Floxite Supervision Magnifying Mirror; Your Home and Travel Mate

For about ten decades, Floxite is producing and distributing quality mirrors worldwide. Their mirror quality fulfills customers’ demands at an affordable price. Floxite 15x supervision magnifying mirror light is one of their products that is suitable for both home and travel.

Featured Image of Floxite Supervision Magnifying Makeup Mirror

If you want a magnifying mirror favorable for traveling, then you can look for this one. it has some great qualities as well as is lightweight also to fit as a travel partner.

But being lightweight can also give you trouble sometimes. Are you curious to know how? Let’s look at both the positive and negative aspects of this mystical mirror below.

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Floxite 15x supervision magnifying mirror light Review

Floxite 15X Supervision Magnifying Mirror Light, Dove White


Properties Value
Mirror Diameter 6.5 inches
Product Dimension4 x 7.2 x 8 inches
Weight0.56 lbs
ColorDove White
Body MaterialPlastic
Glass TypeDFP Glass
Light TypeLED Light
Detachable MirrorYes
Number of Light Settings 2
Works with Batteries or Electric Adaptor?Both
Number of Battery needed4
Battery TypeAA Battery

What’s Great?

There is always a good portion of a product. You should know each of them in detail before you go to purchase one. Here, I have upheld them for your concern.

15x Magnification for Small Scale Purpose

It isn’t possible to see the tiny details of our face in a normal mirror. We need a super magnified mirror for these kinds of purposes and Floxite supervision magnifying mirror does exactly the same. It has a 15x magnification mirror of 6.5 inches diameter.

This powerful magnification is appropriate for any fine works such as tweezing eyebrows, observing imperfections on your face and mouth, removing facial hair, etc. You can see your fine hair clearly through this mirror.

Also, don’t worry if you are suffering from poor eyesight. You can put eyeliner perfectly with this super magnification. It will show you your makeup flaws so that you can get ready as a lovely lady each day!

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Detachable Mirror for Traveling

Detachable Mirror

You always put a mirror in your vanity while going out, right? Surely you do! Almost every woman tends to carry a portable vanity mirror while traveling. Thus, this mirror is also great as a travel tool because you can detach it from the base and fold up the unit for an outing.

You can also store it in this way. It will take less space in your closet as well as a purse.

Batteries and Electric Adaptor, Both Will Work

As a travel mirror, it must work with batteries, but it works with an AC adaptor too that is included with it. You can save your battery power while staying home by plug it in.

When using batteries, you will need four double-A batteries such as Duracell – CopperTop AA Alkaline Batteries. You have to purchase it separately as it is not included in the package.

DFP Glass for Distortion-free Image

Distortion-free Image

Seeing through a supervision mirror like this often causes distorted images. A distorted image occurs when an image loses its physical structure and forms a curvy image. I have faced this problem with some mirrors previously.

Luckily, this mirror is made of DFP glass that gives you distortion-free images. It delivers you good viewing experience.

Two Different Light Mode

Not a certain light will be useful for all day long. Different times of a day require different light settings. For providing you exact light to finish your makeup, Floxite supervision mirror serves with two different light modes. These are day and evening light settings.

In this manner, you neither feel excessive light at daytime nor less light in the evening. It seems the ultimate lighted magnifying mirror for traveling, isn’t it?

What’s Not So Great?

You just have learned about the good sides of this mirror, now it’s time to know the opposite. I hope, you will give a broad look at them too.

Improper Positioning of Light at the Bottom

How would you feel, if someone holds a flashlight beneath your chin while you are tweezing? Annoyed, right? This is because you will face shadows created by your hands passing over it. That makes it less efficient if you don’t have enough light in your room.

The same happens to this mirror. Its small LED light is situated at the bottom that illuminates light from below. Thus, it makes this mirror unsuitable for checking your makeup or tweezing your eyebrows.

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Need to Maintain Close Distance

If you don’t feel comfortable using a mirror closely, it is not for you. As it has a higher magnification like 15x, you need a minimum distance of 2-3 inches. If you do not do so you will face distorted and bleary reflection. It is surely not helpful for the purpose you desire for.

You won’t be able to do full makeup with this mirror because it is mainly for inspecting your face and makeup. Attempting to look at your full face by distancing yourself far from the limit will end in curvy reflection. Indeed, not appropriate for makeup application.

In addition, you will face dizziness if you don’t maintain this short distance as well as may have an eye problem.

Very Lightweight

Your mirror may end up broken as it is very lightweight. One small force can shatter your mirror in front of your eyes by falling from your table. You have to be very careful while handling this mirror to avoid this kind of accident. Also, pack it cautiously, otherwise, it may break while traveling.

Irreplaceable LED Light

Imagine, your mirror is all fine, but suddenly the light has burned! What will you do? You will normally think of changing the light with a new one. But, wait! That isn’t possible if you are using a Floxite supervision mirror.

This is because the LED light of this mirror cannot be replaced. So, if your light is dead, it cannot be undone.


Who would like to spend a high amount of money on a product if you get the almost same thing with a few dollars! Only fools will do that. This product costs around 65 dollars. I found this mirror very expensive comparing to others. I bet, you will get more or less the same quality mirror within twenty to thirty dollars.


Doing a short investigation before buying any product is a good practice. It will let you make the right decision for spending your money. Knowing everything about Floxite 15x supervision magnifying mirror will help you to decide whether you want it at your home and for travel or not. Instead, you may find other magnifying makeup mirrors suitable for travel such as Floxite FL-15ACP Mirror 15Xmag. This is much cheaper and works just fine for watching tiny details. Don’t forget to share what you choose to do with us.

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