How to Remove a Bathroom Mirror Attached to the Wall

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Do you want to give your bathroom a new look but are not sure how to remove a bathroom mirror?

Welcome to my detailed guide.

While refurbishing a bathroom can be exciting, removing a mirror can be daunting, especially If you didn’t use nails to attach the mirror.

Fortunately, you can perform the task easily and quickly provided you have the proper tools.  

Requirements for removing an entire mirror

One note before we start: if you’re removing a large mirror, get a helper. In fact, even if you’re removing a smaller mirror that’s awkwardly shaped, you may want help. Most mirrors are heavy and delicate.

  • Heat gun/blow dryer
  • Putty knife/utility knife
  • Packing tape/Duct tape
  • Safety glasses for eye protection
  • Strips of tape
  • Heavy gloves
  • Drop cloth

Remember that there’s always a chance that you’ll end up breaking the mirror, so keep that in mind. Wear good shoes (don’t do this in flip-flops or slippers) and don’t skip those safety glasses I just mentioned!

How To Remove A Mirror That’s Glued To The Wall

To remove a bathroom mirror that’s glued to the wall, you should start by heating the glue to loosen. Then, use a prying knife to remove the glue from all of the corners. Have your helper to hold the mirror as you remove it.

Below is a detailed step-by-step process.

1. Protect yourself

This is the first and most important thing to do. Put on your safety attire then remove any clutter that is around the countertop and use a drop cloth to cover it.

2. Tape the mirror 

Use the strips of tape to cover the mirror and cross it in different directions. You have the option of either covering the entire mirror or placing the tape strips a few inches apart.

The tape is meant to prevent shards of glass from flying in case there is a mirror breakage.

3. Soften the glue by heating

Using a blow dryer or heat gun, heat up the edges and corners of the mirror as you gently approach the center. Do not bring the heat gun too close to the mirror. At least 6 to 10 inches is an ideal distance.

Give the process 15 minutes so that all the mirror glue can completely melt.

4.  Pry the mirror 

Using a large putty knife pry the edges or corners of the mirror from the wall. Ensure that it slides well, gently and slowly pull the handle on your side until the corner is completely separated from the wall.

Repeat this process on all the other three corners until they are all loose. You should not do this alone since the mirror can fall and therefore you need someone to hold the mirror for you as you pry it.

Some drywall might come off with the mirror but that should not scare you. Pull the mirror slowly and carefully. You don’t want it to break at this point.

5. Inspect and repair the wall.

Now that you have removed your glass mirror, it is time to inspect the wall and check out any leftover adhesive that might have been left.

Use the heat gun if there is any to soften it then scrap it off using a putty knife. Once done consider repairing the wall and repainting it.

Here’s a helpful video:

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How to remove a mirror clipped to the wall

bathroom mirror glued to the wall

To remove a mirror that’s clipped to the wall, start by removing the side clips. Then, remove the bottom clips, and complete the process by removing the top clips. Again, having someone to hold the mirror will really help.

Below is a detailed step-by-step process on how to deal with the clips.

1. Remove the mirror side clips

Mirror clips are best removed using a screwdriver. If the clips are screwed on drywall, they will come out easily. I experienced this when I was removing my mirror from the wall.

So what I did was to hold the clip with one hand and pull it from the wall with extreme caution while my other hand was unscrewing it.

Once you have successfully removed the mirror clips, set them aside together with the screws and store them well.

2. Loosen the bottom clips

With your partner holding the bottom of the mirror, loosen the bottom clips until they no longer hold tightly onto the mirror. Your partner must be careful not to let go of the mirror so it doesn’t drop off the wall by accident.

3. Remove the clips on the top and the mirror

Now that you are done with the bottom clips, proceed to remove the ones at the top. At this point, both your partner and you should be very cautious because once the clips are loose the mirror might fall and you don’t want that.

Here’s a helpful video:

When to call a professional for bathroom mirror removal

There are two instances where you might need a professional to remove your mirror from the bathroom wall.

One is when the adhesive that was used becomes too hard to remove by DIY. The other one is if you have larger mirrors that cover a big space.

