Broken Mirror Superstition – 4 SHOCKING Symbolisms

lady looking at the broken mirror (Broken Mirror Superstition)

Suppose you accidentally break a mirror. What could that mean for you? Some people believe that when you break a mirror, it’s a bad omen. For example, this might mean you’ll experience seven years of bad luck. It can also symbolize the end of a relationship. But where did this superstition come from? One theory … Read more

Can You Use Dry Shampoo on Keratin-Treated Hair?

lady using Dry Shampoo on Keratin-Treated Hair

Dry shampoo has become a holy grail in the hair industry. Many women swear by its ability to give hair volume and texture without weighing down their hair or leaving them smelling funky. Some even claim that they get away with skipping washing their hair altogether. But can you use dry shampoo on keratin-treated hair? … Read more

Difference Between Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blowout

Trying to decide between Keratin vs Brazilian Blowout treatments but don’t really know the difference between them? Below, we’ll explore exactly what makes each one so unique to help you decide which is better for your hair. Let’s get started! CHECK: Best Professional Hair Straightener How keratin treatment is different from Brazilian Blowout? Keratin and … Read more