How Often Should You Microneedle? (+ Preparation Tips)

Do you want to learn how often should you microneedle for the best results? 

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As an avid user, I can safely say that microneedling or collagen induction therapy has absolutely changed my life for the better! 

Thanks to this incredible cosmetic treatment, I’ve bid adieu to my uneven skin texture and age spots!

Here’s all you need to know about this amazing treatment and how you can get youthful skin fast!

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How Often Can You Microneedle?

You can either use at-home microneedling pens and do it yourself or get it done by a professional

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Depending on which route you choose, the frequency will differ. When you get it done with a licensed practitioner, you can safely get this facial treatment once every month or every 4 to 6 weeks. 

However, a thing to note is that you may get better and faster results when taking the professional route. Of course, that is costlier too. 

After effective treatment, your skin will need some healing time. While this process occurs, you may notice your superficial skin concerns fading away.

Now, who doesn’t want that? 

How often should you microneedle if you’re doing it at home?

Well,  you can use a quality derma roller, with short needles safely two or three times per week. 

So, how long does it take for microneedling to work? 

Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson, assistant clinical professor of dermatology says, “Home treatments rarely go deep enough to give dramatic results but can enhance exfoliation and product absorption.”   (1)

“Patients who are consistent with home treatments over a four to six-month period can definitely see improvements,” she adds. 

Microneedling helps you achieve supple skin that looks and feels healthy, so you may be tempted to overdo it. But, if you do so, it could result in broken capillaries. 

Macrene Alexiades, a certified dermatologist says, “Frequent microneedling can lead to broken capillaries “and predispose skin to a plastic look if you over-abuse it with repeated microneedle insults.” (2)

It is important to allow full recovery between each treatment session, or you will cause additional skin damage instead of healing it. 

This dermatologist explains more about microneedling in this video.

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How Long Does It Take For Microneedling to Work?

Getting an appointment with your aesthetician and using professional microneedling devices are sure to bring forth the best results for your skin health. 

However, remember that you will probably not see extreme results in the first session. 

Dr. Peterson Pierre,  a board-certified dermatologist says, “As soon as the micro wounds are created within the skin, the body’s wound-healing processes respond to heal them. Your skin may look plump and radiant for up to two weeks following the treatment.”  (3) 

But, for best results, you’ll need more. So, how many sessions of microneedling do you need? Most dermatologists recommend three to six treatments spaced out every four to six weeks for optimal results. 

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Dr. Pierre adds, “The best results, however, can take six to eight weeks to appear. That’s when the increased collagen effects become evident.”

You may need more or less depending on your skin type and concerns. However, by the third session, you should see a significant improvement in your skin. 

Do I Need to Continue Treatments Long-Term?

If you want your hard-earned facial gains to stay, and I’m sure you do, you will benefit by continuing the treatments for the long term. 

You don’t have to make monthly appointments after much of your skin concerns are taken care of. But it is a good idea to get two or three sessions every year to keep on top of your skin health. 

And if you need additional treatments, you can always make more appointments at your dermatologist’s. 

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How Long Does A Microneedling Treatment Last?

Skin needling helps with skin cell turnover resulting in cell growth and production of collagen fibers that help you achieve amazing skin. 

But are the results permanent? And if not, how long can you expect the results of using a microneedling pen to last? 

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Sadly, nothing is permanent. But the good part is you won’t need as many clinic appointments after your initial sessions.

The average patient will only need two or three additional treatment appointments a year to keep their skin conditions at bay. 

But if you feel a surge of age-related skin concerns, which is quite normal as people age, you may want to get more maintenance treatments. 

What Are the Side effects of micro-needling?

 Does microneedling cause breakouts? And are there other side effects you should know about? 

To be entirely honest, I have had some acne breakouts after skin needling. Thankfully, it didn’t last long and cleared up on its own. 

There are a few other side effects, such as redness and swelling, but these are short-lived and usually go away by day two.

I like to give my skin a rest for the first 48 hours. After the 48 hours are over,  I can put on makeup just without any issues. 

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Where Can I Get Micro-Needling Done? 

It is best to get the microneedling sessions done at a certified dermatologist’s office because they know what’s best for your skin. 

can you microneedle after botox

You don’t want to go to just any salon and let them stab your face with fine rollers, do you? 