Things to consider when removing a bathroom mirror

As mentioned earlier, removing the bathroom mirror is not a walk in the park. You need to put some things into consideration for the task to be successful. Here are some of the important things you should consider.


This is an important factor to consider when it’s time to pull out your mirror from the bathroom wall. Which types of tools are going to use? This is determined by the type of mirror and how it has been fixed on the wall.

For instance, if you have used glue to stick your mirror to the wall, a putty knife, and heavy-duty packing tape is must-haves.

On the other hand, if you used clips, you will need a different set of tools. As you choose the tools ensure you pick something that you will work with easily or look for professional help. You should also ensure you have all the tools required. You don’t want to rush to the hardware a mid-project


Time is a factor when it comes to removing a vanity mirror. This is not a task that you can undertake in a hurry otherwise, you might have pieces of broken glass flying all over.

Do you have time enough time to remove the mirror? If not, you should consider hiring a professional to remove that frameless bathroom mirror you treasure so much.

Professionals will take time and ensure that your mirror is safely removed.

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Dealing with glass is a risky affair and one has to be cautious. Broken pieces of glass can harm you, especially if the mirror breaks while you remove it, and that’s why your safety is paramount.

Some of the mirror removal safety tips include wearing a shirt with long sleeves, a pair of duty gloves, and safety goggles. You can also have a medicine cabinet with you just in case an accident happens.

Type of mirror

round bathroom mirror on top of a table

There are many types of mirrors in the market made of different shapes and materials. These factors should be considered when you are removing the mirror from the bathroom wall.

Different mirrors are removed differently and some are complicated and you need to be skilled to make sure you don’t break the mirrors or damage the walls.

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Benefits of bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors have a lot to offer. They tell us when something is stuck in our teeth, help boost our confidence by reflecting our beautiful selves, and more. Plus, they never complain when we stare too long into them!

I am sure you have never thought about that. Mirrors have a lot to offer and in case you are wondering, here is what you stand to gain.

Light addition

bathroom mirror with good lighting

Mirrors are great in adding light to any space you place them.

Their light reflection causes it to bounce back to the room and amplify its brightness in your space.

This as a result makes you feel like there is more open space in the bathroom while keeping it vibrant.

Aesthetic appeal

Bathrooms don’t have to be boring as much as they are usually hidden. Installing a mirror in the bathroom improves its aesthetic appeal and makes you proud whenever you are using it.

Besides, if you use enlarged mirrors, it will amplify your bathroom space.

Regardless of how small or big your shower room is, a mirror can enhance it and cause it to match your design taste. However, you must ensure that they are strategically installed.

More storage space

bathroom mirror

If you have a small bathroom, you can get creative and come up with more space to store your items.

This is an idea I used since I didn’t have enough space to store my towels and other items that I don’t use frequently in the bathroom.

I created some space and masked it up behind the mirror. This left me with more room AND a mirror to enjoy. Alternatively, you can buy a mirrored cabinet or have it custom-made to your taste and needs.


Is Removing a Bathroom Mirror Costly?

There is no standard cost when it comes to removing a bathroom mirror. The cost factors that determine how much you will spend include the style of the mirror and its enhancement features.

Is It Easy To Remove A Mirror From The Wall?

beautiful round bathroom mirrors

Removing a mirror isn’t that complicated. However, it also depends on how the mirror is attached, how long it has been on the wall, the tools you’ll need, and the type of mirror.

Which Is The Most Difficult Mirror To Remove From The Bathroom Wall?

A glued mirror is a bit difficult to remove compared to a clipped wall mirror.

Which Is The Easiest Type Of Wall To Remove Bathroom Mirrors From?

bathroom mirror on top of the sink

Tiled walls are the easiest.

Can You Throw A Mirror In The Garbage?

Mirrors can’t be recycled. So, if you really need to dispose of it, take it to a landfill. But if it’s in good condition, donate it or sell it.


Most mirrors are installed using clips or glues and removing them is challenging. I have discussed the steps you can follow to remove the mirrors. You also know the proper tools to use.

Nevertheless, regardless of the type of mirror, or the adhesive used to glue it to the wall, you need to be cautious when removing it. I hope this guide has been helpful.


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If you have more tips on how to remove bathroom mirrors easily, please let us know in the comments below!