Texturizers vs Relaxers For Natural Hair, Choose Wisely!

Do you have natural curls? Are you tired of styling your curly hair? If you plan on straightening the hair chemically, there are multiple options; among them, we have texturizers and relaxers. Both these options are quite similar, so it’s better to understand how texturizers and relaxers differ. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will find which one suits your needs. Whatever your business is in hair straightening, or you simply plan on getting a different look altogether, you must know the exact difference between texturizers vs relaxers. These are the chemical processes that permanently make your hair strands straight or change your curls pattern, but the critical difference lies between the result and the process of these chemical treatments. Are you planning to schedule an appointment with your hairstylist? Before investing in your hair styling treatment, check out this article on texturizer vs. relaxer differences.

What Are Hair Texturizers and Relaxers?

Have a look at the features of the texturizer vs. relaxer. We listed down a hair texturizer, relaxer, ingredients, uses, benefits, and much more.

Hair Texturizer

This type of chemical is left on hair for a duration of 5-10 minutes. Namely, this is a chemical process that helps loosen the natural curl pattern of your hair. In this procedure, the chemicals alter the protein structure, namely the keratin that makes up the hair pattern. Hair texturizers help to break the hair protein bond leading to the loose curl patterns.


Texturizers are usually packed and labeled, claiming that they are better and healthier for your hair. Therefore, check the ingredient labeling before choosing between texturizers vs relaxers. Most of the texturizers contain calcium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide.

Use of Texturizer

Ladies posing with natural wavy hair These chemicals are applied when you don’t want to lose your curly hair. They loosen your natural curls giving your hair a wavy texture.

Benefits Of Hair Texturizer

Hair texturizers are basically designed for people who don’t want to change their curl pattern. Instead, they want to loosen their natural curls. Bear in mind that these chemical processes permanently alter the natural curl pattern. If you have thick non-detangle curls and love your curls a lot, opt for hair texturizers. These chemicals allow you to comb through curly hair and easily manage them. A hair texturizer can:
  • Offer you manageable curls
  • Boost up your hair shine
  • Reduce the flyways and frizzy hair
  • Enhance hair growth
  • Allows you to try new hairstyles

Hair Relaxers

This treatment is usually applied to hair for around 20 minutes. Be mindful of the duration period when applying the treatment, as even two minutes can change the way your hair looks. If you seek an utterly straight look, then put the relaxer on for more than 20 minutes, and for a slightly relaxed look, keep it on a maximum of 20 minutes. Relaxers are the type of chemicals that straighten hair completely. They offer a sleek, straightened look to your hair. They are available in two formulations: with or without the lye. This component helps in the hair straightening process, but it can sometimes irritate the scalp more so than the options without lye. People sometimes choose a relaxer with no lye if they have a sensitive scalp. However, if you do choose a no-lye formula, there are still chances that you might suffer from scalp burning. You can read more about lye here(1).


This chemical process mainly comprises sodium hydroxide as the main active ingredient. This chemical alters the pH factor of your hair, making them straighter. The No-lye formula contains guanidine hydroxide. These relaxers are less damaging, but they might result in specific hair issues, such as calcium buildup.

Use of Hair Relaxer

A woman with straight hair They are designed to straighten hair completely. If you leave the relaxer on for longer than the advised time, they can result in over-processing, leaving your natural hair to lose elasticity and lack volume.

Benefits of Hair Relaxer

This treatment is perfect for permanently straightening your hair without leaving any curl pattern. If you prefer natural-looking straight hair, then you may need to choose relaxed hair. A hair relaxer can:
  • Boost the shine of your hair
  • It offers you straight and sleek hair
  • Offers you straight hair with reduced styling time
  • True hair length
  • Less frizzy

Comparison Between Texturizers vs Relaxers

Texturizers help to lose curls while relaxers offer straight hair.