Dr. Pierre says, “This is your face, after all, so you want it in the best hands so you can get the best results while minimizing any side effects.” 

It is best to check the doctor’s credentials before letting them perform any procedure on your skin.

While it is best for the doctor to perform the session, any well-trained staff member can safely perform the treatment on your face. 

How To Be Prepared For Microneedling Treatment? 

Here are some things to keep in mind before you show up to your appointment. 

Before the appointment 

1. No tanning 

It is best to avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds at least 24 hours before your appointment day. 

Sun exposure and tanning beds can irritate your skin and worsen the effects of microneedling instead of benefitting you. 

2. Avoid certain skincare products

Before you get to your appointment, you will want to steer clear of any skincare products that can irritate your skin. 

Products with retinoids and those with acids such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid exfoliate your skin on a cellular level. 

When used in conjunction with your microneedle, it can cause an allergic reaction or even overdrying. It is best to stop using these products at least three days prior to your appointment. 

On the appointment day 

1. Go with a clean face

Show up completely barefaced to your appointment. If you have makeup on, make sure to remove everything and use a gentle cleanser on your skin. 

a woman using a gentle cleanser

2. Apply serums to maximize benefits

After the session is over, you can multiply the benefits of your treatment by applying healing serums. I personally love my hyaluronic acid serum because it feels soothing on the face and hydrates my face. 

Also, it is important to wait at least four hours before washing your face again.  

After the treatment

1. Avoid the sun

Your skin will be at its most vulnerable when the treatment is over. During this time it is important that you take utmost care to prevent damage. 

Avoid the sun for a few days after the treatment. I like to wrap a scarf around my face with just my eyes showing if I have to go out on errands. 

You don’t have to be as extreme as me, but this strategy has worked pretty well for me.

2. Avoid some skincare products

All the above-mentioned skincare products you need to avoid before the treatment must also be avoided until after your skin has healed. 

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Microneedling often leads to peeling, which begins around the third day due to an increment in cell turnover. While you should not be picking at your skin at any cost, you must also make sure to stave off products that peel your skin even more. 

Embrace your trusty moisturizer and a good SPF. Wait for at least a week before you reintroduce other skincare products to your beauty regimen. 

You should have healthier skin in about a week or two of getting the session. 

3. Get an appointment again

At four to six weeks after your appointment at the doctor’s, it may be a good idea to get follow-up treatment. 

For best results, you will need a few sessions at an interval of 4 to 6 weeks. 

How long does it take?

Microneedling is a short procedure that packs a whole lot of goodness into less than 30 minutes. 

You don’t need it done on your face for a long time when going to a dermatologist because professional needles are larger than at-home derma rollers. Using them for a long time could do more harm than good. 

So, all you need is it sort out an hour of your time to visit your doctor and get an effective treatment session. 

Here is a full video on microneedling, what to expect, and how to prepare yourself for the appointment. 


Is Microneedling Good For Your Skin?

Absolutely. Microneedling treatment is great for smoothing out uneven skin tone, getting rid of dark spots, and helping fade out acne scars.

Can Microneedle Be Combined With Other Treatments?

Several treatments can be combined, with microneedling. Some of these treatments include intense pulsed light (IPL), chemical peels, radiofrequency, platelet-rich plasma injections, and subcision.

What Age Should You Start Microneedling?

blonde girl using a derma roller on her face but how often to use derma roller?

It is best to start microneedling in your 20s to boost the collagen production in your skin and get the skin used to producing collagen over time by itself. This treatment should not be used by people below the age of 16.

Is It Possible To Overdo Microneedling?

Yes. Microneedling your face more than once or twice a week could be damaging skin instead of making it better. It is also unsafe if you’re using too much pressure and not keeping your roller clean.


I hope this guide helped answer your question of how often should you microneedle. Microneedling has so many benefits, and I can vouch for its effectiveness. 

These minimally invasive treatments are kind to my dry skin, and just days after treatment, I can see my skin looking healthier and so much better. 

I love getting it done at the doctor’s, but if I’m low on time, I trust my handy derma roller for upkeeping the benefits of skin needling. 

Needless to say, I am a fan for life! And if you want the best for your skin, I suggest you start getting some of those micro-injuries too. 

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How often do you microneedle? Let us know below!


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