7 Ways To Stop Hair From Going Fluffy After Washing It

rinsing hair with cold water

Are you looking for tips on how to stop hair from going fluffy after washing it? I struggled with hair frizziness for years before I met a fantastic hairstylist who shared a few secrets with me. And today, I’m going to spill the beans and teach you how to make your hair less frizzy. Keep … Read more

3 Unique DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame Ideas You Can Try!

So I was completing my bathroom project and thought of how to do a DIY bathroom mirror frame. I have had this mirror for over two years and could not afford to replace it. However, it had this unfinished look, so I sought out to get some bathroom mirror DIY ideas. This is a three-entry … Read more

Bathroom Mirror Edge Repair: Things & Tips You Will Need

lady repairing a mirror

The other day, I was standing at the vanity and noticed that I needed a bathroom mirror edge repair. This was after I saw some black spots on the outer edges, initially leaving me puzzled. I sought to consult a local glass expert armed with questions that needed answers. If you have the de-silvered mirror … Read more

How to Place a Mirror in the Bathroom [Tips & Tricks]

large bathroom mirror

How to place a mirror in the bathroom is a common question many homeowners ask themselves. I faced this issue recently after a bathroom remodeling project, and I must admit it was overwhelming. However, it did not take much time before I learned the best ways to hang and place my bathroom mirror. That said, … Read more

How To Make Curly Hair Grow Down Instead Of Out? (Tricks)

“Why does my hair grow out and not down?” If you have curly hair like me, you have probably asked yourself this question numerous times!  Trust me, and I’ve been there. After extensive research and experience, I’ve found foolproof ways to ensure my hair stays down and my curl pattern stays intact. Ready to dive … Read more