Bathroom Mirror Shape: 10 Styles You Can Choose From

Does the bathroom mirror shape matter? Oh yes, it does. I used to think all bathroom mirrors should be square or rectangular for a fuller reflection. How wrong I was. Designers agree mirror shapes matter in making a bathroom more stylish (1). And let me tell you, bathroom mirrors can come in many forms. Let’s … Read more

How Much Does a Bathroom Mirror Cost? [Detailed Analysis]

lighted bathroom mirror

How much does a bathroom mirror cost? That question will inevitably come up whenever you plan to upgrade your bathroom with high-quality mirrors.  When embarking on this project myself, I asked if there was a universally accepted cost estimate for a mirror. I wanted to pass on what I learned from my experience and talking … Read more

Can the Bathroom Mirror Be Wider Than the Vanity? (Answered)

Can the bathroom mirror be wider than the vanity? Mirrors are a must-have, especially if you can get the best lighted bathroom mirrors. However, determining the size is often an issue for many. I’ve been to houses with a bathroom mirror bigger than vanity, and honestly, I found them a tad weird. So how big … Read more