The truth of Jerdon Jgl9w Tabletop Tri-fold Mirror

Jerdon style provides elegant and sybaritic beauty and bath products for decades. Also, its wall-mounted and vanity mirrors are favorable within an affordable price. Jerdon JGL9W mirror is also no exception.

Featured Image of Jerdon Jgl9w Tabletop Tri-fold Lighted Makeup Mirror

If you are willing to get a perfect tabletop mirror with mild fluorescent light, it may be a great shot! Its 1x and 5x magnification of center mirror with two side mirrors give you a panoramic view that is without any doubt ideal for your tabletop.

I believe, everyone must know every pros and cons of a product before buying it. So, if you want this lighted piece among your decors, you may go through below. 

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Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror with 5X Magnification, White Finish


Properties Value
Weight3.97 lbs
Length13.8 inches
Width13.8 inches
Height12.25 inches
Material12.25 inches
Finishing ColourWhite
Magnification1x and 5x
Number of Side Mirrors2
Number of Adjustable Light Settings4
Electrical Outlet120 volts
Any Batteries Included? No
Warranty 1 year

What’s Great?

Some features of this mirror will fascinate you. Here you will find them in detail so that you can decide what you want.

5x and 1x Magnification of Centre Mirror

You can secure every detail of your makeup and hair with Jerdon JGL9W mirror because it has 5x magnification. The center mirror of this whole set has a mirror on both sides.

One side has 1x magnification and the other has 5x magnification. So, you can use the normal mirror for any normal set up like hair styling or daily skincare as well as use the magnified side for a detailed view of your skin and hair. The magnified side helps you to give an excellent finishing touch to your makeup.

The center part also swivels and that keeps your mirror in place while using it.

Adjustable Two Side Mirrors

Adjustable Two Side Mirrors

Often, we want to have a panoramic view while doing makeup. While many mirrors cannot fulfill it, this mirror gives you the opportunity for an adjustable panoramic view with its two side mirrors. You can see yourself with multiple angles and provide a perfect look to your beauty.

Also, this mirror fits on any tabletop or desk nicely. You can fold the two side mirrors giving it a small rectangular shape that makes it easy to store in your dresser.

Soothing Fluorescent Lighting

You will get optimal light for applying makeup in Jerdon tabletop lighted makeup mirror because it has fluorescent lighting that is cool to touch.

The light source is an important thing in the case of a lighted makeup mirror. A source that gives more natural light is better than any other source for applying makeup. LED and fluorescent light give brighter light closer to daylight.

Fluorescent bulbs also save up to 70% energy than another incandescent lighting. Cool! Isn’t it? One more favorable thing about this mirror is, the lights are replaceable if needed.

Four Light Settings

Light Settings

Have you ever thought of getting several light settings on your mirror according to the environment? Oh yes, you are thinking right. This mirror has a fascinating feature that will overwhelm you. That is the adjustable glare-free fluorescent light setting.

There are four light selections ideal for daytime, office, evening, and home environments. This will help you to do your makeup flawlessly with the correct color. You are just a switch away to adjust your light with the environment.

Fascinating White Finish

The JGL9W makeup mirror will be suitable for you if you are fastidious for selecting your décor. This is without any doubt an excellent specimen that will suit any home décor with its attractive white finish and sharp look.

120-volt Electrical Outlet

120-volt Electrical Outlet

It has an extra facility that cannot be found usually in any other tabletop mirrors. That is the presence of a built-in 120-volt convenient electrical outlet.

Through this, you can plug in your curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers and other styling tools while using the mirror. Glancing at the mirror while styling will make your hair perfect.

Adjustable Back stand

While doing makeup you may need several angles for a perfect finish. Luckily, this mirror will provide you exactly the right angle you want with its adjustable back stand.

Moreover, it can stand up by itself on any countertop, dresser, or vanity with this back stand that can be folded too. You can easily store it in your dresser.

Reasonable Price

You don’t have to pay a hundred-dollar bill for a soothing lighted tabletop makeup mirror. You can get this JGL9W two-sided lighted makeup mirror within 50 dollars. Isn’t it affordable? It is indeed because many tabletop mirrors with all these facilities often cost you over a hundred dollars. It’s pretty reasonable, I guess.

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What’s Not So Great?

Besides all those great features, there are a few things that will demotivate you to purchase this. If you think of them as disregard then you may go for it but first, have a look at them.

Only One-year Warranty

The manufacturer of Jerdon Style gives only a one-year warranty for this lighted mirror. It is a limited time for an electric tool. For any problems with lights or other faulty materials, you will not get free services after one year.

If you need a warranty for more than one year, then we will suggest you visit this page where we have listed all the best tri fold lighted makeup mirrors.

Unfavorable as a Traveling Tool

This mirror isn’t much travel-friendly because of its weight of almost four pounds and it doesn’t include any batteries. An electric outlet is needed for its cord.

Also, if you wish to travel outside of the USA, you will need an adapter (like SAUNORCH Universal International Travel Power Adapter) as it doesn’t give you a dual voltage facility.

This product can be used at 110V as other USA based products while in Europe and Asia the outlets are 220V. So, traveling with this piece will cost you extra dollars.


Jerden JGL9W mirror is a fine piece for your décor. Now that you know every good and bad side of this mirror, you can decide whether to buy it or not. Doing makeup using this mirror will be fun, I guess. If you are willing to buy a present for your lady on a birthday or any other occasion, it will be great for it. Don’t forget to comment on your experience in the box below regarding this mirror.

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