Best Light Bulbs for Makeup Vanity Mirror 2021 – A Complete Buyers Guide

Lighted vanity makeup mirrors are the best type of mirrors. They not only enhance the aesthetic beauty of any space but also illuminate your face with a bright light so that you can see every detail of your face clearly in the mirror.

Featured Image of Light Bulbs for Makeup Vanity Mirror

However, because of their convenience and quality, best makeup mirror with integrated lights are quite expensive and might not fit in your budget.

So, should you leave the idea of a lighted vanity mirror?

Of course Not!

With separately sold light bulbs you can always make your own lighted mirror without cutting deep into your pocket. But with hundreds of bulb models available in the market, you might get confused about which is suitable for makeup mirror and which are not.

To make your buying process easy and fuss-free, in this article, we have listed and discussed the best light bulbs for makeup vanity mirrors so that you know about them and buy the perfect one according to your needs.

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Overview of the Best Light Bulbs for Makeup Vanity Mirror

Before going into an in-detail discussion, let’s have a look at our top picked bulbs for makeup vanity mirror for a quick overview.


Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Editor's Choice
Waneway Hollywood Mirror Light Kit with Multiple Color Tones for Makeup Dressing Table, Plug in LED Vanity Lighting Strip Adhesive for DIY Lighted Mirror, 10 Lights, Mirror Not Included
Light Type
Top Benefit
Extremely energy-saving and don’t emit heat
Check Latest Price
Sunlite 40153-SU G16.5 Globe Light Bulbs 25 Watts, Candelabra Base (E12), 120 Volt, Incandescent, Dimmable, 12 Count (Pack of 1), 32K-Warm White
Light Type
Top Benefit
Warm white light
Check Latest Price

Top Light Bulbs for Makeup Vanity Mirror

After extensive research and several hours of reviewing numerous light bulbs, we were finally able to find the best light bulbs for makeup mirrors.

However, before discussing them in detail, let’s first contrast and compare our initial picks so that you understand why we picked 8 and dropped the others.

Waneway Hollywood Mirror

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Comes with Multiple Color Temperature for Versatile Luminosity

The Waneway Mirror lights kit scored the top position in our list not only because it comes with all the “must-have” features we look for in light bulbs for vanity mirror but also because of its other amazing factors that are committed to making your lightening experience even more delightful.

To start with, this kit includes 10 LED bulbs that are 2 watts each and hence, extremely energy-saving and don’t emit heat. Even if your face is nearer the bulbs, these Hi-Pot LEDs will not burn or cause damage to your skin.

Even though these light bulbs are energy-efficient, Waneway didn’t compromise the brightness.

With a maximum lumen of 1200LM, these bulbs are super bright and help you to see every little detail of your face in the vanity mirror perfectly.

In addition to the phenomenal brightness, the LEDs of this kit also incorporate a color rendering index of 90+ CRI to produce the most natural, realistic reflection of you on the mirror so that you are never deceived and know how you actually look.

However, such brightness can be dazzling to your eyes and a bit overwhelming. Keeping in mind such scenarios, Waneway incorporated a dimming feature to them paired with a standard size touchpad so that you can increase or decrease the brightness of the bulbs effortlessly according to your comfort level and face viewing demands.

This touchpad also has a memory sensor to provide you with the best convenience.

While talking about LEDs, let’s also discuss another of its amazing factors.

Knowing the different lighting moods and vibes required by every woman out there, the bulbs of this lighting kit come with various color temperatures so that you find just the right color to view your face with.

With three different color temperatures of 4000K, 5000K, and 6000K; these bulbs can emit 3 different types of lights to match your every luminosity needs and viewing demand. From a cool white to natural white and daylight, they provide you the flexibility to choose your favorite lighting color that best suits your vibe.

Another great aspect of these bulbs is that they don’t flicker and cause any type of disturbance. these LEDs produce consistent illumination so that you can view your face as long as you want with the lights on without causing any harm to your eyes.

Moving on, keeping in mind the struggles of adding lights in a vanity mirror, Waneway made the installation process of these bulbs super easy and effortless.

