Flat Ironed Natural Hairstyles For Everyone

Women love hot tools because they make their dream hairstyle come true!

With the help of a flat iron, there are so many tricks that you can do to achieve a jaw-dropping look. Whether you are attending a wedding or a cocktail party, get ready to rock a gorgeous natural hairstyle ASAP.

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1. Sleek & Straight

Want a flawless look? A long straight hair with face framing would be perfect for you! To get super straight and glossy hair, you will need a heat protectant mist or spray and a hair straightening tool. The purpose of the heat protectant spray is obviously to shield your hair from heat damage. It also helps get a shiny finish. 


  • First, spray hair with a hair protectant. Let it sit and dry for about a couple of minutes.
  • Iron hair in small sections (maybe in 1-2 inch section). Using a fine-tooth comb to arrange or detangle hair before passing flat iron helps achieve a perfectly sleek appearance.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your newly straightened hair, you may put some hair serum on your hair to boost shine and keep hair smelling fresh.

2. Let the Chalk Do the Talk

Woman with blonde and pink hair

Hair color can add more spice to your already unique character. So why don’t you play around with colors! Whether straight or wavy, you can use colored hair chalks on your styled hair in any shade or color that you want.

Temporary hair chalks are a cool way to explore another side of your personality. Add some delicious highlights on your locks, or go full-on unicorn hairdo. If you’re ready to be the party’s eye candy, grab your hand gloves and get started. 


  • Wet the strands or sections you want to color. 
  • Run colored hair chalk over each hair section until you achieve the desired color intensity or shade. There are a few variations of hair chalks [1]. There’s a liquid type, spray, stick, and compact hair chalk available. 
  • After coloring, let it dry for a few minutes. 
  • To lock in color, use a flat iron on colored sections.

3. Naturally Sexy Curls

Nobody can ignore naturally sexy beach curls. So if you want to make some heads turn at a beach party or impress someone on your first date night, grab your hot tool(if you don’t have one, check out how to use flexi rods for beach waves) and let’s do it. 


  • To prevent frizz and boost volume, apply a texturing hair spray or cream to your hair. Then blow-dry. 
  • Create some bends on your hair’s upper portion to the midsection. Grab about an inch thick of hair horizontally. Clamp iron around hair strands and then twist the flat iron away from your face. 
  • Glide the flat iron slowly down and repeat the above step until you reach the ends (depending on hair length)
  • Quick hack: Try sleeping in a braided pigtail. You sure will wake up to fabulous curls the next morning!

4. Straightened Ponytail

woman walking in field

To get cute ponytails for long straight hair:

  • Spritz on some hair protectant spray on your hair. Let it dry for a minute.
  • Straighten hair with a flat iron. 
  • Apply some smoothening serum or cream, and then pull your hair up into a pony. You may leave out some strands to hide the elastic band. And that’s it!

5. Heat-Layered Hairstyle

A flat-ironed layer can add volume to naturally thin hair types. And it’s super quick and easy to do!


  • You can either deep side part or center part your hair.
  • Spray a heat protectant on your hair and leave it to dry for a couple of minutes.
  • For long hair, create small twists and curls from the middle down to the end section of your hair strands. Do this step in small 2-inch hair sections. 

6. Old-school Bangs

Retro and vintage never go out of glam. They always stay chic and trendy regardless. Great for formal dinner parties and the red carpet feel!

There are a lot of variations to vintage or retro hairstyles. We have updos, fringed hairstyles, but we can keep it simple by wearing hair down and accessorizing with a hairband for a fab throwback hairdo.


  • Spray some heat protectant before straightening hair. No need to make it super straight. You can even make ends a bit wavy for an edgier appeal. 
  • Sweep your bangs to the side and straighten them with a flat iron for a sleeker look. 
  • Tie hair with a colorful or polka bandana. A cute hairband can also do the trick.

Does flat ironing permanently change hair?

A person ironing a woman's hair

We can’t change the natural shape and texture of our hair unless we change the shape of our hair follicle. However, chemical treatments and heat application can help break keratin and hydrogen bonds in our hair, straightening it in the process. 

A chemical-based straightener can produce long-term results of up to six months. Heat-styling or using a flat iron can only give you temporary straightening or smoothing results.

Excessive heat application and the use of chemicals on hair can damage your locks; therefore, if you don’t want to permanently change your hair for the worse, exercise caution and proper pre-styling preparations before styling your hair.

You can flat iron natural hair, whether it’s straight or curly. But slightly wavy hair is easier and faster to straighten compared to naturally curly thick hair. If you have straight but unruly hair, you can smoothen it out and look sleeker by applying hair serum after heat-styling.

Remember that preparing your hair for heat-styling is a vital hair protective step. You may also be wondering if you can put coconut oil on your hair before flat ironing as an alternative to a leave-on hair protectant. Yes, you can. 

Natural oils like VCO or virgin coconut oil, argan oil, and grapeseed oil are good hair protectants. A few drops of any of these oils before hair straightening can add shine to your mane after styling. 

When you have free time over weekends, why don’t you treat your hair with a deep-conditioning oil treatment to keep it moisturized and vibrant?

In Summary

Our looks can dramatically switch from good to bad depending on our hairstyle. 

We know that even a simple fringe can transform our overall appearance in an instant. Hot tools are definitely a useful beauty gadget that we should thank inventors for. They not only allow flexible hair-styling options, but they are also such a lifesaver, especially when you’re having a bad hair day.

We hope this gave you some valuable tips, and feel free to check other articles out at Instraight.

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