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Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit; is It Worth the Price?

Chende has been a fan-favorite name for many years. It is immensely popular among its users because of the quality vanity products it offers to its customers; and this Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit is no different.

Featured Image of Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

This lights kit comes with a bunch of incredible features and lighting options to make your face viewing experience even more enjoyable and effective.

Below, we have listed and discussed all these amazing features and the drawbacks of this lighting kit so that you know everything about this product before making a purchase.


Let’s have a quick overlook at the specifications of this amazing LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit.

Light TypeLED Bulbs
Number of Bulbs per Kit10 Bulbs
Bulb Diameter2 inches
Energy Consumption3 watt per Bulb
Energy Saving Yes
Color Temperature4000K
Lumen2100 Lm
LumenStick on
Light Kit Length11.53ft
Light Kit LengthAC Current
Switch StyleTouch Switch
Weight1.1 pounds

This product is packed with amazing features and factors to make your face viewing experience delightful. From their soft, bright luminosity to the energy-saving features and a super affordable price range, this LED light kit is extraordinary and doesn’t fail to impress its users. Below, we have analyzed and discussed the prominent features of this light kit that made us fall in love with it instantly.

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One of the most lucrative features of these lights is that they are super energy-saving. Consuming just 3 Watts of power, these bulbs are extremely energy-saving and don’t emit any heat to the surroundings. Even when your face is near the bulb because of precise makeup application, these LEDs will not burn or cause any harm to your sensitive facial skin.

Also, because of their power-saving features, these vanity lights save a lot of electricity and spare you from a substantial bill.

Easy, Effortless Installation

Easy Installation

Keeping in mind about the convenience of its customers and the struggles they face while adding lights to a vanity mirror, Chende made the installation process of these Hollywood vanity lights super easy and effortless. It added a sticky pad to the back of each LED that you just need to peel off before attaching to the mirror. These pads are super sticky and hold the lights securely on the mirror surface to make sure that they don’t fall off and break.

Bright Luminosity

It doesn’t matter how well the construction is or how effortlessly you can install the bulbs, the most important feature of LED lights is their brightness. Even though these vanity bulbs are super energy-efficient, Chende didn’t compromise with their brightness. With maximum lumen of 2100 Lm (210Lm each bulb), these LED bulbs are super bright and luminous. They illuminate your face perfectly with an incredibly bright yet “not so dazzling” light so that you can see every little detail, every blemish of your skin in the vanity mirror, and apply makeup accordingly.

Moreover, because of such bright luminosity, you can always see the most natural, realistic reflection of you on the mirror so that you are never deceived and know how you actually look.

Dimmable Lights

Dimmable Lights

Even though these LED vanity bulbs illuminate such bright and luminous lights, it’s not always mandatory that you have to use such a level of brightness every time you turn on the bulbs for applying makeup. If the brightness feels dazzling and hurts your eyes, you can always adjust the lumen level of these bulbs to enjoy a custom brightness according to your comfort level.

To adjust the level of brightness of your light, Chende incorporated a dimming feature in these bulbs so that you have the flexibility to increase or decrease luminosity according to your needs and moods.

And because of the dimming feature, you can always pick just the right amount of light which is not only soothing to your eyes but also projects the perfect view of your face in the mirror.

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Another excellent aspect of this amazing dimming feature is that it is paired with a Smart on/off touch dimmer switch so that it is extremely easy and effortless to control the ambiance of your vanity; with just a few press on the button, you can completely change the environment of your mirror area and enjoy the most attractive reflection of your face.

An Adequate Number of Bulbs

One incredible aspect of this light kit is that it comes with an adequate number of bulbs (10 Bulbs to be exact) to make sure that one kit is enough for a medium-sized Hollywood mirror. Because of such bulb numbers, you don’t have to buy several kits just to adorn only one mirror. very convenient and budget-friendly.

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A Few Drawbacks

Even though this LED mirror light kit comes with so many amazing features doesn’t mean that it is flawless; unlike many of its competitors, this light set also has a few drawbacks that you must know about before making your final call.

Only One Color Temperature

The LED lights of this Chende mirror lighting kit comes with 4000K color temperature to illuminate bright daylight brightness. Such a bright light helps the mirror to reflect the most natural image of your face to ensure a more realistic view. However, as they have only one color temperature, you cannot enjoy different lighting options to view your face in different luminosity.

From bulbs of such a price range, users expect such convenience.

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The Lights are not Flicker-free

Another drawback of this mirror lighting kit is that its bulbs are not flicker-free. After a few hundred hours of usage, these bulbs start flickering which not only causes a disturbance during your makeup application but is also extremely harmful to the eyes. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you know every little aspect of this amazing LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit, we are sure that you would be able to make a wise decision whether to buy this kit for your vanity or not. Even though it has its fair share of flaws, we would still suggest you buy this lights kit because of its extraordinary features and a very reasonable price tag. There is no doubt that these lights will make your makeup experience even more delightful.

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