Sizing the Mirror Above Your Bathroom Vanity (Simple Guide)

Sizing the mirror above your bathroom vanity is something many people don’t know how to do. How many inches wide or tall will the mirror have to be?

Bathroom mirrors should be several inches shorter than the vanity, and most people use 2 to 4 inches as the base difference.

In this article, I’ll discuss everything that goes into sizing and installing a vanity bathroom mirror. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • A bathroom mirror should be a few inches shorter and narrower than the vanity.
  • The ceiling height should also affect the mirror size you choose. A tall person should be able to use the mirror at eye level.
  • Though rectangle mirrors are the most common, you can choose any mirror shape for a bathroom.
  • You can use different styles of bulb lights to add a warm finish to a bathroom mirror.

Sizing Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

No bathroom space is ever complete without a mirror. The mirror, an essential component of personal grooming, fulfills several aesthetic preferences for the bathroom.

what color should my bathroom mirror be

What size mirror can you install in your bathroom, though? How many inches tall should it be? Sizing the mirror above your bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be hard.

The mirror has to be smaller than the vanity. But how many inches narrower or shorter, exactly?

It should be four inches narrower than the bathroom vanity and two to four inches shorter.

So if you have a wide vanity, you’ll need a wide wall mirror if going for a single mirror. For instance, a 30-inch vanity needs a mirror 29 inches wide or less.

The vanity can be the same width as the mirror, but the mirror should never be larger than the vanity.

That’s to avoid the mirror overpowering the bathroom. Plus, it also looks more stylish if there are a few inches of space between the vanity and the mirror’s edge.

A double vanity will need one larger mirror or double mirrors, and so will a double sink.

Having the mirror at the center of the vanity is another bathroom mirror design rule to always adhere to. The mirror shouldn’t leave too much extra space on the sides.

Many Americans regard bathrooms as sacred (1). So it would be best if you ensured the mirrors you add don’t jeopardize this relaxed atmosphere.

What Is the Best Height for My Bathroom Mirror?

A mirror shouldn’t be too far away from the bottom of the bathroom or the ceiling.

Peter Salerno, an art installation company owner, says the mirror should go a standard height of 60 inches from the floor to the mirror’s center point.

Here is a video of his advice on how to install mirrors.

A tall person will need a tall mirror to use it comfortably. Tall people should also be able to see the mirror at eye level.

You’ll need to measure your bathroom vanity or sink to get all these measurements right.

Use a tape measure to check the height and width of your vanity before buying a mirror. It is easier to buy the correct mirror size than to replace a vanity!

Choosing the Correct Shape for a Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors come in all kinds of sizes and shapes. Of these shapes, however, rectangular mirrors are some of the most famous for bathrooms.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have an oval or square-shaped mirror in your bathroom.

Oval mirrors are also quite ideal for bathroom vanities, especially if it’s a decorative mirrors. You can even go for a hexagon-shaped mirror. The shape entirely depends on you.

I’m wedded to rectangular shape mirrors, and nothing anyone says can make me change them.

Traditional mirror shapes are great for wide mirrors that can cover entire walls.

But organic shapes are also a consideration for bathroom mirrors in these modern times.

What Kind of Lighting Is Best for Bathroom Mirrors?

Most traditional mirrors didn’t come with light fixtures. But modern frameless or framed mirror types can have a source of overhead light.

Proper lighting for mirrors became more popular with smart mirrors (2).

lighted bathroom mirror

I think the best lights for a mirror are brightly colored LED bulbs. Some people opt for natural light, but it can’t compare to the power of an LED bulb emitting colorful or white light.

Look at how beautiful this mirror is with several LED lights.

You can turn on the style for that relaxed atmosphere you want in a bathroom by adding a light source.

Vanity lighting could help you make the bathroom more relaxed. Wall lights can also work well, enhancing reflections with bright white light.


1. How Do You Size A Bathroom Mirror?

Bathroom mirror ideas for double vanity

The easiest way to size a bathroom mirror is to get one some inches narrower and shorter than the bathroom vanity.

2. Can A Bathroom Mirror Be Larger Than The Vanity?

A bathroom mirror can be larger than the vanity if you want it to be. But the best way is to have the mirror inches smaller than the vanity.

3. What Is The Best Mirror Size For A 72-Inch Vanity?

A 72-inch vanity will work best with mirror sizes between 66 and 68 inches wide.


Sizing the mirror above your bathroom vanity isn’t a tricky thing. Once you know the size of your vanity, you’ll be halfway to knowing the best size of your bathroom mirror.

The bathroom mirror should be narrower and shorter than the vanity by a few inches. It should also be a suitable distance from the floor and ceiling.

That means you should have some wall space between the mirror for wall-mounted fixtures. After deciding the size, you’ll be ready to choose the shape you want.

Sizing the Mirror Above Your Bathroom Vanity

What bathroom mirror shape most excites you? Please share with me in the comments down below.


1. Myers R. That Most Dangerous, Sacred American Space, the Bathroom. Anthropology Now. 2018;10:40–50.

2. Miotto R, Danieletto M, Scelza JR, Kidd BA, Dudley JT. Reflecting health: smart mirrors for personalized medicine. npj Digital Medicine. 2018;1.