Best Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror – Buyer’s Guide

Alice is a regular party goer. She loves to let her hair down on the dance floor. But whenever she is at a party or traveling, the one thing she misses the most is to see her face and touch up her makeup for a flawless outlook always.

Featured Image of Best Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

Understanding Alice’s frustration, we have researched the market extensively and come to the solution that only a lighted travel makeup mirror can help Alice to see her face even in the dark when she is partying or camping. And to help Alice and girls like her to buy their ultimate compact mirror easily, in this article, we not only discussed everything you need to know about this type of lighted mirror but also talked about the best-lighted travel makeup mirrors available in the market so that you can pick the best one without any difficulty.

Best Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror – In a Nutshell

Before going into an in-depth discussion, let’s have a quick look at our favorite lighted travel mirrors for a brief overview.

Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror
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Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror - Small INS1002$$
Magnifying Travel Mirror With Light
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Magnifying Travel Mirror With Light - Small INS1002$$
SEASOR Lighted Travel Mirror
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SEASOR Lighted Travel Mirror - Small INS1002$$
KEDSUM Compact Folding Travel Mirror
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KEDSUM Compact Folding Travel Mirror - Small INS1002$$

Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror Buying Guide

What is a Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror?

Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror - INS1002

In simple words, a travel makeup mirror is a vanity mirror that you can carry easily with you whenever you are on the run or travel. As it is specially designed for easy and effortless carrying purposes, this makeup mirror is super lightweight and extremely compact so that it fits in your vanity bag or even in your purse without any difficulty.

With this mirror, you don’t have to worry about where to look at when you want to touch up your makeup or just have a view of your face- just flip open your mirror and you are good to go. And if you also do your hair on the road, it is excellent to pair with the right travel flat iron

And, when this compact vanity mirror is adorned with lights, it’s the best version of itself; with the bright, flashing light, you can enjoy a clear, vivid image of your face even when you are sitting in a dark place; and this is why you need to carry a lighted makeup mirror everywhere you go to look oh-so-beautiful always.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

There are quite a few features and aspects that you must keep an eye on when buying a lighted travel makeup mirror. In this part, we have discussed all these factors in detail so that you know what to look for and what to avoid when choosing the best mirror for your next travel.

The Portability

The portability of the lighted mirror is the most important feature you must consider before making your purchase decision. Because if it is not portable, how are you going to travel with the mirror easily?

We measure portability by the mirror’s size, weight, its foldability and the number of viewing panels it comes with. And below we will talk about them in great detail so that you can understand when a lighted vanity mirror is portable and when it’s not.

Size of the Mirror

Compact Size Mirror - INS1002

The size plays a vital role in making the mirror portable. In a general sense, when an object is small and tiny in size, it is more convenient to carry than a large object and therefore, we prefer our travel mirror to be compact in size for maximum portability.

Then again, we would suggest you to not choose an extremely small mirror. This might seem contradictory, but we are saying this because the viewing panel also depends on the mirror dimension; a super-compact mirror will have a smaller viewing area which might not be suitable to see your full face at a time.

Thus, keeping all the positive and negative aspects in mind, beauty experts suggest choosing a lighted mirror that is not more than 5 inches or less than 3.25 inch in circumference to make sure that it’s compact enough to keep it in your bag or purse and at the same time has a large enough mirror area to view your face perfectly.

Weight of the Mirror

In addition to its size, the weight of a lighted travel mirror also matters. A heavyweight mirror won’t be as easy and convenient to carry as a lightweight one and therefore, we recommend buying a travel mirror that is super lightweight and preferably not more than 8 ounces.

However, you have to exceed this maximum weight limit if you want a 3-panel mirror with stand. 3-panel mirrors have an extra panel and therefore, tend to be a bit heavier and bulkier than the 2 panels one. And because of their weight and size, experts don’t consider 3-panel mirrors as the most suitable ones for your traveling purposes.

Is the Mirror Foldable?

Foldable Mirror - INS1002

Foldability is yet another feature that adds to lighted mirrors portability. A lighted travel mirror must be folded because otherwise, there is a high possibility that you might break or scratch the mirror surface or the LED lights after you put it inside your bag or pouch for the traveling purpose. A folding feature not only protects the mirror from breaking down but also makes sure that the lights inside it are well-preserved and don’t suffer from damage or breakage easily.

