Is the Simplehuman ST3002 Makeup Mirror Worth the Money?

Is The Simplehuman ST3002 Makeup Mirror Worth the money?

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In this article, we have talked about all the positives and negatives of this best wall-mounted makeup mirror lighted so that you know more about this product and make a buying decision accordingly.

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Simplehuman 8″ Round Wall Mount Sensor Makeup Mirror Review

simplehuman Wall Mount-5x Magnification Sensor Makeup Mirror, Polished Stainless Steel


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What’s Great About The simplehuman wall mount makeup mirror ?

There are several reasons that made this Simplehuman Mirror one of the most popular lighted mirrors that it is today. 

Let’s analyze and discuss the top qualities of this tool that makes your face viewing experience even more delightful.

1- Ensures the Excellent Lighting

With the wrong lighting, makeup colors can fool you. But not with this lighted makeup mirror from Simplehuman. This amazing piece of vanity accessory produces the most natural, true to life reflection of your face, thanks to Tru-lux light system. Simplehuman incorporated Tru-lux light system in the LEDs of this mirror to simulate natural sunlight so that you can see even the subtle variations in your makeup color and know if its flawless or not.

2- Long-Lasting LEDs

Long-lasting LED Lights - V1 641720

In addition to the Tru-lux light system, another great feature of these LEDs is their durability. Simplehuman installed surgical-grade LED lights in this model to make sure that they are super long-lasting (provides up to 40,000 hours of non-stop lighting service) and provides consistent even lighting to the users for incredible illumination of their face. These improved LEDs also ensure that there is no light loss or any hot spots for the convenience of the users.

3- True to Life Reflection

Another excellent aspect of this mirror is that it produces a bright and most natural reflection of your face. With a color rendering index of 90 CRI and lumen of 600 LM, the lights of this vanity accessory can accurately reproduce the colors of the object it illuminates and provides a clear, vivid, and true to the color reflection of your face.

Moreover, as the reflective surface is free from distortion, even around the edges, it offers superior reflectivity and displays a real-time, spectacularly clear view of your face.

4- Smooth, Effortless Adjustability

Smooth and Effortless Adjustability

Keeping in mind about the convenience of its users, Simplehuman added a stainless steel constructed telescopic arm to this vanity mirror to not only make it super strong and durable but also to provide phenomenal adjustability.

This telescopic arm moves left to right and up and upwards and downwards smoothly to make sure that you can adjust it effortlessly at any angle suitable for you.

The viewing panel also tilts completely to add to its adjustability.

Moreover, this arm is extendable up to 12 Inches so that you can pull it out in times of need and pull back for excellent storage.

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5- Automatic Mirror Light up

The most versatile feature of this vanity mirror that sets it apart from its competitors is its intelligent multi-sensor feature. With this integrated advanced sensor system, the LEDs automatically lights up as you bring the mirror near to your face for the viewing purpose. The lights remain “on” as long as you are near the mirror. And when you walk away, the lights turn off automatically saving power as well as light life.

6- Magnified Reflection

Magnified Reflection

The viewing panel of this Simplehuman lighted makeup mirror is adorned with 5x magnification to make sure that you can see every detail of your face in exceptional detail for flawless makeup application. The 5x magnification also allows you to see your entire face at once without sacrificing the detailed reflection.

7- Dual Power Source

Promising to provide an incredible experience, Simplehuman provides its users the flexibility to use this mirror with a dual power source. You can either use direct electricity to turn on the mirror or recharge its built-in lithium-ion battery to use it cordless up to 5 weeks on a single charge- the choice is all yours.

What’s Not So Great About The simplehuman wall mount makeup mirror?

In addition to its extraordinary features, this Simplehuman makeup mirror with lights also comes with a few flaws. We have listed and talked about them below so that you don’t feel cheated after buying for your vanity area.


Even though this mirror from Simplehuman comes with an excellent build and amazing features, it still feels a little out of budget. At a price tag of more than $150, it is way more expensive than its close competitors and might repeal customers from making an instant buying decision.

2- Comes With Only One Mirror Panel; No Magnification Variety

Customers want everything in a mirror; and multiple viewing panels with different types of magnifications are one of them. But this simplehuman mirror fails to do that. It comes with only one mirror panel and no 1x, true to life magnification limiting users viewing choices.

From a vanity mirror of such a price tag, customers’ aspect all these benefits.

3- Not Suitable for Bathroom Use

Another drawback of this piece of vanity fixture is that it is not fog-resistant and hence, cannot be used in the bathroom according to your convenience. Without a defogger, this mirror will collect steam and cloud the viewing surface making it quite impossible to see your face clearly after every bath or face wash.

4- The Light doesn’t Dim

With 600LM lumen, the LED of this lighted mirror is too bright, which might dazzle users’ eyes. To downplay such brightness, Simplehuman didn’t incorporate any built-in dimmer so that you can increase and decrease the brightness according to your preference and your eye’s comfort level.

5- The Cord is not long enough

To charge the integrated lithium-ion battery, this mirror comes with an electrical cord that needs to be attached to an electrical socket. However, the cord is just 3 foot long which means that you have to place the mirror extremely close to an electrical socket; this might cause severe inconvenience to users who don’t have a power socket near to the place where you mount it.

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Now that you know everything you need to know about this Simplehuman vanity mirror, we are sure that you would be able to make a wise decision whether to buy it or not. There is no doubt that it’s an excellent piece of vanity accessory, but we don’t think it’s worth such a high price. You can check the best makeup mirror review guide.