Best Tri-fold Lighted Makeup Mirror 2021 – a Complete Buyers Guide

Miranda always wanted a lighted magnified mirror in her vanity area to apply her winged liner and to tweeze her brows perfectly. She doesn’t like to hold a small mirror to do her makeup as this annoys her a lot. If you are someone like Miranda and want both a normal and a magnified reflection of yourself while doing makeup, then a lighted tri-fold makeup mirror is your best ally.

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Aside from providing a bright, illuminated reflection of your face, this lighted vanity accessory also ensures different magnified images of your face so that applying makeup flawlessly becomes a norm for you.

To help you find the best tri-fold lighted makeup mirror in the market, in this article, we have discussed and listed the best ones in the market to make sure that you can buy just “the one” for your everyday makeup needs.

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Top Tri-fold Lighted Makeup Mirror- In a Nutshell

Before jumping into an in-depth discussion, let’s look at our favorite tri-fold lighted makeup mirrors to have a quick overview of them.

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Editor's Choice
EASEHOLD Rechargeable Makeup Mirror with Lights, 66 LEDs Lighted Trifold Vanity Mirror with 1X 2X 5X 10X Magnification, Smart Touch Control, 180° Rotation Portable Cosmetic Beauty Mirror, Rose Gold
Number of Mirror Panels
Number of LEDs
66 Bulbs
Top Benefit
Comes with 5 different mirror panels to make your viewing experience even more delightful
Check Latest Price
Fancii Trifold Makeup Mirror with Natural LED Lights, Lighted Vanity Mirror with 5x & 7x Magnifications - 58 Dimmable Lights, Touch Screen, Cosmetic Stand (Sora)
Number of Mirror Panels
Number of LEDs
72 Bulbs
Top Benefit
Super bright and closely mimic natural daylight
Check Latest Price

Top Tri-fold Lighted Makeup Mirrors

After spending numerous hours researching and reviewing different tri-fold lighted makeup mirrors, we were able to find the best ones on the market.

But before going into detail discussion, let’s first contrast and compare our initial picks to understand why we picked some and dodged the others.

EASEHOLD Rechargeable Makeup Mirror

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Best for Different Types of Lights

This three sided vanity fixture features a sleek, alluring feminine design that is to attract the gaze of any women out there. However, this is not the reason this appliance topped our list; this mirror grabbed the 1st position because it comes with all the features we look for in an excellent quality tri-fold lighted makeup mirror and more.

To start with, this three-fold tabletop makeup accessory comes with 5 different mirror panels to make your viewing experience even more delightful. While it includes 4 panels concealed inside the fold, this fixture also offers “removable one” and can be attached and detached to and from the actual mirror according to your viewing demand.

Furthermore, all these mirror panels have a different magnification of 1X, 2X, 5X and /10X to make sure that you can enjoy versatile images of your face using just one piece of vanity accessory.

The 2 viewing panels at the left have 2X and 5X magnifications respectively to make sure that you can see a magnified reflection of yourself and apply makeup correctly.

The one at the center and the one panel at the right side come with 1X normal, true to life magnification so that you can always enjoy a full face, real reflection, and know how you exactly look.

On the other hand, the small, removable mirror panel has 10X magnification which helps you to see every little detail of your face clearly and hide imperfections perfectly for a flawless makeup look.

Another excellent aspect of the mirror is that it comes with 66 built-in LED bulbs with a wide range of color temperatures. While the bulbs in the frosted light strip illuminate super bright light of maximum 1500Lux, the 3,000K-6,500K color temperature enables you to enjoy 3 different color lights for versatile views. From a warm white to a cool white light and natural daylight, you can always choose the best light to match your every luminosity needs with the help of the built-in touch sensor.

In addition to changing the light effects, this integrated touch sensor also operates the built-in dimmer. It assists you to increase and decrease the brightness of the bulbs (between 300Lux to1500Lux) so that you can enjoy just the right color and right brightness to view your image on the mirror with a custom luminosity.

Its adjustability too offers a custom viewing experience; with a 180° rotating mirror and a 90° rotating stand, this piece of vanity fixture is extremely flexible and can be adjusted in any direction and any angle according to your convenience.

Moving on, EASEHOLD incorporated a built-in 2800mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery to this lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror to ensure uninterrupted lighting in times of need. This heavy-duty battery operates up to 10 hours continuously after being fully charged making it suitable as a travel makeup mirror also.

EASEHOLD Rechargeable Makeup Mirror

Additional Features:

BESTOPE Makeup Vanity

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Budget-friendly with Excellent Features

If you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on a lighted makeup mirror yet want to enjoy the same benefits as our top picked one, then this Tri-fold tabletop mirror from BESTOPE is the one for you.

