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If you want an incredible light to adorn your vanity mirror with, then this Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit from Pretmess is just the right one for you.

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It is one of the most versatile light kits you’ll find on the market with some really amazing features to make your vanity time even more delightful. In this article, we have discussed those features and also talked about the advantages and disadvantages of this kit so that you know more about it and make a buying decision accordingly.

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Light TypeLED Bulbs
Number of Bulbs per Kit10 Bulbs
Bulb Diameter2 inches
Energy Consumption3 watt per Bulb
Energy Saving Yes
Color Modes3 Color Modes
Color Temperature3200K, 4000K, 6500K
InstallationStick on
Light Kit Length10.23ft
Power SourceCorded-electric

Why We Love It

Pretmess Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit, Adjustable Color and Brightness with 10 LED Light Bulbs, Lighting Fixture Strip for Makeup Vanity Table Set in Dressing Room (Mirror Not Include)

There is not a hint of doubt that this Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit from Pretmess is an incredible light kit to make your face viewing experience even better.

Packed with extraordinary features and factors, this light bulb set illuminates the area with a bright light to impress its users fully. Aside from its ability to light up your vanity area, there are more than a few other aspects that made us fall in love with this light kit. Let’s discuss these features in detail so that you too love them as much as we do.

Various Color Temperatures

Every woman loves to see herself in a different lighting ambiance to find out how she would look in a different environment. And knowing about this special requirement, the LED bulbs of this kit come with 3 different color temperatures to give you the opportunity and flexibility to view your face in different light settings without any difficulty.

With three different color temperatures of 3200K, 4000K, and 6500K, these bulbs can produce 3 different types of lights to match your mood and vibe of the moment. From daylight white to natural light and warm white, you can always choose the right one according to your need and preferences just by pressing the switch that comes with this kit.

Easy, Effortless Operation

Easy Operation

Another feature of this LED bulb kit that makes it a favorite among its users is its ease of operation. To make it extremely easy and effortless for its users to operate the lights of this kit, Pretmess paired them with a press switch with circular buttons so that turning on/off the lights never felt easier. Moreover, this switch can also change the brightness of the lights and help to regulate the color temperature to provide additional easiness and convenience as well.


One of the most loved features of these LED bulbs is that they are super energy-efficient. Using just 3 watts of power per bulb, they are not only using a very limited amount of electricity to light up with bright luminosity but at the same time also cutting down your electricity bill by several notches to save your money.

Aside from saving power and the environment, these energy-efficient bulbs also hold themselves from releasing heat to the surroundings. As they don’t emit heat, these Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights do not burn or cause any damage to your precious skin.

Super Bright Luminosity

Super Bright LED Bulbs

Even though these LED bulbs are energy-efficient, it doesn’t mean that they are not bright. In fact, with a maximum lumen of 1200LM Lm (120Lm per bulb), these LEDs are super bright and luminous and lighten up your face perfectly for an excellent reflection. These bulbs illuminate your face perfectly with a bright yet “not so dazzling” light to make sure that you can see every detail of your face without hurting your eyes. Because of such amazing lighting, now you can see all the imperfections of your face and apply makeup accordingly for a flawless outlook.

Furthermore, because of such brightness, you can view the most natural and realistic reflection of yourself in the mirror and find out you actually look.

Dimming Flexibility

Another feature of this lights kit that will blow your mind is its dimming capabilities. The dimming feature gives you complete control over the brightness of the bulbs and provides you the flexibility to change t whenever you want for a more custom luminosity. The built-in dimmer paired with the pressed button switch enables you to increase and decrease the brightness according to your eyes’ comfort level so that it doesn’t dazzle your eyes and hurt them.

Pretmess offers 5 different brightness levels with lumen between 350LM-1200LM to make sure that you enjoy a custom luminosity according to your needs and moods.

Are There Any Flaws

In addition to its incredible features, this Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit also has some drawbacks that you should know about before making your purchase so that you don’t feel cheated afterward.

Let’s discuss its one significant flaw for better understanding.

The Lights Flicker a Lot

The LED bulbs of this set are not flicker-free, which means that they will cause severe disturbance when you want to see your face or apply makeup.

Moreover, aside from causing an extreme disturbance in your makeup application, flickering bulbs can also contribute to headaches, eye strain, and migraines and cause permanent eye damage.

If you need flicker-free light bulbs for makeup vanity mirrors, then please click here to know more detailed info.

Wrapping Up

If you go through the article carefully, you would understand that we have listed everything you need to know about this Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit so that making a buying decision is easier for you. Even though this amazing set has its fair share of flaws, its amazing features, and incredible service makes up for them and ensure an extraordinary viewing experience for its users. We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed after adding these lights to your vanity area.


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  1. I am just loving this light kit and love that you can turn a mirror into a Hollywood style vanity mirror which is perfect for make up applications, styling hair and even getting a quick glimpse as you walk out the door. Love this!


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