. Both colors look beautiful. You can choose any of them according to your décor.

Also, there is a base of 22.8 x 4.7 inches that gives much space for putting some accessories such as lipstick and earrings. In this way, you can save some space on your desk while applying makeup.

LED Bulbs with Adjustable Brightness and Color

You need an appropriate color and brightness of the light for applying flawless makeup. Luckily, this mirror simplifies your desire. There are 15 pieces of LED lights surrounding the mirror. Not only they have adjustable brightness but also three different colors.

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Warm white, cool white, and warm yellow are the three light tones you need at different daytime. You can adjust the brightness according to your room lighting condition. You can meet up with your makeup requirement with a touch.

Detachable Base Facilitates Wall Mount System

Wall Mount System

If you want to hang the mirror on the wall instead of putting it on the desk, you are welcome to do that. This lighted vanity mirror has a detachable base. Also, there are two holes on the back for the nail.

So, if you want to wall-mount it, just use a screwdriver to remove the base, hammer two nails on your wall and hang the mirror. Rearranging your Hollywood vanity is easy as boiling water.

Touch Control Switch

No more old-fashioned switches. This mirror facilitates you with a smart touch control system. There are three switches in the middle of the bottom. For turning on and off the lights, you have to tap once to the middle button.

To change the light color, you have to tap the left button, and to adjust the brightness, you have to long-press the right button. There is a memory function that keeps the light setting the same as the last use. You have to keep your fingers dry and clean to work the touchscreen properly.

A Useful USB Charge Port

USB Charge Port

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You can charge your phone or notepad easily while doing makeup. You don’t need to find a handy wall adaptor because this mirror has a spare USB charging port. It is on the right side so that you can freely charge your devices. So, no worries if you want to browse and apply makeup at the same time.

Dual Voltage Input

Don’t worry if you are in the USA or moving outside of the USA where you won’t find the voltage input the same as the USA. This is because this lighted mirror has the voltage input facility ranges from 110-230 volts. So, you can go for any voltage input ranges within this. Also, you won’t need any battery to operate this. Only electricity is necessary for operating this.

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Detachable 10x Magnification Spot Mirror

10x Magnification Spot Mirror

For being a normal mirror, you cannot see the tiny details of your face with this. To fulfill this demand, Hansong Hollywood Vanity provides a detachable spot mirror of 10x magnification with it. Isn’t it cool?

You can attach the small round magnified mirror anywhere on your vanity. You can detach and attach it as many times as you want to your right position. You can see the finest details in it, tweeze your eyebrows, remove facial hair or apply eyeliner perfectly. This reduces the extra cost of buying a magnifying mirror for these purposes.

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A Three Years Free Replacement

You can return this vanity mirror within one month if you don’t like it after purchasing. Because they give a quality warranty with the opportunity of returning the product without any reason for one month and a free replacement for three years. This is a lucrative option as well as an assurance of good quality.

What’s Not So Great?

Besides the leading qualities, there are some peculiarities you should know. You must choose after looking at all the characteristics of any product. You can read below to know more precisely.

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Mirror Size Is Somewhat Small

Considering other features, the size of this mirror is small a bit. The 22.8 x 16.9 inches mirror is fine for viewing your face and neck only. But if you expect an average-sized mirror in your dressing room for a wide view then you may feel disappointed.

A Bit Pricey

I don’t say it is out of reach but with this price range, you may find larger Hollywood vanity than this. This mirror costs you around 150 dollars. If you sum up few dollars with this you will find a larger and better Hollywood mirror. Moreover, a mirror of this size should cost below 100 dollars and it’s available if you do a little investigation.


Hansong Hollywood makeup mirror with lights may be a worthy one for your vanity. Its shiny metal frame, adjustable LED lights, touch control switch with a range of voltage facility is quite fascinating. Though it’s a bit pricy according to the size, the other qualities make it worthy of buying. The decision is always yours to take. No doubt, it will be a perfect present for girls. Feel free to tell us your choice in the comment box.

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