Even though it comes with an affordable price tag, it doesn’t mean that it lacks in any department. In fact, with its extraordinary features and a budget-friendly price tag, this lighted mirror could give the EASEHOLD one a run for its money only if it had 5 viewing panels rather than the 4 panels it comes with.

Nevertheless, the 4 integrated mirror panels also provide an excellent viewing experience. In addition to the numerous panels, this vanity accessory also has various magnifications. While the 2 at the left are adorned with 2x and 3x magnifications, the right and the center ones are of 1x true to life view; the combination of these magnifications makes it the perfect fixture to look at your face for versatile yet accurate reflections.

Another feature that contributes to its versatility is the color temperature. With a temperature range of 3,000-6,500K, the LEDs can illuminate 3 different color lights to match all your lighting needs and your mood perfectly. From a warm white to a cool white light and natural daylight, these LED bulbs deliver you just the right light for a proper image and a flawless makeup application.

Moreover, to ensure that all three of these lights illuminate the reflected area precisely without dazzling your eyes, BESTOPE incorporated 72 LED bulbs in this mirror to provide incredible brightness in any color temperature. With such bright lights, you can see your reflection perfectly even in a dark or poorly light area.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the brightness of these bulbs effortlessly with the built-in dimming feature so that you are always capable of enjoying just the right amount of luminosity while seeing your face.

Moving on, to deliver incredible adjustability to set the mirror in any angle you want, BESTOPE introduced a 360° rotating feature. With this 360° mirror rotation and 180° stand flexibility, you have the freedom to set it at a precise as well as a comfortable position for a custom viewing angle according to your needs.

One more excellent feature of this makeup fixture that would blow your mind is its double power supply. With USB cable connectivity and replaceable battery options, this mirror allows you to choose your favorite power source according to your convenience.

Additional Features:

Fancii Trifold Makeup Mirro

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: Excellent for Natural Daylight

This Fancii is another of our favorite tri-fold makeup mirror with lights. It also comes with numerous amazing features at an affordable price tag. But it ended up being in the 3rd place rather than the top because it comes with fewer bulbs and illuminates only one color light compared to the top 2s.

Other than such minor gripe, this mirror is an excellent option for your simple yet classy vanity area.

To start with Fancii incorporated 58 LED bulbs in this vanity fixture that might be a little less comparatively but with 1000Lux, these bulbs are super bright and closely mimic natural daylight to deliver you a perfect color correct reflection. With such luminous light, you can see even the tiniest details without any difficulty.

Moreover, if such bright lights feel dazzling on your eyes and you want something a bit less radiant, then you can always use its dimming features. With the built-in Smart Touch Sensor, you can increase and decrease the luminosity of these bulbs from 300Lux-1000Lux and set it to a point where it is not only comforting to your eyes but also provides the perfect light for your makeup.

Furthermore, these LED bulbs turn off automatically after 30 minutes to not only save your mirror power but also to prolong the light life so that they last for a lifetime.

Another feature of these LEDs is that they produce only one color light. With a color temperature of 5000K – 6500K, these bulbs offer bright natural sunlight illumination to light up your face brilliantly and provide a true to life, most natural view of your face.

Aside from the amazing LEDs, this three fold mirror also includes 4 different viewing panels concealed in its tree-sides to deliver phenomenal reflective results. Enhanced with various magnification of 1X/5X/7x, these glass panels are committed to providing multiple reflections so that you can see your face from different viewing points with just only one mirror. From a natural, life-size image to a more magnified one for a detailed view, these panels will never let you down while doing makeup or grooming yourself.

In addition to multiple views, this Fancii lighted makeup accessory also ensures multiple viewing angles. With a tilt of 360°, this item can rotate completely in any direction you want and adjusted in an angle that suits your viewing requirement the best. With this total adjustability feature, users get to enjoy absolute flexibility in an otherwise fixed tabletop mirror.

Moving on, keeping in mind about the versatile use of this piece of vanity accessory, Fancii introduced a dual power source to this three fold lighted mirror so that you can adopt the one most suitable for you. From a USB cable and replaceable battery one, you have the freedom and convenience to pick any according to your needs and preference.

Additional Features:

#4 AirExpect Tri-fold Makeup Mirror with Lights

Ranking Position: 4
Our Opinion: Diamond Patterned Foam Exterior for Maximum Safety

Fashionable yet classic! This tri-fold lighted mirror is just the perfect accessory for your posh vanity area. Aside from its aesthetical pleasing factor, this fixture also comes with more than a few outstanding features to satisfy your face viewing needs. However, as it has a 90° tilt rather than a 180° or 360° one, it ended up being in the last place instead of grabbing a top position.