The Number of Mirror Panel

When you travel, you want every useful feature packed into one mirror so that you don’t need to carry separate mirrors for different purposes and increase the weight of your bag or luggage. Keeping in mind about this thought, many beauty experts suggest selecting a lighted travel vanity mirror with 2 viewing panels because these mirrors come with a normal 1x side and a magnifying side (might be 2x, 5x, 10x or 15x) to make sure that you enjoy 2 types of images of your face at once.

We don’t recommend a single panel or 3-panel mirrors for traveling as a single mirror would provide only 1 type of image (either a normal one or a magnified one) whereas a 3 panel one would potentially increase the weight and take away from the portability of the mirror.

However, if a 3-panel mirror is less than 8 ounces in weight and is compact, it is also considered as travel-friendly and you can carry it anywhere for more convenience.

The Power Source of the Lights

Power Source of Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror - INS1002

Aside from the portability, you must also take into account the power source of the travel lighted mirror. Generally, lighted vanity mirrors are electric-powered for increased accessibility. You plug them in and are good to go. But in case of travel lighted makeup mirrors, electric ones are not the best option; experts suggest to opt for a battery-operated mirror (you might choose a replaceable or rechargeable one according to your preference) instead of the electric-powered ones because of their added convenience.  With a battery-operated one, you don’t have to find and stand near an electrical port to light up the mirror and enjoy a clear view of your face. You just need to put in a fresh pair of suitable batteries or charge them fully to enjoy uninterrupted service even when you are hiking or camping or just enjoying a night out with your friends.

Are the Mirrors Distortion-free?

Mirror distortion is another important aspect to keep in mind when buying your ultimate travel mirror with lights. You must choose the one that comes with distortion-free glass as it offers a real-time, spectacularly clear view of your face. If the mirror is not free from distortion, it will reflect a deceived, misconstrue image of your face and would confuse you greatly.

Note: If you need a different type of mirror, then you can click here.

Top Lighted Travel Makeup Mirrors

After researching the market for numerous hours and reviewing several lighted travel makeup mirrors, we were able to find the best ones suitable for your travel and casual outing needs. But before discussing them in detail, let’s have a quick look at the “must-have” features to refresh our memory.

A Summary of the Must-have Features

Let’s also compare and contrast some of the best-lighted travel makeup mirrors available in the market to understand why we choose some over the others.

A Comparison Table of Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

The Must-have FeaturesFancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup MirrorMagnifying Travel Mirror with LightSEASOR Lighted Travel MirrorKEDSUM Compact Folding Travel MirrorTweezerman Led 15X Lighted MirrorZadro Dual LED Lighted Travel Mirror
Weight6.7 ounces7.4 ounces2.9 ounces9.88 Ounce4 ounces12 ounces
Size5 Inch Circumference4.3 Inch Circumference3.5 Inch Circumference3.34 Inches Circumference4.3 Inches Circumference3.25 Inches Circumference
Mirror Panel2 Panels3 Panels2 Panels2 Panels1 Panels2 Panels
Distortion-free MirrorYesYesYesYesYesYes
Power SourceButton BatteriesRechargeable BatteriesButton BatteriesAAA BatteriesButton BatteriesAAA Batteries

Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Best for High Definition Reflection

This cute little makeup mirror is everything a woman wants in her purse. It’s alluring; it comes with all the features we look for in a lighted travel makeup mirror and its super budget-friendly. Moreover, aside from all the “must-have” features, this travel mirror also incorporates some other amazing factors that not only makes it an incredible option to do your makeup but also helped it to score the top position without any fierce competition.

Let’s start with its compactness. With 6.7 ounces of weight and 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches of dimension, this travel mirror is extremely lightweight and compact; you can carry it anywhere and everywhere you want without any difficulty. Moreover, because of its size, this cute little mirror can also be put inside your party clutch, so that you can look top-notch throughout the night.

In contrast with the dimension, the viewing panel of this mirror is also 5-inch in diameter. This super-wide, edge-to-edge area provides a complete view of your face without having to hold the mirror too far and makes sure that you enjoy a clear, close image of yourself for easy makeup application or touchups.

The distortion-free feature of this mirror also helps to give you an ultra-clear, color-correct view by making sure that it has superior reflectivity and clarity.

