Broken Mirror Superstition – 4 SHOCKING Symbolisms

Suppose you accidentally break a mirror. What could that mean for you?

Some people believe that when you break a mirror, it’s a bad omen. For example, this might mean you’ll experience seven years of bad luck. It can also symbolize the end of a relationship.

But where did this superstition come from? One theory is that mirrors were once believed to have magical powers, and breaking one would disrupt its powers and bring bad luck. Another idea is that broken glass represents a shattered self-image or broken relationships.

It’s important to understand why a broken mirror might be interpreted this way, so read on to learn more about the symbolism and history of broken mirrors.

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The History Of a Broken Mirror

Broken mirror superstitions have been around for CENTURIES and can be traced back to the ancient Romans. [1]

Romans Superstition

Romans believed that a broken mirror signified seven years of bad luck because it REPRESENTED a broken soul.

The ancient roman belief was linked to the concept of REFLECTION and SELF-IDENTITY. A mirror was seen as a way to see into one’s soul. Therefore, breaking a mirror could mean a fracturing of one’s soul.

The Celtic Superstition

Celts also had a similar belief that a broken mirror symbolizes BAD LUCK. In Celtic culture, mirrors were believed to represent the soul, and the reflection found in a mirror was considered a portal to the spirit world. Breaking a mirror would symbolize breaking this portal, leading to misfortune.

Pro Tip: In some cultures, it’s believed that burying the broken pieces of a mirror can reverse bad luck.

Modern Superstition

In modern times, mirrors have become more commonplace and readily available. However, superstitions about broken mirrors remain.

This can be attributed to the fear of bad luck and the symbolism of broken mirrors representing BROKEN relationships and a fractured self-image.

Let’s now dig into the various meanings associated with broken mirrors.

Check out this video on French superstitions.

Different Meanings Associated With A Broken Mirror?

There are many different meanings associated with a broken mirror. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most COMMON interpretations:

1. The End or Deterioration of a Relationship

Some people believe that a broken mirror means the end of a RELATIONSHIP, while others believe that it means you will experience seven years of bad luck. It can also symbolize the shattering of our self-image or broken relationships.

Pro Tip: This is only a  superstition and shouldn’t be taken as fact. A broken mirror does not necessarily mean the end of a relationship; it’s just a symbol that can represent such things.

2. Loss Of Good Luck or Fortune

Breaking a mirror can also be seen as LOSING good luck or fortune, as it disrupts the powers believed to be held by mirrors.

3. A shattered Self-image Or Sense Of Self 

A broken mirror also represents a FRACTURED self-image or sense of self. This is linked to the belief that mirrors reflect our SOULS, and breaking one would disrupt this reflection (and, therefore, our sense of self).

4. Disruption in Personal Energy and Vitality

Some believe mirror breaking can also disrupt personal POSITIVE ENERGY and VITALITY, leading to misfortune or bad luck. This includes evil spirits and negative energies entering one’s life.

Regardless of the specific meaning, it’s IMPORTANT to remember that a broken mirror is just an object, and its superstitions should not be taken too seriously. 

Instead, focus on taking steps to AVOID breaking mirrors in the future and move forward with positivity.

You might be wondering why and how people come up with these superstitions. Here’s how.

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What Are Some of the Psychological Effects of Superstitions?

Many people believe in superstitions because they want to feel like they have some CONTROL over their lives. Superstitions can give people a sense of security and make them feel like they’re doing something to PREVENT bad things from happening.

Coping With Stress and Anxiety

For some people, believing in superstitions is a way of coping with STRESS or ANXIETY. They may feel that they can ward off bad luck or danger if they perform certain rituals or follow specific rules.

Pro Tip: This can be comforting for some people and help them feel like they’re in control.

Coping With Uncertainty

Superstitions can also be a way of coping with UNCERTAINTY. 

People may not be able to predict the future, but they can at least hope that by following certain superstitions, they might be able to influence the OUTCOME. This can give them a sense of peace and security.

Overall, superstitions can have several different psychological effects on people. 