It incorporated an industrial-grade sticky pad to the back of each LED that you just need to peel off before attaching to the mirror.

The stickers are super sticky and hold the bulbs securely to the mirror to make sure they don’t fall off and break.

Additional Features

Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Wear-resistant and Durable

The Upgraded Version of the Vansky Vanity Lights is another of our favorite lighting set that comes with several of the features we look for in light bulbs for vanity mirror. From energy-saving features to producing extraordinary luminosity, these blubs provide you the best lighting experience at a very affordable price range.

However, even after having such amazing features, they scored the 2nd position rather than the top because of its power consumption level. The bulbs of this set are 6 watts each and consume a little bit more electricity than the Waneway ones.

But then again, although these bulbs consume a little bit more energy comparatively doesn’t mean that they are not energy-saving. In fact, these LEDs are also extremely power-saving and save a lot of current to spare you from a substantial bill.

This energy-saving feature also doesn’t interpret that these bulbs are underperforming or any less bright. With a maximum luminosity of 1000 lumens, the 10 LED bulbs of this lighting kit are capable of producing a super bright light to illuminate your face so that you see a natural, true-to-life reflection of your face in the mirror.

Moreover, even though these vanity mirror bulbs produce such bright lights, it’s not always mandatory that you have to use such a level of luminosity always; you can always adjust the brightness of the LEDs with the dimming feature incorporated in the bulbs. These dimmable bulbs enable you to increase or decrease the level of brightness according to your needs and moods to make sure that you always have the right amount of light that is not only soothing to your eyes but also projects the best view of your face.

Additionally, to adjust the brightness as well as for effortless on/off the bulbs, Vansky paired them up with a fully labeled switch so that you can control the ambiance of your vanity with just a few press from your finger.

Aside from the dimming feature, one more factor of these vanity lights that caught our attention is its flicker-free nature. Even when you use them for a long period, these bulbs don’t flicker and cause uneasiness to the eyes.

Another aspect of this lighting kit we absolutely loved is its ability to produce different color lights to satisfy your different lighting needs. Vansky incorporated 3 different color temperatures in these bulbs so that you can enjoy daylight, natural white light, and warm light in your vanity area easily according to your mood and makeup requirements.

These lights paired with the high luminosity lighten up your face perfectly so that you can see a bright reflection of yourself in the mirror with every little detail and flaw.

Moving on from the quality of the lights, let’s talk a bit about their installation process. Keeping in mind the convenience of its users, Vansky made the installation process of these light bulbs super easy. The base of them incorporates a powerful sticker for easy installation; you just need to peel off the sticker and paste it directly to the mirror and voila! The bulbs are ready to light up the mirror.

Additional Features

Sunco Lighting

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: UL Certified for Maximum Safety

If you want the safest bulbs in the market for your vanity area at the most reasonable price range, then this Vanity Mirror light set from Sunco is your best allay. These lights are UL certified which means that they undergo rigorous tests minimum four times a year to make sure that they are extremely safe and secure for human use. And because of such recognition, Sunco bulbs promise the highest level of unbiased safety to its users.

Additionally, these lights are also FCC and RoHS certified to ensure the highest quality as well as safety.

But even after having such an amazing aspect, these vanity mirror lights still ended up being in the 3rd place because they don’t incorporate numerous color temperatures in one single light like the Waneway ones. These bulbs come with a single-color temperature of 2700 K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K or 6000K in each set. For example, while the Waneway bulbs have 4000K-6000K kelvins in one light, the Sunco bulb has either 4000K or 6000K. This means that you cannot change the temperature level according to your lighting demand; you have to get stuck with any single color.

Other than this minor glitch, the numerous extraordinary features of these lights make your face viewing experience in the mirror phenomenal.

Let’s begin with the light type. Sunco added 10 pieces of global LED lights to this lighting Kit to not only save energy by up to 85% but also to cut costs by several notches. These bulbs are 6 watts each which mean that they consume very little energy and hence, don’t bother you with a hefty bill even after you use them for more than a few hours per day.

Even though these LEDs are low-energy bulbs, they provide the best luminosity for a brighter reflection of your face. These lights have a maximum lumen of 4500 LM, which makes them one of the brightest lights for makeup mirrors available in the market right now.

