BTS’ Jungkook and his trendsetting hairstyles

There is no corner of the globe now that has not probably heard of the KPop group BTS.

Whether it’s their dancey tunes or their fashion sense, the boys have not only kept their Army on their toes but other famous celebrities (1) as well.

It’s no surprise though. They’ve been dominating the music charts for years now and have even tied with the Beatles in album sales in 2020 (2).

The BTS have been fashion trendsetters from the very beginning and they have always caught the attention of media when it comes to fashion trends (3).

The one that’s caught media attention the most though is BTS’ Jungkook. More than his clothes, Jungkook has always had stylistas looking out for his latest hairstyle.

Whether it’s his haircut or his hair color, Jungkook always has it in the bag.

He’s had it long [4]. He’s had it wavy. GOSH! Even his sweaty hair during a boxing workout made a buzz on social media!

And if you think his haircut is enough to make the girls swoon and leave the men in awe, you probably even haven’t gone through the many times he’s changed his hair color – all of which have been awesome!

We’re not even talking about your regular blondes or light browns. We’re talking about his purple hair (5) in their music video for the song “Butter”, which left the whole world in a frenzy.

His blue hair (6) made it to one of the fastest trending tweets ever in Twitter history.

And, as if this weren’t enough, an interview promoting Louis Vuitton (7) just had to drive internet traffic on overdrive setting the world in a purple hair trend.

His fans call it his rainbow hair and he has fans from every part of the globe, males, and females alike, gushing over his latest do.

In an interview for Rolling Stone magazine, Jung Kook gives fans a glimpse of how much they put into everything they do, including their sense of style.

“When we first debuted, we had kind of fierce makeup, with our eyeliner and stuff, and dark outfits, fierce-looking outfits.

At that time, our company was relatively small and we couldn’t put a lot of budget into the outfits.

But now we devote a lot of time and we hold a lot of meetings to choose the outfits and the style that would go well with the songs and the album.

So I think the visual aspect is really important. The song, the dance — every individual aspect is really important.”

Indeed, it’s all about individuality and that sense of perfection that makes JungKook and the Bantang Boys stand out.

Jung Kook breaks all the rules when it comes to traditional male fashion.

He is fashion savvy and he isn’t scared to show it. His sense of style and his hair truly gives them the permission to trend!


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