Can Bathroom Mirrors Be Repaired? (Tips & Techniques)

If you’re wondering whether you can repair bathroom mirrors, the answer is an emphatic Yes! You can fix a bathroom mirror, especially if the damage is only from scratches and small cracks.

So how do you do that? Is it worth it, or should you replace the mirror?

Let’s look into that.

Key Takeaways

  • You can successfully repair bathroom mirrors if the damage isn’t extensive. 
  • Resilvering is excellent when black or brown spots become too much in a mirror.
  • Repair doesn’t restore the mirror to its original quality, which is why you might need a replacement eventually.

Can You Repair Bathroom Mirrors?

You can repair glass mirrors to some extent. However, if it’s a decorative bathroom mirror, there’s no saying you’ll get back the same quality. 

Bathroom vanity mirrors aren’t only functional but also decorative (1). What do you do when your expensive decorative mirror develops black spots or streaks?

Before considering replacement, you’ll want to know if you can repair the damage. 

All that moisture from the hot water will quickly lead to a desilvered mirror. Fortunately, bathroom mirrors like broken glass windows can also be repaired. 

How to Repair Bathroom Mirrors

Modern bathroom mirrors have a silver coating that enables them to reflect your image with the help of light.

Excess moisture will, however, damage this coating depending on the type of glass. Cheap bathroom mirrors are most susceptible to this.

The way you repair a bathroom mirror depends on the damage. A glass repair kit will help deal with minor scratches. Dark spots will need you to resilver the mirror, though. 

1. Mirror Resilvering

Resilvering is the process where, with the help of chemicals, you remove the mirror backing and then restore the shine with another silver layer.

While possible to do it yourself, it is a technical process that will consume most of your time. The best way to avoid the technical process is to look for someone that offers resilvering services.

Repair service providers could charge you between $100 and $350 for the process (2). Of course, if you want top-notch service, you’ll have to pay more.

If you want to try it yourself, this video will help.

2. DIY Repair With a Glass Kit

If you fancy your DIY skills, you can get a glass kit and start fixing away. Small cracks or dark spots usually aren’t such a big problem.

Cracks in mirrors make mirrors an eyesore and could lead to eventual breaking.

You’ll have to get a professional for the larger cracks since it’s quite a complex process.

It’s better to avoid the annoying process by considering replacing the entire mirror.

Actual project repair costs are higher than the average cost of replacing the mirror.

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3. Framing

If you have a frameless shower mirror with dark spots along the mirror edge, framing can help.

An actual frame will cost differently depending on your mirror type. However, not all the black spots will be right on the mirror edge. 

Some will be in the middle, rendering the usefulness of framing null.

Check out this video for more tips!

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Bathroom Mirror Repair vs. Replacement, Which Is Better?

While there are various options for repairing bathroom mirrors, they can be pretty expensive. The issue with resilvering a mirror is that it will never be as perfect as it used to be.

Your cool mirror will never regain the lofty beauty standards you bought it with. If you hate the brown spots on an old mirror, it makes much more sense to replace it than to repair it.

Repairing a mirror could seem affordable, but if the costs are close to the price of a new mirror, why bother?

Plus, you could spend hundreds of dollars repairing the mirror every time. Better to get a replacement at an affordable price than keep repairing.

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What Causes Mirror Damage?

Mirror desilvering is something you must deal with in bathroom mirrors. Whether a simple industrial bathroom mirror or an expensive decorative mirror, deterioration is inevitable.

The reflective coating on bathroom mirrors faces harsh extremes that make them susceptible to damage.

While most bathroom mirrors are supposed to withstand the extremes of precipitation, that can only be for so long.

Your vanity mirror will still offer the quality service of an antique mirror. But it can’t withstand the constant hot shower water for too long.

Water damage is the leading cause of the deterioration in the quality of mirrors. Therefore, mirrors are often at risk of desilvering, thanks to the environment. 

Maintaining a clean mirror will help reduce the effects of hot water. There is a variety of cleaning product options that will help you deal with cloudy mirrors or brown spots.

While this might seem like additional costs, they’ll help you reduce the risk of desilvering. 


1. Can You Fix Black Spots On A Silver Bathroom Mirror?

resilver bathroom mirror

Yes, you can. A Simple solution is to cover the spots with pieces of aluminum foil. Afterward, cover up the aluminum layers with clear tape.

2. Why Do Bathroom Mirrors Turn Black?

High moisture levels in bathrooms cause the glass & mirror coating material to separate, causing black spots.

3. How Do I Clean A Cloudy Custom Mirror?

women removing dust but how to clean a mirror spotless

A cloudy mirror needs cleaning. Rub vinegar or alcohol onto the mirror to remove the cloudiness.


Can bathroom mirrors be repaired? Yes, they can. However, that depends on the type and level of damage.

Minor cracks and black or brown spots on bathroom wall mirrors are easy enough to repair. Bits of aluminum foil could do the trick.

But that won’t bring back the pristine clarity or the depth of perception the mirror used to offer (3). That’s why it’s best to consider replacing the mirror in most cases.

cleaning a bathroom mirror

Do you have any bathroom mirror ideas that would help increase their lifespan? Please share them with us in the comments down below.


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