Impressions Hollywood Glow XL Vanity Mirror; is It Ideal?

Impression Vanity is famous for its exclusive mirrors and beauty products. They give extraordinary designs with quality products. The Hollywood Glow XL vanity mirror is one of their classic mirrors with natural white lighting styles.

Featured Image of Impressions Hollywood Glow Xl Vanity Mirror

Are you longing for an aesthetic makeup mirror in your room? You’ve stepped just in the right place. The glaze and perfect finish of this Hollywood mirror enhances the beauty of your decor as well as provides exact light for applying makeup and styling your hair.

But is it worth spending so much cash on? Before doing so, you should know detail about this Hollywood vanity mirror with lights. I have done some digging and mentioned them below. You can go through it if you are interested.

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Properties Value
Length 26.5 in.
Width8 in.
Height32 in.
Weight39 lbs.
Glass Dimension23.25 x 31 in.
Bulb TypesFrosted LED Bulbs/ Clear LED Bulbs/ Frosted Incandescent Bulbs/ Clear Incandescent Bulbs
Number of Bulbs12
ColorGlossy White/ Pro Black/ Shimmery Silver/ Champagne Gold/ Rose Gold
Is There Any Cord?No
Power Access Side-mounted
Number of USB Charging Outlet2
Presence of DimmerYes
Frame MaterialWood
Is Wall-mounting Possible?Yes
Certified Safety StandardsYes
Warranty5 Years

What’s Great About The Impressions Hollywood Glow XL Vanity Mirror

This classy mirror has some exclusive qualities that will trigger you to purchase in a blink. I have narrated them below for you to look at.

1- Four Types of Light Option Including LED Vanity Light

Different Types of LED Vanity Light

Have you ever dreamt of having a vanity mirror that you see on television or fashion shows? If yes then your dream may come true! Want to know how? Impressions Hollywood glow xl vanity mirror is the mirror that will provide you the perfect studio-quality illumination, you wished for.

Its aesthetic lighting style as well as globe style bulbs give an elegant look. The artisan can provide you four types of bulbs; frosted LED bulbs, clear LED bulbs, frosted incandescent bulbs, and clear incandescent bulbs. While buying you can choose your preferable light from them.

You may want to know the differences between these lights. Let me make it clear. The frosted bulbs look white and the internal filament is invisible here while the filament is visible in the clear bulb. I prefer frosted one as they give more diffused and softer light.

The main dissimilarity between LED bulbs and incandescent bulbs are the temperature of color. LEDs give you white, more natural light. On the contrary, incandescent bulbs have a yellow light that provides a warmer glow.

Also, LED delivers more accurate color and has 25 times more longevity than regular incandescent light. It also saves energy by up to 90%. To me, LED seems a smart investment in the long run.

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2- Exclusive Design with High-quality Wood

Are you searching for a balanced ultra-chic modern and luxurious classic designed vanity mirror? This glow xl vanity mirror will be perfect for you then. This Hollywood mirror has been created with high-quality wood that is handcrafted exquisitely.

Its signature finish and sparkly look will confer you a premium feel, quality, and weight. Its manufacturer has produced this beauty with useful function and excellent durability. I think it’s worth spending your money on.

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3- Absence of Extension Cord

Electric Plug Slot

Often, the extension cord on your décor makes it look messy and ugly. Thanks to Impressions as it developed this mirror without any extension cord. You can be free of the clumsy decoration with the side-mounted accessory power. Cool! isn’t it?

4- Dual USB Charging Outlet

It has an unusual feature that may not be found in most of the vanity. That is, it has dual charging outlets usable for other accessories.

You can charge any device or your beauty tools with these outlets whenever needed.

5- Five Signature Color with Premium Finish

Different Types of Body Color

It doesn’t matter whether you are a teen or have crossed your forty! You will find the color that matches with your choice. It’s because this glow xl vanity can be of five different signature colors and all are pretty exclusive with a premium finish.

Glossy white, shimmery silver, pro-black, rose gold and champagne gold are the colors you can choose from. I like the rose gold much as it suits the dressing room environment. You can select your taste while ordering one.

6- Quality Dim Switch

If you don’t prefer brighter light always and want to dim your light accordingly, then it’s a great option for you. It has a dimmer switch on the left side. The switch is mounted on the left side that is reachable easily.

You can accurately control the illumination right away with this dimmer! This facility is absent in many mirrors whereas it is offered here. 

7- Minimum Assembly Required

Assembling Mirror

Don’t be afraid to assemble your xl vanity by yourself because it requires a minimal assemblage. You can do it in a short time like about 10-15 minutes.

Screw the base first and then the bulbs. Once your lights are in place, plug it, and enjoy the glow!

8- Easily Wall Mountable

You may not want your glow vanity on the tabletop like others. Some people like to have their mirror hanging on the wall. That’s okay. Luckily it has both the options for its’ user.

It has a detachable base. It gives the mirror a flat shape that ensures it to be wall-mounted easily. All you need a wall mount kit such as Wall Mount Kit for Vanity Mirror that includes cleats, large screws, and small screws. You have to put a few holes on your wall and mount the vanity with these tools. It will provide proper safety with its interlocking brackets.

9- A Five-year Warranty

Impressions vanity knows how to gain customers’ fidelity. They provide you a five-year warranty on all Hollywood vanity mirrors. So, if your dimmer switch doesn’t work or bulbs get fused or you face any other difficulty within this time, you can call them and get their service.

Also, you can exchange your product if it is needed.

What’s Not So Great About The Impressions Hollywood Glow XL Vanity Mirror

Besides all those excellent features, it has a minor part that you should know.


One thing that will bother you about this vanity mirror is, you have to pay a bigger amount for getting it into your home. For those who believe that price doesn’t matter in front of premium quality, it won’t bother them at all.

Yet, maximum vanity mirrors are priced within 200 to 300 dollars while it isn’t cheap like those. This classic glow xl vanity mirror is costly that worth of around 500 dollars! A bit overpriced, isn’t it?


As you are aware of both the favorable and unfavorable parts of the Impressions Hollywood glow xl vanity mirror, you can decide whether to buy it or not. I think you won’t regret having it in your room. It will give a lustrous appearance with the top-notch finish and ideal lighting style. Share your experience right away with us in the comment box below.

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