Some people find them comforting, while others use them to cope with stress or anxiety. 

Superstitions can also provide a sense of control and certainty in an uncertain world.

But if you believe in superstitions, there are also myths about breaking bad luck.

9 Ways to Break A Mirror’s Bad Luck?

There is no surefire way to break a mirror’s bad luck, but there are a few things you can do to help. [2] Remember, these are only superstitions and are not guaranteed to work.

#1 Spin Clockwise Three Times

One common belief is that spinning clockwise three times will break the bad luck of broken glass or even a cracked mirror.

#2 Throwing Salt Over Your Shoulder

Another belief is that chucking salt over your shoulder will BREAK the bad luck associated with glass breaking.

#3 Burning Sage

Burning sage and allowing the smoke to CIRCULATE around the broken mirror is also believed to break its bad luck.

Pro Tip: burning sage can also be used for cleansing and clearing negative energies in general, so it might be a good practice to try regardless of superstition.

#4 Burying The Broken Shards

Another superstition is to bury the broken shards of the mirror in the ground. 

This is believed to break any negative energy and avoid bad luck or the curse associated with it (be sure to wear gloves while doing this and bury the shards deep enough that they won’t be uncovered).

#5 Replacing The Mirror

Some believe that replacing the broken mirror with a new one will PREVENT bad luck from continuing.

#6 Finding Four Leaf Clovers

Finding and keeping these clovers is also believed to break bad luck and bring good fortune. These clovers can be hard to find, but if you come across one, keep it with you for luck.

#7 Using Protection Charms

Using protection charms, such as crystals or amulets, can also help prevent any negative effects from a broken mirror.

Pro Tip: the most common crystal for protection is black tourmaline, but any that resonates with you can be used.

#8 Grind The Broken Glass To Fine Powder

Some believe that grinding the broken glass to a fine powder will break any bad luck ASSOCIATED with it. This will destroy your reflection, preventing negative energy and breaking bad luck.

#9 Leave the Broken Pieces for Seven Hours

Leaving the broken pieces for seven hours is believed to allow time for any negative energy or bad luck to dissipate before moving them.

Ultimately, there is no guaranteed way to break a mirror bad luck. It’s important not to take superstitions too SERIOUSLY and focus on moving forward POSITIVELY. Taking steps like replacing the mirror or using protective charms can help give a sense of control and peace.

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What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Mirror?

In some cultures, a spiritual mirror is believed to have spiritual POWERS and can be used for various purposes, such as divination or communicating with spirits. They may also symbolize self-reflection and introspection.

Is Breaking A Compact Mirror Bad Luck?

Some believe that breaking any mirror will bring bad luck, while others believe it only applies to LARGER mirrors (like bathroom mirrors). Ultimately, it depends on the individual’s belief in superstitions.

What Does A Broken Mirror Mean In Islam?

In Islam, breaking a mirror is not necessarily seen as bad luck. However, mirrors are considered SACRED objects and should be treated with respect. Breaking one may lead to spiritual harm or NEGATIVE consequences.

What Is The Biblical Meaning Of A Broken Mirror?

There is no specific biblical meaning for a broken mirror. However, mirrors are mentioned in the Bible and are seen as SYMBOLS of vanity and self-absorption. 

What Does It Mean If I Dream Of A Broken Mirror?

Dreams can have various interpretations, ultimately depending on the individual’s personal EXPERIENCES and FEELINGS.
Some believe that dreaming of a broken mirror symbolizes self-doubt or shattered illusions about oneself. It could also represent difficulties in relationships or broken communication.


Mirrors have long been associated with superstitions and bad luck. While the reasons for this may be unclear, it’s IMPORTANT to understand why a broken mirror might be interpreted this way.

A broken mirror can represent a fractured self-image or sense of self, disruption in personal ENERGY and VITALITY, and bad luck. However, these superstitions should not be taken too seriously, and there are steps you can take to break the bad luck of a broken mirror.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some insight into the mirror’s spiritual and superstitious meanings. Remember always to have a positive outlook and strive to avoid breaking mirrors in the future.

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