Why the Concave Mirror is Used as a Makeup Mirror

Have you ever wondered that instead of having different types of mirrors like a flat, convex and concave mirror, why makeup mirrors are mostly made of concave one? I had this question on my mind so I started digging about it.

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We see this concave mirror everywhere in our everyday life also on television fashion shows or in the green room of actresses. This is because they are probably better than any other normal mirror in your home, bathroom, or dressing room.

I find out that, this mirror magnified your images so clear that you can even see your pores and hair follicles on your face and so you can put on your makeup exactly the way you want with a perfect finishing touch. If you want to find more about why the concave mirror is used as a makeup mirror, you can go through below.

Magnified Image

If you have a makeup mirror in your room, you know how easily you can apply your makeup with accuracy and perfection by using it. You watch yourself and parts of your faces more precisely in it than any other regular mirror, right? This is because of the mirror type the manufacturers use here, the concave mirror!

Concave mirror magnifies images of the object in front of it at a short-range. If the object is placed in between the focus and the mirror, a magnified reflection will be created and that is why you can see a magnified and clearer version of your reflection.

This activity can be explained by the law of reflection. A concave mirror has a curve in the middle of it and it bends inward creating an angle named incident angle. On this angled surface the light hits the mirror.

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This mirror can accentuate the light based on the hitting place of the light on the mirror. It can be compared with a camera where camera lenses create images by focusing on light.

While a flat mirror normally reproduces more or less actual size reflection of the focused object, the concave mirror enlarges the reflection of what is being focused.

By taking advantage of this quality of the concave mirror, makeup mirrors have been generated, so one can overcome the shaky experience and apply makeup, false eyelashes, eyeliner or even shaving with a close view without getting closer to the mirror.

2. Helps You Focus Properly

Helps You Focus Properly

Sometimes you need a clear focus for a polished camouflage on your face. You can focus on your eyebrows, eyes, mouth, or any other parts of your face properly with a concave mirror and apply every inch of your makeup clearly and carefully.

Even when someone wants a shave, they can do it with a close view so they do not cut or nick accidentally. As this mirror is curved, the reflection made by it appears as a floating image in the air that makes a clear focus. This helps you catch the exact view you want.

3. Provides Distortion-Free Images

Provides Distortion-free Images

A concave mirror doesn’t produce distorted or fuzzy images like a regular flat mirror. They produce real images at a more magnified level of your face. Distorted images are produced when there is a defect in the optical system which creates a lack of proportionality in any image.

There are various types of concave mirrors with several magnification levels, materials, color, size, and a light bulb that produces distortion-free images. You can choose anyone according to your choice.

Though there are many types of mirrors that are proper for makeup I like ALHAKIN Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror – 10x Magnification mirror for its features. If you want one in your pouch as your travel partner, you can have pocket makeup mirror such as Magnifying Compact Cosmetic Mirror-DeWEISN Elegant Compact Pocket Makeup Mirror. That will provide you evident touch up in your journey.

Final Words

To quench your curiosity is the greatest thing in the world you can do for yourself. It makes our life easy if we know how and why we use a particular thing. Now that you know why a concave mirror is used in a makeup mirror, you will look for one for your home and purse too. This is the benefit we get from knowing certain things. Looking forward to your experience of a concave mirror. I hope you will share it with us.

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