7 Signs of Heat Damaged Hair (Quick Prevention Tips)

women with frizzy hair that is one of the signs of heat damaged hair

I’ve always been worried about heat damage. Am I exposing my hair to it too much? Am I causing permanent damage? I did some research to see how to tell if my hair has heat damage. There are several signs of heat damaged hair, and these include dryness, frizziness, split ends, and your hair struggling … Read more

Can You Take a Hair Straightener on an Airplane? FIND OUT!

can you take a hair straightener on an airplane

According to the Transport Security Administration or the TSA, you can bring 100ml or less of hair spray in your carry-on luggage. (1) This information might lead you to ask: Are there restrictions on other hair styling devices? Can you take a hair straightener on an airplane? Read on while I share all you need to … Read more