Where a 360° tilt gives you full freedom to set the fixture in any angle, the 90° rotation just can’t do that. It just moves a bit in both sides and upward direction giving you somewhat of an angle you need for a custom fit.

If you can overlook its “limited flexibility’ aspect, this mirror is an excellent tool to put in your makeup area for flawless makeup applications.

Being true to its name, a lighted mirror, AirExpect added a generous amount of 72 LED bulbs in this accessory to make sure that it provides excellent lighting to the object it will reflect. With such amount of bulbs, you can see your face perfectly even in the most poorly lit areas.

Even though these bulbs don’t produce any hash lights, AirExpect still installed a built-in dimmer to provide you the freedom to increase and decrease the luminosity according to your needs and your eyes’ comfort level using the Smart Touch Sensor.

One more mind-blowing factor of these LEDs is its ability to change colors. With a color temperature of 3500K-6,500K, these bulbs can illuminate a warm white, cool white light and bright natural daylight to match various lighting situations like daytime, evening, home, and office environments. With the touch of your finger, you are capable of changing the light color to match your vibe and observe the perfect image of your face.

Moving on, let’s talk about the viewing panels. Even though it is a three-sided mirror, AirExpect added 4 glass panels to this vanity accessory to provide a range of options to see your face with. Moreover, as these panels have 1x/2x/3x magnifications, you have the opportunity to see a normal image and 2 magnified images of yourself to apply makeup flawlessly.

Another feature of this three sided lighted mirror is its double power supply feature. From a USB cable to replaceable batteries, you can choose the source of power to light up the mirror according to your budget and convenience.

Additional Features:

Reasons We Didn’t Like Some Models

This FLYMEI lighted mirror is an alluring piece of vanity accessory with a great finish. But we didn’t consider it as one of our best because:

  • It offers no variety; this mirror has only 3 viewing panels with just 1X normal reflection.
  • Instead of coming with full 360° or 180° rotation, this mirror has a 90° adjustable stand. Because of this stand, it is virtually fixed and cannot be adjusted to any custom angles.
  • It has only 8 LED bulbs which are not enough to brighten up your face perfectly.
  • There is a built-in dimming feature to adjust the luminosity of the bulbs according to your requirements.

With a “door like” design, this piece of vanity accessory is a beauty to look at. However, it didn’t end up being in our list because:

  • It comes with just 3 viewing panels which are less than its competitors’ ones.
  • Other than the normal reflection, this mirror doesn’t offer any type of magnification.
  • This mirror is 100% fixed; it doesn’t offer any adjustability for a custom viewing angle.
  • It has only 16 LED bulbs and doesn’t offer any dimming feature
  • Considering the features and factors it offers, this mirror is super expensive.

Note: For your convenience, we have arranged all the best vanity mirrors on one page so that it will be easy for you to pick one.

Tri-fold Lighted Makeup Mirror Buying Guide

What is a Tri-fold Lighted Makeup Mirror?

Tri-fold Lighted Makeup Mirror - INS1005

Tri-fold mirror, as the name suggests, has three folds to not only keep the mirror (or mirrors) concealed but also to protect the integrated bulbs from breaking down or falling apart. As it has three folds that close just like a door, you can always wrap this mirror after you are done using it to save space as well as to keep it away from dust and dirt.

The main reason women prefer a tri-fold mirror is that it comes with 3 or more mirror panels with different magnifications to make your viewing experience even better and convenient. Because of different magnifications, you don’t need to reach out for different mirrors; the tri-fold mirror has got you covered.

Moreover, as a three sided lighted makeup mirror has integrated LED bulbs in it, it provides an illuminated image of your face and helps you to see every detail and imperfection precisely.

A tri-fold lighted makeup mirror is usually meant for tabletop use, but because of its safe, concealed characteristics, you can also carry it inside your luggage while traveling.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Tri-fold Lighted Makeup Mirror

Buying the best tri-fold makeup mirror with lights is quite easy and effortless if you know what features and factors to look for. Even though this type of makeup mirrors offer lots of alluring features, not all are important. In this part, we have talked about the things you must keep in mind when buying such kind of vanity mirror so that you can end up with the best one in the market.

Mirror Panels and Their Magnification

One of the main reasons women prefer a tri-fold lighted mirror over other is that it comes with more than one mirror panel, which makes it easier for them to view their face in different angles with just one piece of accessory.

As tri-fold means three-fold or sides, these lighted mirrors usually come with three or more reflection panels with different types of magnifications to make sure that you can enjoy 2/3 types of images of your face at the cost of one.

