Pretty in Periwinkle: Pantone Predicts the Hottest Color of 2022

Pantone has spoken, and periwinkle is 2022’s Color of the Year!

Expect to see it everywhere from clothes to walls to makeup and, yes, maybe even hair!

Think Katy Perry circa 2016ish!

Even if it doesn’t become a hot hair trend this year, you might want to go against the tide and have fun with Pantone’s color of the year (see it up close in the video below).

Have fun with periwinkle

The great thing about Pantone’s Very-Peri periwinkle hair is that you can try it in many combinations!

Try it in ombre, in combination with other colors OR, if you are totally bold and daring, go straight full periwinkle.

It’s a great color that is pretty light and subtle while being pretty chic and bold too. I personally love how it looks in the video below:

Getting periwinkle pretty Without Destroying Your Hair

Unless you’re blessed with light-colored locks, getting peri-pretty means bleaching your hair.

I highly recommend having a professional do this for you. Even if you plan to go peri on your own, at least let a pro do the bleaching process.

For those who don’t have the budget or time to go to a salon for that periwinkle look, I predict that by this time next month you’ll have no problem finding the shade all over beauty salons.

Check out this video to see what it looks like when you DIY it with Arctic Fox on light hair:

If you’re feeling a bit daring but not too sure about the look, you can also check out wash-out color sprays first before you take that final dive.

Some brands even work relatively well on dark hair, although you won’t get quite the periwinkle effect as you would on lighter shades.

Periwinkle Hair Care

If you have decided to take that periwinkle plunge, keep in mind that the bleaching process will create some damage to your locks.

To make up for this, you will have to take some extra care in order to avoid extreme dryness and brittleness that may cause hair breakage.

Check out the tips in this video, then read on for more:

Wash it less often

Bleaching tends to strip hair of its natural oils and washing often does this even further. Washing bleached hair often leads to dryness which may result in extreme damage.

Lessening those shampoo days gives time for your scalp to produce natural oil which will help your hair retain moisture more.

Dry shampoos are a great option for those non-wash days if you must get rid of that oily, stringy look during your non-shampoo days.

Here’s how to use it the right way:

Avoid heat styling.

Again, bleaching as is already causes damage to your hair strands. Heat styling can cause even further damage.

You’ll want to avoid flat irons or heated curlers as much as you can. If you like having those curls, you can try these non-heat curling methods for that special look.

Use hair care products for colored hair.

You will want to use hair products that provide extra conditioning in order to keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

You will also need products that are paraben-free in order to keep the shade for a long time.

There are many products and brands meant especially for colored hair. You can check them out and see what’s right for you.

It’s not always that you will want to keep up with current trends. Sometimes, you need that sense of individuality in order for you to stand out.

Having periwinkle hair is a great way for you to come out stylish and yet pretty low-key. Best of all, periwinkle hair can be a hundred percent fun too!

What do you think of the Pantone Color of the Year? Will you try out periwinkle hair? Share below!

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