Another excellent factor that helps this lighted mirror to stand in the crowd is it’s 10 Natural Daylight LED Lights; these 30% brighter and 60% less energy-consuming LED lights not only brighten up your face with natural daylight for the most natural look but also provide a color-correct, high-definition reflection of your skin so that you look your most natural-self on the screen.

Aside from the bright lights and the mirror quality, the 2 side viewing panel with 1x/10x magnification is also something to talk about. While the 1X side offers you a distortion-free normal image of your whole face, the 10X magnification side is a great option for extreme close-ups and details; and the combination of both these sides makes this lighted travel mirror the perfect choice for applying makeup, tweezing, and cover blemishes for a more flawless outlook.

Moving on, in addition to its size and weight, the replaceable button batteries also contribute to making this piece of vanity accessory extremely travel-friendly. The button batteries are small and lightweight and therefore, help to keep the overall weight of the mirror low.

Additional Features

Magnifying Travel Mirror With Light

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: 3 Types of Magnification for Detail Image

With its extraordinary features and an affordable price tag, this lighted travel mirror could give a fierce competition to our top favorite one. However, as it is quite heavyweight and has a smaller viewing panel (4.3 inches in diameter) compared to the Fancii mirror, this folding Magnifying Travel Mirror ended up being in the second place in our list.

Other than this minor gripe, this lighted mirror offers you everything you look for in a travel vanity mirror with lights.

To begin with, unlike many of its close competitors, this compact mirror comes with 3 viewing panels with 1X/5X/10X magnification to make sure that you enjoy a normal image as well as 2 different magnified images of your face at a time; these magnified views not only allows you to see your facial features in detail but also helps you to correct every tiny imperfection for a flawless gorgeous outlook.

The advanced spraying technology and the no distortion feature used by Magnifying over all the 3 mirrors also help to see your features clearly by providing vivid color and high-definition refection so that you have the most real, most natural image of yourself without any sugar coating.

Another amazing feature that assists to see your facial imperfections clearly is its LED lights. The 2 halo Natural Daylight LED lights placed on 2 of the magnified panels not only brighten up your face for a clear, natural reflection but also help to view the details of it more precisely even in the dark. Also, as these lights have adjustable brightness, you can always dim or brighten the LEDs according to your preferences and enjoy the most perfect view of yourself even on the run.

Moving on, even though this mirror has 3 viewing panels, it’s not extremely heavyweight. In fact, with a weight of just 7.4 ounces, it’s one of the most lightweight 3 sided travel mirrors with lights available in the market. In addition to its weight, the size of this mirror also made it an extremely suitable one to travel with. At 4.3 inches circumference and 1.1 inches height, it is incredibly compact and therefore, can be carried around inside your beauty pouch or vanity bag easily.

Aside from the size and dimension, its power supply option also contributes to making this mirror an extremely travel-friendly one. With a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, you never have to worry about carrying extra batteries with you all the time and increase the weight of your bag; this battery is super energy-saving and can last up to 5 weeks with a single charge so that you can even go on hiking or camping with it without having to worry about running out of power.

Furthermore, to provide the best convenience to its users, this travel mirror comes with a USB charging cable and can be charged by an adapter, PC or power bank.

Additional Features

SEASOR Lighted Travel Mirror

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: Budget-friendly Option

This SEASOR travel mirror is yet another of our favorite one that comes with all the features we look for in a lighted travel vanity mirror; it is compact and lightweight and therefore, can be carried around easily without feeling the burden. But as it comes with a smaller viewing panel of just 3.5-inch circumference, it ended up being in a lower position rather than the top.

Besides such a minor glitch, this travel vanity mirror offers everything you can ask for in a budget.

As it is travel make up mirror, SEASOR tried to keep this mirror as compact and lightweight as possible. At 2.9 ounces of weight and 3.6 x 3.6 x0.7 inches dimensions, it is super sleek and buoyant. You can put this wonderful piece of your vanity inside your pocket, purse, cosmetic bag or gym bag and carry it anywhere and everywhere you go without any worry.

Also, because it is folding and has a sturdy plastic exterior, there are zero chances that the actual mirror will break or suffer from scratches due to putting it inside a bag with other things. The folding feature increases the life span and ensures the durability of the viewing area.

