10 Famous Jungkook’s hairstyles that kept fans Hooked.

The BTS has always been an enigmatic group with a loyal Army of fans spanning all regions globally.

They have always been known for their exquisite sense of style and outlandish hairstyles and hair color, making them trendsetters in fashion.

The one known to push the envelope for hair among the Bangtan Boys is its youngest member, Jeon Jung-kook, more famously known as Jungkook.

Among all of them, Jungkook has always kept his fans on their toes, waiting for what surprise Jungkook has when it comes to his never-ending change of haircuts.

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Here are some of his most famous hairstyles, which have kept the internet world abuzz.

#1 The Bedhead

Not everyone can get away with that “just got out of bed” look, with all his locks tussled everywhere. I’d probably look like a dirty mop if I did that. But no! Not Jungkook! This is a look he can simply rock.

#2 The Long Perm

Those curled locks may have shocked the world, but they did capture hearts. Just when everyone thought that perms for women, here comes Jungkook crashing barriers and stereotypes. Never did perms look sexy on men until Jungkook.

#3 The Straight Hair Look

Even without doing anything to his naturally straight hair, limp never looked better. It just proves that he can get away with not doing anything at all regarding hairstyle. No hair styling products are necessary.

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#4 The Midpart

A simply clean look. Wavy hair part in the middle. To everyone else, this may be the same as the long perm. But diehard fans of Jungkook, like me, know this is different. We understand, and we LOVE IT!

#5 The Maltese

That puppy look! Who can resist that hairstyle that makes you want to take Jungkook home?

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#6 The Undercut

From long to an incredibly short, almost shaved undercut. Talk about a rebellious streak.

#7 The Ban-kkan

It’s a mix of his short waves with just the right amount of bangs. Others describe it as his half-down, half-pushed back look. Whatever. I’ll call it Jungkook.

#8 The Bowl Cut

This one set the trend for many males the world over. For some reason, though, it fit just Jungkook.

#9 The Man Bun

Oh yes! When every male attempted the male bun, Jungkook went that way too. And boy, did it fit!

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Check his man bun in this video and judge for yourself!

#10 The Boy Next Door

Just a neat, clean and crisp look that you would want to bring home to mom and dad. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind.

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In Conclusion

Now you know why Jungkook creates such a huge buzz every time he goes out with a new look.

With the many different hair colors that he plays with, Jungkook can surely make anyone melt like butter!

Check out this video and see how Jungkook’s hairstyle has evolved through time.

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