However, don’t be anxious about such brightness. With its seamless dimming capabilities, you have the flexibility to set the brightness of the bulbs between 10%-100% according to your viewing demand or mood.

Another outstanding quality of these bulbs is that when you increase or decrease the brightness or even when it is set at a certain level, they do not flicker and cause disturbance and uneasiness to the eyes. They are capable of producing consistent lighting services so that you don’t face any annoyance while doing makeup.

Additional Features

#4 Ecosmart 60W Equivalent Soft White A19 Energy Star and Dimmable LED Light Bulb

Ecosmart 60W Equivalent Soft White A19 Energy Star and Dimmable LED Light Bulb (4-Pack)

Do you find it hard to pick the right LED light bulbs for your vanity mirror? Well, we got our hands on one product which is literally an all-in-one!

The first thing you should be considering when buying a light bulb is that whether it saves energy. This light bulb uses 8.5 watts, which is similar to the 60W of an incandescent light bulb. And despite the energy-conserving feature, the brightness of this Ecosmart LED light bulb is no less than a good 800-lumens, which is perfect enough to see every small aspect of your face and skin. It is not too high either to cause irritation or harm to the retina or too low. 

However,  if the brightness is too excessive for your eyes, Ecosmart has integrated a dimmable feature so you can tune the brightness according to your needs and preferences. We know this is a wish-list feature for all the MUA out there! 

When it comes to reflection and lighting, the direction and angle of the bulb can be pretty hard to decide in which the light can reach the maximum area of the room.

Can’t decide which place the bulb should be fixed so you can perfectly utilize it from all angles for the best results?

Mostly, this feature is only present in incandescent bulbs but Ecosmart has added an omnidirectional feature that allows the light to be given off in all directions in this LED bulb. With 2500K color temperature, it provides a warm and comfortable light to the surroundings.

In addition to the warm perfect brightness, these bulbs don’t cause any disruptive flickering. Constantly lighten the vicinity with a consistent amount of brightness for as long as you want.

Talking about long, the lifespan of each bulb is 15000 hours. That’s basically almost 2 years of energy-efficient usage plus the energy cost is $1.02/year, which saves almost up to $84!

These bulbs are suitable for chandeliers, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms as well. Each bulb only weighs 6.7 ounces.

All of these are shatter-resistant. Avouched by a lifetime warranty with 100% satisfaction, these could be your best buy!

Additional Features

#5 HOME-X Bathroom Mirror LED Light, Make-Up Accessory, Wireless Portable Vanity Lighting

HOME-X Bathroom Mirror LED Light, Make-Up Accessory, Wireless Portable Vanity Lighting, 12” L

Looking for wireless lamps to perfectly illuminate your mirror? We heard you! 

We knew there were stick-on-vanity bulbs but these portable ones are really something new! LED light strip is probably the best solution when it comes to correctly angle the lightning.

If you are someone who doesn’t want a little too much or less, then these 4 round bulbs on a shiny silver base can be your ultimate pick! You don’t need any hardware to install it and plus it is powered by 4AA batteries.

One of the best parts about this LED light bulbs strip is that you don’t require any wiring! The suction cups are one of its best features as you can easily adjust them anywhere without much effort.  

The switch ON/OFF button allows easy control of the lighting. In short, you will love this professionally designed lighting solution, it’s just so hassle-free! No need to pay a fortune for professional DIY lighting solutions.

Additional Features

#6 Dbmoon LED Vanity Mirror Lights with 10 Dimmable Bulbs 3 Color Modes, Hollywood Style Makeup Lights for Dressing Table Mirror

LED Vanity Mirror Lights with 10 Dimmable Bulbs 3 Color Mode

Looking for something more viable and safe? Take a look at these plastic vanity lights! The Dbmoon stick-on LED Vanity mirror lights are another of our preferable lighting vanity sets. This set is equipped with all the features you wished a vanity light bulb had!  

The 10 levels of brightness feature is a drool-worthy feature! This makes the application of makeup, skincare, or any scrutinizing activity effortless for you at a very affordable price range.

