8 Easy and Beautiful Travel Hairstyles to Try

If you’re searching for some amazing travel hairstyles, I’ve got your back!

Part of our travel goals is getting lots of social media-worthy selfies. Of course, we want to look great even when we’re backpacking or walking down the busy streets of Saigon on a scorching hot day!

One of the secrets to looking fabulous even while on the go is a cool travel hairstyle. We’ve compiled some hairstyles that would look great whether you have short hair, medium, or long hair. 

Some of these hairstyles will only require a couple of elastic bands, a few bobby pins or hairpins, and perhaps a good hair serum for a chic and sleek look.

Super Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

With these simple but trendy hairstyles for long hair, you can always be assured of a neat and gorgeous look during your trip, wherever you are in the world!

1. Pigtails

Asian girl with pigtails hairstyle

Pigtail hairstyles are a trendier option for travel chicks compared to a plain ponytail. Braided or not, this hairstyle is an effortless way to achieve a fresh and youthful look – without looking childish. 

There are many pigtail variations to choose from depending on your mood or the “vibe” you want to send out. 

You can wear your braids high or low and then either loosen or tighten up the braids depending on your preference. If you want a more volumized look, then go for a chunky braided pigtail. You can also spice it up a bit with some bangs.

Either way, pigtail hairstyles should help you maintain and protect your hair even if you go beaching on a windy tropical island!

2. Upgraded Ponytail

Who says you can’t be playful with ponytail hairstyles? So if you want to maintain a humble yet fashionable appearance on your journey, then amp up your pony! 

The key here is placement (high or low) plus a couple of easy hair tricks. There are many versions of a “glammed-up” pony style. But for traveling, you can go for the easy to prep and wear versions.

  • Low and flirty – Add more spice and texture to a plain-looking pony by simply pulling your hair back into a low pony and then leaving some face-framing strands loose on either side of your face. 
  • Wavy high – Elevate your ponytail hairstyle by tying up soft waves into a high pony (placed somewhere near the topmost portion of your head). If you’ve got straight hair, then a good curling iron will help achieve this look. 
  • Scrunchie pony – For less than ten bucks, you can turn a basic ponytail into an iconic travel look! Instead of pulling your hair up into a high pony (either straight or wavy) using a typical elastic band, use a velvet or matte scrunchie for your pony.
  • Bubble pony – This style is also quite popular if you want a quick way to spice up an ordinary ponytail hairstyle. 
  • Braided – This style is also a great option if you want to stay tidy but trendy as you travel. For this look, pull your hair up into a high pony, braid it, and then tie it with a colorful hairband. 
  • Side pony – Curly or straight, a side pony is a great way to achieve that innocent yet subtly sexy look!

3. Up-Dos and Buns

woman with a to knot bun hairstyle

Buns are a popular hairstyle if you want to rock a cute but sophisticated hairstyle as you roam around cities or countrysides.

  • Topknot – A top knot is the absolute go-to hairstyle every time you need a quick fix to a no-wash hair day (Hello backpackers!).
  • Double buns – Are you up for an anime-inspired travel hairstyle? This hairstyle won’t let you down. Instead of pulling your hair into a single bun, create two mini buns by separating your hair into two equal sections. Pull each section into a high pony and then wrap it into a bun. 
  • Braided updo – This is great for naturally curly hair. Pull your hair into a high pony and then braid it. After that, wrap the braids around the base into a bun on top of your head. 

4. Braids

Braided hairstyles are probably here since time immemorial. But today’s digital generation should benefit from this easy peasy travel hairdo. 

  • Fishtail – Say goodbye to frizzy locks by simply wearing fishtail braids. Pull your hair into a low, side pony and braid it especially to achieve a “fish-like tail” look. Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to do it. 
  • Milkmaid braid – With a few hairpins to secure your pigtail braids on top of your head, you can surely jazz up your traveling hairstyle!
  • French braid – For a simple yet sweet travel hairstyle, a french braid is your answer. And the bonus? You can undo it if you want to achieve sexy beach curls for a romantic dinner date later.

Simple Travel Hairstyles for Short Hair

You can always be adventurous and playful when travel-styling your short hair! So ditch that hot tool and try any of these chic hairstyle ideas on one of your travels!

1. Braid

Short-haired women of all ages can definitely rock braids any day. You can either pull your hair back into a single braided low ponytail or two braided pigtails. Either way should look fabulous on medium-length or short hair.

2. Messy Bun

Top knots or chic modern updos are definitely a thing amongst modern women travelers. A messy bun is an edgier version of a typical top knot. For a more appealing twist, wear a colorful headband when rocking this hairdo.

3. Pull Back Bangs

You can achieve this look by either braiding your bangs or simply pulling your fringe back into a cute high ponytail with a colorful elastic band.

4. Accessorize!

Sometimes all you need is a trendy hair wrap or headband to elevate your travel hairstyle. One great example is a simple twisted headband hair updo. There are many accessories to choose from to glam up your holiday look.

What is the healthiest hairstyle for your hair?


There are several protective hairstyles to keep hair damage at bay. Some of the most popular ones are braided ponytail hairstyles, bun (but not the messy one), chignon, and loose half braids. 

But one of the safest and easiest hairstyles to do is the twisted headband style. This hairstyle is definitely great whether you go road tripping or are off to a long flight.

In Summary

You can be your most beautiful even when traveling. Whether you are bound for Spain or Bali, you can always look your stylish best. We’ll never know who we would run into – could be your soul mate!

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