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Trifles of Conair Be12 Illumina Lighted Travel Mirror

Conair has taken care of both the professionals and consumers for almost six decades with satisfaction. Their beauty care products, different accessories, and appliances are incomparable at such an affordable price.

Featured Image of Conair Be12 Illumina Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

The BE12 mirror is also among them that gives a perfect magnification and facilities for your elegant look.

If you are looking for a mirror with all the modern facilities within your budget, then it may be favorable for you. But you must know every good and not so good part of your product before purchasing one. For better observation, you can read as follows.


Properties Value
Weight1.8 pounds
Mirror Diameter5 inches
Width of Base4.75 inches
Height of Base3.50 inches
Number of Battery 4
Battery TypeAA
Inclusion of AC AdapterYes
Removable BaseYes
Protective CoverPresent
Back StandPresent
ColorMatte-silver Base with Black Rim Around Mirror

There is always something good in a product. The properties that attract its consumer are the things you are looking for. You will find them here.

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5x Magnification

You can apply your makeup flawlessly because Conair BE12 Illumina lighted makeup mirror has 5x magnification. This magnification is proper for makeup application and facial care.

If you have a problem with eyesight and you cannot focus on a normal mirror, this mirror will help you. It magnifies the image five times larger than normal mirrors such as Conair Round Stand or Handheld Mirror.

This magnification is enough for polished makeup, shaving, or any kind of subtle activity.

Good Placement of Light

Balance Lighting

For accurate makeup, lighting is an important thing. It’s a demand which should be fulfilled by your mirror producer. Luckily this threepenny mirror gives you that facility very well.

There is a light bulb that settles into the base nicely. Also, the placement of the bulb works just fine as it has been set at the bottom. It gives a glowing light for a better view of your styling, flossing, or putting on your lenses.

Operates on Both Batteries and AC Adapter

You can operate it on batteries besides AC adapter. When you are staying at home you can plug it into the socket on your wall for lightening it.

But when you are out, batteries are your only reliance. You need four double-A batteries such as Duracell – Coppertop AA Alkaline Batteries for operating this mirror. Conair hasn’t included these batteries in the mirror. You have to get it separately.

Though batteries may not cover for a long time still it’s good for an outing or short tour.

Five-inch Mirror With Protective Cover

Protective Cover

For a proper view of your face, this mirror is pretty good as it is of a five-inch diameter. Though 8 inches would be perfect for a mirror. But if you think of traveling with it then this size is quite effective.

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Also, this mirror has a protective cover that protects it while packed during storing and traveling. In this way, your mirror won’t be fuzzy by the friction of packaging. I must say, the manufacturer has done as much as they could to satisfy the users.

Removable Base

Carrying a mirror in the vanity is a common thing for every woman. We always want to be perfect as well as don’t forget to do a little touch up if we get a chance. Weird yet true!

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You can put this mirror in your vanity by detaching the heavy base. Yes! You read the right. This base is removable for making it a bit light and travel-worthy. This feature is usually missing in many mirrors.

Adjustable Stand

Smooth Adjustable Stand

You cannot move your mirror with its bulky base all the time. Sometimes you need to do a little touch up while staying at the office or university. You won’t carry the base then in your vanity yet you may want to keep that straight.

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For this purpose, it has an adjustable stand that will keep it in position when the base is removed. It’s pretty useful.


If you are looking for a low-budget lighted and magnified mirror then this Illumina mirror is right for you. It’s not as expensive as other lighted mirrors. You can get this mirror by spending around 40 dollars. Not much for a functional mirror, is it?

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What’s Not So Great?

Besides all those commendable features, there are some edges you should know about this mirror.

Not Much Travel-friendly

Though this mirror is named a travel mirror, I find this mirror not much travel-friendly. The base is bulky and large for your luggage to be packed separately.

Also, the mirror is sized for a larger vanity bag and it’s not very compact. It isn’t suitable for all kinds of purses. For the outing, I would like a mirror to be compact and trendy. You can check top-rated travel mirrors by visiting this page.

Eccentric Color Combination

Personally, I don’t go for any product that doesn’t seem classy to me. This lighted mirror has two colors on it. The base has a matte-silver finish and the rim around the mirror is black. I find this color gloomy and not attractive at all.

For your purse, you will look for something classy or catchy. It looks like none of them!

End Story

I hope, this reading will help you to decide about purchasing Conair BE12 mirror. Knowing about every detail of any product makes it easy to understand the function. You also know the usability of it so you can freely choose. This magnified lighted mirror is a pretty good option if you look at the price. Let me know both your good and bad journey with this mirror below.

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