Moreover, aside from dressing mirrors, they can be used as bathroom mirrors, bedroom decorations, barbershops, cabinets, and even stuck on walls! 

Talking about preference, the 10 LED lights contain a dimmable feature so you can alter the brightness yourself whether you want the illumination to be high or low whenever you want with the  “+” and “-” buttons. 

Have you been lately juggling with what light settings suit you the best? The Daylight white, warm white and Natural light; 3 light color options fit perfectly according to your lightning requirements anytime. 

Don’t sweat about the unclean appearance of tangled wires on your mirror. These wires can be easily adjusted and hidden by the simple rotation of the bulb. All you need to do is simply touch the dimmer to adjust the brightness and turn it on and off. 

LED Vanity Mirror Lights with 10 Dimmable Bulbs 3 Color Mode

Additional Features

#7 Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit with Dimmable Light Bulbs, Lighting Fixture Strip for Makeup Vanity Table Set in Dressing Room

Chende LED Vanity Mirror Lights

Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Light Kit is perfect for making your space lightened up and aesthetic.

These bulbs are energy-efficient with a power of 3W per bulb and extremely safe to use with a 12-V safety adapter.

These contain all the wanted aspects of a dressing table light for your vanity. The lumens, as mentioned are 4000 Kelvins, which provide more than enough brightness in the dark for you to apply makeup professionally.

The light is soft and white, which won’t hurt your eyes so you can work on yourself for longer periods of time. It’s anti-glare and completely radiation-free so it won’t burn or heat up your skin when you stand too close to the LED bulbs.

An amazing aspect of all vanity bulbs is the brightness adjusting feature which lets you easily change the lighting from high to moderate to low with a smart on and off touch dimmer switch. Whether you prefer high or low light, that’s not a problem at all with these!

The 10 dimmable LED light bulb fixture strip is 11.3 ft long, excluding the adapter and dimmer. This length can be fixated freely onto your mirror from all of its 4 sides. And if the length is too long for your mirror you can cut off the excess part with ease. 

Installment is easy as well with a simple stick-on to your preferred area. Just plug it in and enjoy while utilizing the pleasing illumination of this Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit.

Chende LED Vanity Mirror Lights

Additional Features

#8 Selfila Hollywood LED Vanity Lights Upgraded 5 Color Modes for Full Body Length Makeup Mirror & Bathroom Wall Mirror

Hollywood LED Vanity Lights

If you want to gift your decor-oriented loved one or close friend something special for their home or vanity set, the upgraded version of Selfila Hollywood LED Vanity Lights is one to choose from. It is perfect for Vanity sets, bathrooms, windowsills, and cabinets. It is something which is so going to make your life easy! 

These LED bulbs have 5 different brightness level settings for you to choose from. This is amazing because you can adjust to any level of brightness within seconds! 

Each level is relaxing and comfortable and easy to the sensitivity of your eyes. The brightness ranges from 3500K to 6000K lumens.

Another great aspect about these LED bulbs which differ from the rest is that it comes with not just 3 but, 5 different modes for the light setting; warm, warm white, natural light, daylight, and cold light.

 The surface of these bulbs is PC soft, which makes them anti-glare and anti-radiating. This won’t cause damage or pain to your eyes and leave you with a headache. So you can ideally apply your makeup for as long as you want under the comfort of this soft light.

Selfila saves you time and tools by adding the Easy install feature into their vanity set under a few minutes by marking the spots and sticking them on your mirror, wall or frames. The usage of a standard USB power supply is required.

The extra wiring supposedly protruding out of the strip can be easily adjusted into the base of the bulb by the rotation of them so you can add that clean, neat wire-free look to your setting. The length of the wire is 20ft, which would be perfect for long large mirrors.

Hollywood LED Vanity Lights

Selfila offers 100% customer satisfaction, one year warranty and free lifetime technical support so you won’t have to worry about your purchase and be assured that their team will always be ready to help you whenever needed.

