How to Place a Mirror in the Bathroom [Tips & Tricks]

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How to place a mirror in the bathroom is a common question many homeowners ask themselves. I faced this issue recently after a bathroom remodeling project, and I must admit it was overwhelming.

However, it did not take much time before I learned the best ways to hang and place my bathroom mirror.

That said, here is a guide to help you understand the correct mirror placement and also check out some of the LED bathroom mirror reviews.

Where Should Bathroom Mirrors Be Placed?

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The most common and ideal place to set your mirror is above the vanity. Everyone in the house will likely stand in this space either hand washing, checking on their makeup, or brushing. (1)

However, there are instances where the bathroom designer sets architectural obstacles, like a window above the bathroom vanity. You may also be in the spirit of experimenting with things and choose not to have the bathroom mirror in that designated area.

In that case, you can explore various bathroom mirror ideas, like having an ultra-wide mirror spanning the entire wall space. Another acceptable option is to go for floating mirrors that you can hang freely on wall hooks.

Per the bathroom Vastu principles, mirrors placed in the bathroom space have a role in managing the energy present. That said, Vastu experts discourage setting up your bathroom mirror on the door as this reflects the energy to your living space.

Another issue to avoid is placing the mirror opposite the toilet seat, doubling the toilet bowl’s negative energy. And lastly, avoid putting your mirror in the darker corners since this will increase the dark shades.


How to Place a Mirror in the Bathroom?

How you place your bathroom mirror depends on the type of mirror and space planning. There are several types of bathroom mirrors, each with its unique proper placement technique.

The standard mirror types in the market include framed and frameless models. Here are simple procedures for mounting each on the bathroom wall space.

Frameless Mirror

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This is a tricky mirror to handle and will usually need an extra hand. I had to ask a neighbor to help, so be on the lookout for a helping hand. 

  1. Mark out the spot you want to hang your mirror with a pencil or marker. And ensure to catch all the edges to avoid imbalance, then set it aside.
  2. Mark the edges and measure a couple of inches toward the center on each respective edge. This marked length is where you will place your brackets.
  3. Mount your brackets onto the wall with care to ensure they are firmly secured. That said, getting a drywall anchor is essential if you have drywall, and if the mounting space is wooden, you are set to go.
  4. Take the mirror, slide it into the lower brackets, and fasten the top edge screws to hold the mirror in place.

Framed Mirror

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The procedure follows the one above, only that the hooks replace the brackets. And depending on the type of mirror you have, you may have to get several screws.

And if you are getting a mirror wider than your vanity, note that this is not recommended. As a general rule of thumb, your mirror’s length should not exceed the vanity’s width.

Here is a YouTube video from BathroomVanitiesHelp on choosing the right mirror depending on the vanity’s measurements.

How High to Hang a Bathroom Mirror?

When considering how high to hang a bathroom mirror, note that there are no standards for this mounting. However, the bathroom ceiling height matters significantly, so it is not one standard that fits all households or bathrooms.

Ideally, your mirror should be 4-5 inches higher from the bathroom sink. Also, ensure the average height of the mirror is suitable for everyone’s use despite their size.

The ideal approach is to have the mirror at eye level so the user can see the entirety of their face. The last thing you want is a mirror that crops your hairline or needs you to strain your neck to check your shirt’s collar.

As a standard rule, you should also hoist the mirror above the actual faucet to prevent backsplash to the mirror. And if you are a DIY person, this video shows how far from the sink the mirror should be.

And if you are wondering how to hang a bathroom mirror without drilling, know it is possible. The mounting procedure for this type of mirror needs wall-friendly materials like mirror adhesives, toggle bolts, and command strips. 

Also, note that the optimal mirror height should be 4-7 feet above the ground or 5-10 inches above the vanity sink.


How much space should be between the vanity light and mirror?

There is no standard for how much space you can leave between the vanity lighting and the mirror. However, ensure the distance is about 12 inches or more but feel free to adjust according to taste.

Should a bathroom mirror be hung horizontally or vertically?

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It does not matter whether you place your mirror vertically or horizontally. Note that the proper placement of mirrors depends on the size and shape, bathroom height, and aesthetic design.

Where should I mount a bathroom mirror, according to Feng Shui?

The right area to mount your mirror is on the door. In this way, the mirror will prevent the positive energy from entering the space while keeping the bad energy contained within the toilet.

What is the best length for a bathroom mirror?

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The ideal size for a bathroom mirror spans 70%-80% of the total vanity’s width. However, if you have provision for fixtures like light sconces, the perfect mirror length is 60% to 70%.


Having the perfect choice of bathroom mirror is a dream of every homeowner. However, this dream can be challenging to realize due to various factors like architectural obstacles and space planning.

You should not give up because this guide shines a light on how to place a mirror in the bathroom.

It is, therefore, up to you to make a bold choice and have the ultimate mirror that magnifies your bathroom’s ambiance. 

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