Why Brookstone Cordless Makeup Mirror is Suitable

Brookstone is a store for stylish and elegant items for your everyday need. They maintain the quality from the beginning. Their Cordless illuminated makeup mirror is also an excellent product.

Featured Image of Brookstone Cordless Makeup Mirror

You may ask, “What’s make it special?”. Well, it has a dual mirror of 1x and 10x magnification that gives nature-like light to get yourself ready every day. This mirror itself is a beauty and helps you to be the same.

Are all the properties great, or it has some faults too? If you want to know more, you can read thoroughly.

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Brookstone Cordless Makeup Mirror Review

Brookstone Cordless Makeup Mirror Specifications

Properties Value
Weight5.95 pounds
Product Dimensions14 x 9 x 21 inches
Finishing Material Nickel
Magnification1x and 10x
Light TypeLED Light
Is It Touch Sensor? Yes
Height of Stand18”
Rotation360 Degree Swivel
Cordless or Corded?Both
Batteries Required4
Battery TypeC Battery
Are Batteries Included?No

What’s Great?

Brookstone Cordless Makeup Mirror)

Before purchasing any product, we become naturally enthusiastic about how the product is. This cordless mirror has some great attributes that you need to know. You will find them here.

1x and 10x Magnification

Are you seeking for perfect makeup finish? You need a mirror with excellent zoom capability for it so that you can see your face large enough. Brookstone illuminated makeup mirror is the puzzle piece that will solve your problem.

This has two mirrors on both sides. One side has 1x and the other has a 10x magnification mirror. 1x magnification is the normal mirror that gives you a regular view of your daily skin and hair care, normal styling, and even shaving.

On the other hand, 10x magnification gives an image ten times larger than the normal image. This is so cool for applying makeup, isn’t it? You can conceal your skin even more appropriately as well as remove your blackheads. It makes the image larger enough to count your pores.

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Nature-like Illumination by LED Light

Natural LED Lighting

For a natural and realistic reflection, this mirror works great as it has LED light. LED lighting imitates natural sunlight for providing an authentic as well as more obsequious reflection.

It assures a proper light needed for makeup in any place. Whether your mirror is placed in a bedroom or bathroom or drawing room, you can get wonderful light from any place of your apartment.

Optical Quality Mirror

Brookstone is always famed for its mirror quality. This mirror is no exception as it has a great optical quality mirror that reflects the exact light you need.

Also, it gives you clear, distortion-free images which are quite inevitable for makeup application. Often, magnified mirrors give distorted or deformed images for not being duly curved. Luckily, this mirror provides a real, clear, distortion-free image for a better viewing experience.

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Switchless Touch Sensor

Touch Sensor

No more old-fashioned switching system. This pleasantly shaped mirror is switchless and possesses a touch sensor base. That means, your LED lights are only a touch away.

You can turn off or on and control the level of light with a simple finger-touch. This switchless system also makes it look elegant.

Both Cordless and Corded

Though it is named as a cordless mirror, you can use it both ways. The main privilege you get from a cordless mirror is, you can move it anywhere. If you don’t get a chance to look at the hallway or bathroom mirror because of your roomies or sisters, this mirror will work great then. This classic tabletop mirror will fit any décor in your apartment.

While using as cordless, it requires four C batteries such as Duracell – Coppertop Alkaline C Batteries. You have to get them separately from any related shop. LED light has a very long self-life and they conserve battery life by automatically turning off after fifteen minutes.

You can use it on an AC adapter that is provided by the manufacturer. An automatic night light will illuminate your room when it gets dark. This convenient LED will turn on when the mirror is plugged in.

360 Degree Swivel Rotation

360 Degree Rotation

You can see through this mirror from any angle as it has a fascinating 360-degree swivel facility with an eighteen inches tall stand. You can choose the perfect viewing angle for applying your makeup. So, you don’t need to move according to your mirror position. That’s a relief!

Easy to Clean

It seems a burden if any of your tools don’t clean off properly. Fortunately, this nickel-finished modern mirror is surely easy to clean. Also, there won’t be much of your fingerprint as it is highly resistant to that. Perfect for any dressing room, I think.

Not Much Expensive

Quality products aren’t always expensive. I can say so because this exclusive lighted makeup mirror is priced below 200 dollars while there are mirrors that cost more than 300 dollars.

So, if you are willing to buy a makeup mirror within your budget, this may be a good call. Indeed, the price is worthy of a cordless, illuminated, and magnified makeup mirror like this.

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What’s Not So Great?

Besides the great features, it may have some not so great features you need to know. Make sure to read them first.

A Minimal Distance Is Required

Are you facing dizziness or noticing bleary images while using the 10x magnification mirror? This is because you aren’t maintaining the particular distance needed for this mirror. Let me make it clear.

A particular distance is needed to see the proper magnified image and it differs on different magnification. For 10x magnification, a small distance around 4 inches is required. If you don’t follow so, you will experience the bleary images and dizziness as I have mentioned before.

End Story

A mirror is a part of one’s everyday life. Every morning starts with a fresh look that you see through the mirror. So, you have to choose wisely the elegant and classy piece you want. I have described every good and not so good aspects of Brookstone Cordless Makeup Mirror. You can now decide to or not to buy this illuminated mirror for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones. I will be glad to hear about your experiences.

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