Additional Features

Reasons We Didn’t Prefer Some Models

The Sunlite Globe lights include some amazing features. But we don’t consider them to be the most suitable option for your vanity mirror because:

  • The FLILED G25 lights are incandescent bulbs which are a big No, No for vanity mirrors.
  • These lights are not energy-saving and are also not cost-effective. Each of these bulbs is 25 Watt which means that they consume way more energy than any other bulbs in the list.
  • If you want to enjoy a different color temperature, you have to buy another set separately. The lights of this set don’t have numerous temperatures incorporated in one bulb.

The reasons we don’t think these Aooshine G25 bulbs are the best choice for your vanity makeup mirror are:

  • These bulbs do not have a dimming feature which is a must-have aspect we look for in a vanity mirror.
  • The lights are not flicker-free and have the potential to cause eye problems in the long run.
  • These lights do not incorporate different color temperatures in one bulb; you have to buy separate sets to enjoy different light colors.

Light Bulbs Buying Guide for Makeup Vanity Mirror

What are the Light Bulbs for Makeup Vanity Mirror?

In simple words, the light bulbs that we use to light up our makeup mirror or vanity are known as the light bulbs for makeup mirrors.

However, you must keep in mind that, the lights that we use above or beside the vanity to light up the area don’t fall in this category; only the bulbs that are integrated or attached directly to the mirror panel can be called as the light bulbs for makeup mirror.

Over the years, light bulbs for vanity mirrors have been extremely popular among women. With the help of these bulbs, they could turn their regular mirror into a bright makeup space for applying makeup flawlessly with a very minimum cost.

Even after the introduction of lighted makeup mirrors, these bulbs have not lost their charm a bit because of their convenience and the minimal price range they come with.

How to Choose the Right Lights Your Makeup Vanity Mirror?

It is a well-known fact that the market is full of different light bulbs to adorn your house or vanity area or bathroom. But are all these bulbs suitable for your makeup mirror?

The answer is No. The bulbs that are used in the vanity mirrors must meet some basic requirements before you can attach them to your viewing panels.

And, in this part, we will discuss the factors and features you must keep in mind when shopping for makeup mirror lights so that you end up buying the best ones for your vanity.

Consider the Light Type

Consider the Light Type - INS100808

The most crucial aspect you must consider before buying lights for your vanity mirror is its type.

This is because of how you will look in the mirror and how much you have to pay at the end of the month as the electricity bill greatly depends on the type of light bulb. Therefore, you must know the types before making your final call out of haste.

There are 3 different types of lights available in the market. While some provide excellent illumination others are not as great. Let’s discuss them in detail to know more.

Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent is the most traditional and commonly used light bulbs. These bulbs are usually filled with nitrogen gas and use a tangent filament that glows and produces a warm light when the current passes through them.

Even though incandescent bulbs are cheap and hugely available, they only work for 700–1000 hours and are not energy-efficient at all.

We do not recommend using incandescent bulbs in your vanity area because they are not only expensive in the long run but they also emit an extremely high amount of heat that might burn your delicate face skin if you go too much near to the mirror for your makeup application.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)

Compact Fluorescent Lamps - INS100808

The CFL bulbs were introduced to replace the incandescent bulbs. These bulbs have a spiral shape and are filled with mercury and other gases. When the electric current passes through the cathodes, they radiate the bulb to emit light energy.

Although these light bulbs are more energy-saving than the incandescent ones and are also long-lasting (lasts up to 10000 hours), experts still don’t recommend these bulbs for makeup mirrors because they have a longer warm-up time and doesn’t have various color temperatures to offer options. Moreover, these bulbs do not dim smoothly and hence, won’t provide variations in the luminosity.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lights

LEDs are the most popular light bulbs in modern times. These bulbs incorporate a semiconductor device and a negatively charged diode to emit bright light and illuminate their surroundings.

We recommend LED lights for your makeup mirror as these are the most energy-efficient bulb available in the market right now. They not only save energy but also come with a high life-span so that you don’t have to change the bulbs every now and then and save maintenance cost.

Moreover, these light bulbs used modern technology, and therefore, there is no UV or heat emission, which has the potential to burn and harm your skin. And as the LEDs are cool, they are safe for the skin and hence, the most suitable for vanity make up mirrors.