Aside from a normal 1x panel, it also incorporates 2x, 5x, 7x, 10x or 15x magnification depending on the number of mirrors so that you can not only view your true to life reflection but can also enjoy magnified images to see every detail and every imperfection of your face completely. Moreover, because of such versatile magnifications, applying makeup or tweezing your eye-brow or upper lip never felt easier.

Moving on, as the primary purpose of a three-fold makeup mirror is to provide you with different types of your reflection, we recommend you pick a lighted one that comes with more than 3 viewing panels with various magnifications; a combination of 1x with few others would make for an excellent pick.

We are not suggesting any particular magnification here because the amount of exaggeration women want varies from person to person and you must choose the ones that fit your need perfectly rather than going for the one that other recommends.

The Rotation and the Adjustability

Rotation and the Adjustability - INS1005

The adjustability of a three-fold makeup mirror with lights is also an important factor to consider if you want to buy the best one in the market. We are stating adjustability as a “crucial” aspect because while doing your makeup you wouldn’t want to move your face left-right or backward-forward to enjoy the perfect angle; it is not only annoying but also kills your mood of applying makeup.

Knowing this scenario, many mirror manufacturers produce tri-fold mirrors with adjustable arms and rotation so that you can move the mirror backward and forward and adjusted to any angle according to your viewing preferences.

Even if a three sided vanity accessory doesn’t come with an adjustable arm, a rotation feature is a must because it enables you to rotate the mirror effortlessly and fit it in a custom angle in sync with your needs.

Experts suggest choosing a 180° or 360° rotating mirror as they offer phenomenal flexibility compared to a fixed or 90° rotating one.

How the LEDs Light up?

The bulbs of a makeup mirror will never light up without an appropriate power source and that’s why keeping an eye on the power source of the tri-fold mirror is as important as other factors that we have discussed.

Generally, three-fold makeup mirrors come with three types of power sources to choose from. They are:

  • Direct Electrical Connection
  • USB Cables
  • Replaceable/ Rechargeable Battery

While a direct electric-powered mirror uses a plug and wire to gain power from a direct electric socket, a UBS cable one takes energy from a power bank, laptop, mobile or car battery to light up the bulbs. You must keep in mind that a USB mirror doesn’t mean that it has a rechargeable battery to store power for later use.

On the other hand, a mirror with a rechargeable battery means that it has a built-in battery that can be charged when needed to enjoy uninterrupted lighting services whereas the one with a replaceable one requires to change the battery every now and then for consistent illumination.

Among all these power sources, we would suggest you avoid the rechargeable battery ones as it is not super convenient and at the same time is also costlier than the others. However, if you want to travel with your tri-fold mirror, then a replaceable battery operated one would be the right choice for you.

The Number of the Integrated LEDs

LED Bulbs - INS1005

Since it is a lighted mirror, the number of integrated bulbs is one of the most important aspects to consider before making a purchase. This is because the number of LEDs determines how illuminated your viewing panel would be and how brightly it would reflect your image in the mirror.

Knowing this aspect very well, experts suggest you pick a vanity accessory with at least 50 built-in LED bulbs in it. The reason behind preferring such a high amount of LEDs is to make sure that you have enough lights to illuminate your face perfectly for a better and brighter reflection. 

Color Temperature of the Lights

The color temperature of the LEDs determines the color of the lights. For instance, a bulb with 2700K – 3000K temperature produces soft white light whereas the ones with 3500K – 4100K and 5000K – 6500K illuminates bright white light and natural daylight respectively.

As your main focus behind purchasing a lighted makeup mirror is to see a bright, lighted reflection of yourself, we would suggest you favor the tri-fold vanity accessory that comes with a wide range of color temperature (from 3000K– 6500K) to make sure you have different color lights for your different moods.

The Dimmer

Light Dimmer Function - INS1005

The dimming feature is yet another aspect to keep in mind when buying your lighted makeup mirror. This feature is important because it helps you to adjust the brightness of the bulbs. With a built-in dimmer, you can always increase or decrease the luminosity of the integrated LEDs to make sure that you not only have the perfect light to view your face with but the brightness is also soothing and calming to your eyes.

A Summary of the Must-Have Features

The features you must keep in mind when buying your ultimate tri-fold lighted makeup mirrors are:

Wrapping Up

Each of the tri-fold lighted makeup mirrors that we have discussed above is handpicked by our expert team after numerous hours of research and careful considerations. As we believe in quality, we presented you with the best mirrors available in the market right now. We can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed after buying any one of these.

Happy Shopping!

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    Now back to my problem. I want to buy the KOOLORBS Portable Trifold Makeup Mirror with 21 Led Lights and it seems that it comes with just USB charging port. Can’t I use direct electricity to light up this mirror?

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    I would recommend you not to buy it. Instead buy a normal one.

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