  • Allows you to enjoy different hairstyles
  • Enhances hair growth
  • Does not affect hair length
  • Available in a single formula
  • 5-10 minutes  application process
  • Reduces frizz


  • Enables you to enjoy limited hairstyles
  • Does not affect hair growth
  • Offers the right hair length
  • Available in two formulas with or without lye
  • 20-22 minutes  application process
  • Eliminates frizz

Is a Hair Texturizer Better Than a Relaxer?

Hair product manufacturers usually fool the buyers by claiming natural or healthy on the labeling. Nevertheless, don’t be fooled as these all involve chemical processes. The difference is the desired outcome, whether that is straight hair or looser curls. Whether you are looking for a relaxed or texturized look, you need to take care of your hair. Rinse thoroughly after the treatment with a neutralizing or hair straightening shampoo. These chemical products can damage hair, so you need plenty of moisturizing products and hair care treatments to achieve healthy, bouncing hair.

How to Choose the Right Hair Products Between Relaxers and Texturizers?

Hair care products With hair relaxing, you will only be able to try a few hairstyles. For this reason, most people prefer hair texturizer to achieve a more natural hair look. Using a hair texturizer works well for natural black hair and allows you to enjoy different hairstyles ranging from straight, curly, or wavy. Hair texturizers cut down the long styling time and allow you to manage hair at home easily. Another crucial factor that you need to analyze while choosing a product is hair texture. Consult with your stylist to find out what is best for your hair texture. If you have hair color on or your hair is dry, you should avoid relaxing and style your hair with texturizer. A texturizer offers better loose curls on some hair textures when compared to others. For example, z-shaped curls don’t respond well when we apply texturizer but work well when choosing relaxers. Also, texturizers are unable to create curl patterns where they don’t exist.

Which Hair Relaxer is the Best?

Before you choose the best hair relaxer, you must know about hair construction. If you have thick, wiry hair strands, you will need a different relaxer than the one who has fine, thin strands. It all depends on how straight you want your hair to be. If you want only to straighten your hair a bit, then opt for mild relaxers. Choose a treatment that comes with a neutralizer, shampoo, and conditioner. The right product prevents hair breakage, hair loss, and itchy scalp. They also maintain hair strength, offer body, and maintain the elasticity of hair. Some best products include:
  • Ogilvie salon styles home perm for normal hair with extra body.
  • ORS olive oil professional creme relaxer extra strength and many more.

Can you go From a Relaxer to a Texturizer?

Yes, you can go from a relaxer to a texturizer. Wait for the right hair length. Then, get your hair treated with a texturizer and a mild straightening treatment to achieve loose curls. You can also get a new haircut and get rid of the relaxed hair to enjoy the best hairstyles with texturized hair. If your hair seems dry, it’s an excellent choice to give your hair a mild texturizer treatment. This helps you achieve manageable hair. It allows you to easily comb through your hair and enjoy going out without any extra styling. The main difference you can find between these two is their application time.

How Long do Texturizers Last?

Texturizers are not permanent. When planning to go for one, you might know that you need reapplication after new hair growth, approximately 8-12 months. It ensures your new incoming hair is also loosened and avoid adding chemicals on the entire length again. The time varies depending on the curly pattern, genetic hair growth, and hair care.

Final Verdict

With both these hairstyling processes, you must know your hair’s natural texture will be ruined if you over-process any of these products. If you like these products and want to use them on your hair, it’s essential to know that they are chemicals, so apply the treatment carefully, and maintain your hair care with vital products. This allows you to get even results with both the processes and still enjoy healthy hair without any hair damage like hair loss or breakage. If you already have hair damage then remember that many modern flat irons and other hair tools with a temperature control system available, which are useful to control hair damage. Search for an experienced stylist in your area that can help you with your needs. Inquire about the possible implications of submitting your hair to these processes. These treatments are very common, and most beauty salons should offer this service. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose the best option for you so you can rock an amazing look!
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