3 Unique DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame Ideas You Can Try!

So I was completing my bathroom project and thought of how to do a DIY bathroom mirror frame. I have had this mirror for over two years and could not afford to replace it.

However, it had this unfinished look, so I sought out to get some bathroom mirror DIY ideas. This is a three-entry list of my ideas; you can pick one or all to give your boring builder-grade mirror character.

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3 Easy DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame Ideas

Before you set out to read about my bathroom mirror makeover ideas, note that these DIY processes are simple and easy to follow.

Moreover, you can get most of the tools and materials from your local store at no extra cost.

1. The Removable Mirror Frame

With this DIY project, you can do it in your rental space without the risk of deposit forfeiting or your landlord citing damage. All you need for the project is a couple of boards, ensuring you have the exact measurements required. (1)

Another essential thing needed is a bunch of command strips since you will not need wood glue. Here is how to go about it.

  • Sand your board pieces and stain them to match your bathroom design. You can use the Minwax wood stain as I did for my basement bathroom mirror or a color of choice.
  • Clean your mirror using isopropyl alcohol since you do not want to mount the wood frame on a dirty mirror. However, ensure to use a glass-friendly cloth that leaves no strips behind.
  • Stick the command strips onto the frames, mount them onto the mirror edges, and apply pressure to secure the board. However, as a rule of thumb, let the command strips cure for a couple of hours before sticking the frames.
  • Repeat step three for all the boards; you now have a sight to marvel at.

For a visual presentation of this rental-friendly DIY bathroom mirror project, check out the She Makes 31 YouTube video.

2. Frame Your Basic Builder-Grade Mirror

If you live in a builder-grade home, you probably have a basic bathroom mirror with no character. This is because the builder simply had no time to design a wood mirror frame, which was not convenient and time-saving for them.

Luckily, you do not have to change the mirror, as this DIY project guarantees a rustic style final look. Here is a list of what you need for this DIY bathroom mirror frame project.

  • Miter saw
  • Meter square
  • MDF boards
  • Paintbrush/ density foam paint roller
  • Construction adhesive
  • Chaulk paint
  • Tape measure

Here is how to go about it.

  • Using the tape measure, take accurate measurements of the mirror frame and transfer the dimensions to the MDF board. Now use the saw to place the miter cuts on the boards.
  • Hold up the boards against the mirror stricture to ensure each board fits into the space perfectly. This step helps avoid measurement mismatch or protruding boards, which will be a noticeable problem.
  • Spray the type of paint you love, covering all the MDF sides. This all-sided painting helps avoid seeing a mirror reflection of the unpainted face.
  • Use construction adhesive to mount the frame to the mirror, ensuring the glue is not near the edge as this makes it visible. Also, get a mirror or bathroom-specific adhesive to prevent moisture problems.
  • Finish up with caulking the seams and any paint retouch needed.

And there you have it; you have revamped the entire space wall within a couple of hours. This project is budget-friendly, does not need hiring a wood professional, and allows you to have backlit mirrors for bathroom.

3. The Kitchen Tiles DIY Mirror Frame

Another excellent bathroom mirror DIY project you will love doing is this one. All you need is to have some spare kitchen tiles lying around; moreover, a DIY is all about what you have, right?

What’s more, if you do not have the tiles, you cannot miss them on the shelves of a local store near you or order online. That said, you will need a bunch of kitchen tiles, a caulk gun, and liquid nails/ glue of choice. (2)

  • Take up the tile and remove the mesh placed on the backside. Depending on the mirror improvement project design in mind, tear the tile into strips.
  • Using the caulk gun, apply a small bead of adhesive all over the tile’s backside, and stick it to the mirror edges. Ideally, start on the lower edge.
  • Repeat the second step around the vanity mirror edges, ensuring the tiles are well secured. Moreover, avoid using excess glue on the frameless mirror as it will affect the finished product’s appearance.

For a more detailed and visual explanation of this DIY bathroom mirror frame idea, check out Regina Mankah’s YouTube video.

Moreover, check out this guide on how to decorate a mirror with lights for that modern finish. Trust me; your hubby will praise you for this master bathroom mirror frame.


How Can I add a DIY wood frame to my huge mirror without drilling?

lighted mirror

There are various ways to add DIY custom mirror frames to your bathroom mirror without interfering with the accent wall. They include using command strips, liquid nails, or mirror-specified adhesive of choice.

How and when should I stain or paint a floor mirror frame?

You can stain your pieces of wood with any type of spray paint color or use a foam paint brush. Ideally, apply the coat of paint after sanding the outer edges/surfaces.

How do I frame around mirror clips?

Framing your hanged bathroom mirror is possible; use a chisel or a Dremel tool to notch the points. Use thin washers on the drilled holes for a farmhouse-style DIY mirror finished product look.


Replacing your builder-grade bathroom mirrors can be pricey, overstretching your bathroom improvement project. However, a DIY bathroom mirror frame offers a lucrative way to revamp boring mirrors.

The above are three unique ways to leave your decorative mirror with a modern and new look. Moreover, you can use these methods to revamp the guest bathroom, master bathroom frame, and other mirrors around the house.

girl looking at the mirror with simple Bathroom Mirror Frame Ideas


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