Moving on, to make your face-viewing experience even better while you are out, SEASOR inserted 2 distortion-free, high-definition mirror panels with 1x/10x magnification so that you can not only have a normal image of your face but at the same time can also enjoy a magnified view to see all your facial details and imperfections in HD quality. This magnified mirror guides you to cover teeny-tiny blemishes precisely and helps you to achieve a flawless look like never before.

Additionally, the 12 LED bead lights also play a crucial role in reflecting a high-definition image of your face. These upgraded beads provide a soft yet super-luminous light (close to natural sunlight) to brighten up your face instantly so that you can see your face clearly even in the darkest of the environment and also enjoy an extremely natural, true-to-life image of yourself on the mirror.

One more feature that made this lighted mirror perfect to travel with is its power source. You only need 2 replaceable button batteries to light up the surface; there is no need to carry any cord or power bank and increase your luggage weight. These compact batteries don’t increase the overall weight and hence, are very convenient.

Additional Features

KEDSUM Compact Folding Travel Mirror

Ranking Position: 4
Our Opinion: Best Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror with Stand

Keeping in mind about the various needs of travelers, we choose this KEDSUM Compact mirror as one of our best because it not only offers the features we look for in a travel makeup mirror with lights but also comes with a standing bracket to provide added convenience to its users. This standing bracket is fully adjustable and can raise the bottom panel up to create a comfortable viewing angle as per your desire.

Moreover, because of this wonderful bracket, this handheld mirror can also be used as a fully-functional table mirror and allow you to use both your hands for the makeup purpose to create some gorgeous looks on your trips and vacations.

However, as this piece of vanity accessory is heavy (9.88 ounces of weight) because of the stand and has quite a smaller viewing area (3.34 inch in diameter), it scored the 4th position in our list rather than being in the top.

Even though it’s not super compact and lightweight as other travel mirrors out there, it doesn’t mean that this mirror lacks in other departments. KEDSUM installed 2 distortion-free viewing panels with 1x/10x magnification in this travel mirror to make sure that you enjoy a normal and a super-magnified image of your face in one single mirror. Also, as it has a magnified panel, you can not only see every tiny-weeny detail of your face but can also use it for tweezing eyebrow, correcting blemishes and apply makeup in the right places for a super flawless look.

In addition to the HD viewing panels, this travel vanity mirror also incorporates 8 long lifespans LED lights on both sides of the panel to illuminate your face whenever needed. Aside from providing you the clearest, true to the color vision of yourself, these Daylight LEDs also brighten up your face even when you are in a dark place. With such bright, luminous lights, you can always apply makeup perfectly for the most gorgeous outlook even on the run.

Another great feature that makes it different from others is that this mirror is available in both rechargeable and replaceable battery options. You can choose any one of these as both are travel-friendly and won’t increase the weight of your bags unnecessarily.

Additional Features

Reason for Not Choosing Some Models

Tweezerman Led 15X Lighted Mirror

This Tweezerman is a compact and lightweight mirror with suction cups for additional convenience. But we still don’t consider this as our best travel-friendly lighted mirror because:

  • This mirror has only one viewing panel with 15x magnification that doesn’t provide you a normal (1x) image of your face.
  • As this mirror has only one panel, it means that it is not foldable and hence, is not at all safe for traveling.
  • Requires constant replacement of batteries even with minimum use; this increases the maintenance cost of the mirror.

Zadro Dual LED Lighted Travel Mirror

The reason we didn’t include it in our best list is that:

  • Even though it has just two viewing panels, this mirror is quite heavyweight and might not be so effortless to carry around with you anywhere and everywhere you go.
  • At 4.75 x 5.25 x 1.5 inches dimensions, this LED mirror is not as compact and might not fit in your part clutches perfectly.
  • Furthermore, with a 3.25-inch circumference, the mirror panel is not big enough to reflect your full face completely.
  • The lights are not bright enough and don’t give a clear view in the dark
  • This mirror is quite expensive compared to the features and types of facilities it offers

Wrapping Up

Looking their best while traveling or vacationing is one of the top priorities of every woman and with the lighted makeup mirrors that we have discussed above, they will never fall behind when it comes to look flawless and gorgeous. We can assure you that these travel mirrors are best in the market and would provide excellent value for your money.

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