The Sliced Bob: Style Without the Fuss

If you need a great hairstyle that always looks amazing without any fuss, let me introduce you to the sliced bob.

This hot hairstyle trend is really turning heads this season!

Read on to find out why celebs and stylists alike are going bonkers for this bob!

blonde woman with a sliced bob haircut

The Sliced Bob: Style Without The Fuss

Many women these days tend to go for haircuts that need the least styling. After all, being on-the-go means barely having the time to fuss about one’s hair, while making sure that you still maintain that chic look.

After all, being on-the-go means barely having the time to fuss about one’s hair, while making sure that you still maintain that chic look.

For women with fine, straight hair, finding the right cut that won’t make your hair look limp may pose a problem.

Well, ladies, you need not search any further. If you are looking into a cut that screams style without putting in much effort, you might want to look into getting a sliced bob.

Celebrities like Karlie Kloss have gone for chin-length sliced bobs which are all about simplicity and sophistication.

Check out some awesome examples in the video below:

What makes a sliced bob better than other bobs?

There are different kinds of bobs that are meant for different kinds of hair textures that will result in different kinds of looks.

There’s the asymmetrical bob, the collarbone bob, the French bob, amongst many other kinds of bobs.

For women with fine, thin hair, a sliced bob is easiest to manage. It gives women a polished look without being boring,

Celebrity stylist Harry Josh explains, “If you have finer hair, this helps create a cleaner line.”

A sliced bob does away with lots of layers, but with a bit more length in front in order to frame the face a bit more.

This gives it a more modern touch compared to other kinds of bobs.

Great for autumn

Women, surprisingly, tend to keep their hair long during summertime.

Long hair is easier to tie or put up in a bun that is quite perfect to keep them comfortable through all that heat.

Autumn, thus, becomes the season when women actually sport shorter hairstyles.

Stylist Harry Josh puts it best in his own words. “Short hair is chic and looks great with turtlenecks and sweaters.”

What you should consider before taking the plunge?

Sliced bobs are meant for women with straight, fine hair.

For women with wavy hair or curls, this kind of cut may be a bit more difficult to maintain since it might take more time to style.

The best way to see if this style is meant for your hair type is to a hairstylist who knows his business since he will know what is best for your hair texture and face shape.

dark-haired woman with a sliced bob haircut

Your hairstylist’s sense of taste will make a huge difference in how you will look and what cut will work best for you.

Recommended styling products

Volumizing or texturizing sprays will help add body to this kind of hairstyle so that your hair won’t turn out looking limp or lifeless.

Divide your hair into sections and spritz a bit of the spray in an upward direction starting from below.

You can use your finger to tease those sections a bit to give it a little oomph and voila! You have a look that can be drop-dead captivating!

If you find yourself lacking time and needing a quick fix though, try an ear tuck.

Josh gives this tip on styling sliced bobs.

“If your hair is already straight, don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything, If it’s wavy, blowdry it and flat iron it.”

Hairstyling need not be complicated in order for it to work for you. The simplest of cuts, like the sliced bob, can do wonders to your looks.

Think of keeping things short and sweet with just the right amount of sass.

If you’re not sure though, it still will be best to go to your hairstylist to help you decide on a look that is just right for you.


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