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Find Out if It is Energy Saving

Energy Saving Bulb - INS100808

Another most important thing you must find out when buying bulbs for your vanity mirror is whether your favorite bulbs are energy-saving or not. If the lights are not energy-efficient, then they are a big No, No for your vanity area. That is because these bulbs not only consume a high amount of energy and increase your electricity bill but also is bad for the environment. Traditional, non-energy saving bulbs release a  huge amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, nearly around 2000 times its own weight that causes environmental damages as well as is hazardous to your health.

On the other hand, energy-saving lights are pleasant to the environment. They do not contribute so much to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and therefore, are not as dangerous as the traditional ones. Additionally, as the name suggests, energy-efficient bulbs use a very limited amount of electricity to light up with bright luminosity. Because of their low energy consumption tendency, these bulbs are extremely cost-effective as well as safe, and therefore, we always recommend adopting energy-efficient lights for your makeup mirror over any other bulbs.

One way to determine if your vanity bulbs are energy-saving or not is by finding out their wattage. The higher the watt of a bulb, the more energy it consumes, and the lower the wattage, the more energy-saving it is. Experts suggest looking for LEDs that are not more than 8 watts. This watt range will consume very little energy but will produce luminosity as bright as high wattage bulbs.

Remember the Dimming Feature

Even though dimmable lights might seem not necessary for your vanity at first thought, this feature is an important aspect to consider before making your purchase. Aside from helping you to find out how your makeup will look in different lighting settings, dimmable lights also have some other amazing features and that’s why experts suggest opting for dimmable light for your vanity mirror rather than non-dimming lights.

To start with, many of the vanity mirror lights come with a high lumen range for extreme brightness. Such brightness might be dazzling to the users’ eyes causing uncomfortableness. When the bulbs have a dimming feature, you can always increase or decrease the brightness of the light and pick the right luminosity that is soothing to the eyes.

Another advantage of the dimming feature is that it adds to the longevity of the light. When the bulbs are dimmed, they don’t work as hard and hence, don’t run out of life quickly.

And because of its all-around benefits, the dimming feature is a must-have for vanity mirror bulbs.

Consider the Color Temperature of the Lights

Light Temperature - INS100808

The color temperature is a way to describe the color of the light a bulb illuminates. From soft white to cool white, warm yellow, and natural daylight, all these colors are represented by the color temperature of the lights and are measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000.

The color temperature of the lights is also an important factor to consider when buying bulbs for makeup mirror because the greater the number of color temperature of the lights, the more varieties of illumination you will enjoy when viewing your face in the mirror panel.

We would suggest you buy light bulbs that come with preferably more than one temperature level so that you can enjoy different color lights according to your makeup needs and your mood.

Check Whether the Bulbs are Flicker-free

Flicker-free Bulb - INS100808

How would you feel when you are applying your winged eyeliner and the lights of your vanity mirror start flickering? Well, we know the feeling.

Aside from causing a disturbance in your makeup application, flickering bulbs can also contribute to headaches, eye strain, and migraines and cause permanent eye damage.

And that’s why we always suggest picking lights for your vanity mirror that does not flicker. Flicker-free lights not only assist you to apply makeup flawlessly but are also comfortable for your eyes.

The Must-have Features- In a Nutshell

Let’s have a quick look at the “must-have” features to refresh our memory.


  • What size are vanity bulbs?

–  Vanity bulbs come in various sizes. You can measure the size of a vanity bulb by the maximum overall diameter (MOD) of the shell.

  • What light bulb do I need for my vanity?

–  It is recommended to choose bulbs that emit light as close to white as possible. The CRI should be high, about 90 to 100. Pick bulbs with soft white range i.e. 2700K – 3000K.

Wrapping Up

It is super important for you to choose just the right bulbs for your vanity mirror because the perfect lighting can completely change the way you look in the mirror.

With the flawless lighting, you can not only enjoy a brighter reflection of yourself but can also see every detail, every imperfection of your face so that it’s easier for you to apply makeup and hide them completely.

The makeup mirror lights that we have listed and talked about above are undoubtedly the bests in the market. 


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best make up light up bulb mirror

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